Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic Review

I’ve mentioned before what huge YouTube fans the kiddywinks are, most of their iPad time is spend watching toy “unboxing” or blind bag opening and it was here that Imogen first discovered Yummy Nummies.

Yummy Nummies

Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic are food craft kits that include everything needed to create teeny, tiny, tasty creations that are quick, easy and safe to make and require nothing but water and a microwave!  There are a number of different Yummy Nummies kits available in three cagegories Dinner Delights, Candy Shop and Bakery Treats.  Imogen was sent Cookie Creations and Mini Pizza Party from Character to try out for herself.

First up we tested out the Mini Pizza Party.  Inside the box is a plastic mixing/baking tray which will need to be cut in half, a mixing spoon, measuring scoop, three sachets (dough, sauce and cheese), instructions and a mini pizza peel to present your creation!

Yummy Nummies Mini Pizza Party

Firstly you need to measure the right amount of dough mix and water in the larger section of the mixing tray and then spread the mixture evenly into the four compartments of the second tray.  After a few seconds in the microwave you get a spongy pizza base.  Let it cool for a minute and then squish the bases down in the tray.

Yummy Nummies Mini Pizza Party

Next the pizza topping, the sauce will need to measured out and mixed with water and then spread on top before sprinkling the cheese on top to finish it off before presenting it on the cute mini pizza peel.

Yummy Nummies Mini Pizza Party

Yummy Nummies Mini Pizza Party

The texture of the mini pizza is slightly odd but they smell and taste very much of pizza and Imogen and Joseph enjoyed eating them just as much as they did making them!

Yummy Mummies Mini Pizza Party

The Cookie Creations kit works in pretty much the same way and contains both white and milk chocolate chips as well as the cookie dough mix with a miniature paper bag to present your cookies in.

Yummy Nummies Cookie Creations

Again these smell and taste strongly of cookies, even before the cookie dough is microwaved, but they are best enjoyed whilst still warm or they can become chewy.

Yummy Nummies Cookie Creations

Yummy Nummies Cookie Creations

Imogen thoroughly enjoyed making cookies and pizzas with the Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic kits the main appeal being that she needed little to no assistance from me and when you’re an independent 7 year old this is a huge thing!  Imogen has asked to try other sets and whilst they’re not going to replace a proper baking session in our house it’s a quick, relatively mess free and tasty alternative so we’ll certainly be giving them a go.

The full range of Yummy Nummies Mini Kitchen Magic are available on the Character website here with prices starting from £6.99.

Back to School with Great Gizmos NICI Range

With only a few weeks of the school year left it won’t be long until we start thinking about the dreaded back to school preparations.  With Imogen starting the juniors and Joseph beginning full time school in reception they’ll both be keen to make a good first impression with their teachers and classmates alike.  They were recently sent some awesome goodies from Great Gizmos NICI range so they could do just that!

Their little bundle included a Timmy Time backpack, a tin of coloured pencils, wild friends scissors and pouch roll pencil case.

Great Gizmos NICI Range

Having recently watched the new Shaun the Sheep movie, Joseph was very quick to claim the Timmy Time backpack as his own!  It’s cute and cuddly with adjustable straps and a magnetic closure under Timmy’s head to keep the back pack closed.  It’s the perfect size for the things he needs for nursery and it’s been filled with cars, drinks and snacks on days out too.

Timmy Time Backpack

Imogen was just as eager to get first dibs on the plush pencil case which features a great jungle theme with a gorilla, turtle and colourful parrot.  It has a large compartment with a full length zip and unwraps to reveal 13 elasticated straps the perfect size for pens and pencils that you’ll need easy access to.

Great Gizmos NICI Range  Great Gizmos NICI Range

Both Imogen and Joseph have had a lot of enjoyment from the kangaroo coloured pencil tin as they’re no ordinary coloured pencils!  The 12 pencils are cleverly double ended and therefore contain 24 colours.

Nici Kangaroo Coloured Pencil Set This pleased the budding artists no end and they’re apparently really good for colouring and have just the right colours for everything!

Great Gizmos NICI Range

I’m really impressed with the quality of the range and the kiddywinks love the cute animal designs.  Yes, some of them are a little more pricey than I would personally choose to pay, the pencil case for example is £14.99, but if it lasts a whole school year then it has to be worth paying a little more for.

There is a huge range of NICI stationary available on the Great Gizmos website with prices starting from 75p as well as a tempting 3 for 2 offer and Imogen has requested we complete the Wild Friends collection before September.

Netflix #StreamTeam What We Watched – May

May has been an exciting month as it saw us welcomed back onto the Netflix Stream Team for another year.  After a couple of weeks without our beloved streaming TV service the whole family were keen to catch up with our much missed shows.

We all have our favourites, Imogen is very much into Mako Mermaids and is thrilled to see 13 brand new episodes with series 3 out now.

Mako Mermaids

Both Imogen and Joseph have also recently discovered Richie Rich, which was released on Netflix earlier this year with the second series released earlier this month.  Based on the Richie Rich comic books it tells the story of a boy who used vegetables to create green, clean energy and as a result became a trillionaire overnight.  He now lives an adventurous life in a mansion filled with toys and wild contraptions.

Richie Rich

Joseph, still obsessed with the sea and everything in and on it, has been enjoying Elias: Rescue Team Adventures which is new to Netflix.

Elias: Rescue Team Adventures

Of course we all enjoy Netflix as a family as well and it’s become a bit of a Friday night ritual to cosy down with a Disney movie after a homemade pizza feast or a takeaway and a board game.  Inspector Gadget, Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure and Wreck-it-Ralph have been firm favourites this month.

Once the kiddywinks are tucked in their beds Tony and I take in some Netflix time for ourselves as well.  Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad prequel, was thoroughly enjoyed and we’re eagerly awaiting the latest Netflix original Sense 8 which starts on 5th June.

Sense 8

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner Review

Both Imogen and Joseph love role play and it’s both a massive and important part of their play.  They have a dedicated area in their playroom which has been set up just for this with cookers, fancy dress, medical sets and tool boxes.  Casdon recently added to their “Home Corner” with the rather fabulous Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner.

Casdon Dyson Ball

The Casdon Dyson Ball toy vacuum cleaner is suitable for ages 3 to 8 and needs 3 size C batteries (not included) to work and is a realistic replica of it’s counterpart with great features to mimic mum or dad.

There is a red button on the front of the vacuum cleaner that will start realistic sounds and send the brightly coloured foam beads spinning around the cylinder to replicate the cyclone action.

Casdon Dyson Ball

The Casdon Dyson Ball also has real life suction action and this is again paired with realistic sounds.  Simply turn the vacuum cleaner on at the back, give it a push around on it’s large, maneuverable ball and you’re away!  We tore up some small pieces of paper for Imogen to vacuum up and although the suction isn’t instant it did pick it all up.

Casdon Dyson Ball

The debris that’s picked up is conventionally transferred into a small box which sits at the back of the vacuum cleaner for easy disposal.

Casdon Dyson BallThe kiddywinks love the latest addition to their playroom and it’s actually encouraged them to tidy it up!  It’s a great size perfect for 4 year old Joseph, who’s slightly dinky, and Imogen who is a very tall 7 and it’s really easy for them to operate and push around.  They love the realistic sounds which really add to their enjoyment without being over powerful and too loud.

The Casdon Dyson Ball is available from Amazon priced at around £25.00 and just one of the great range of Little Helpers range available from Casdon which can be seen here.

Swashbuckle Magazine Review

Ahoy there Shipmates!  Today sees the release of the brand new magazine from the popular CBeebies programme Swashbuckle.  Lucky boy Joseph was given a sneaky pre-release glimpse, he loves the show so was obviously extremely excited by it’s arrival.

Swashbuckle Magazine

The magazine’s editor is Early Years Education expert Steph Cooper and it’s been written to support the Early Early Curriculum.  There are puzzles, stories, colouring pages, games and plenty of stickers all cleverly designed to make learning fun.

Swashbuckle Magazine

Joseph needs to work on his control of a pencil and there was plenty of opportunities for some great pirate themed practice either by tracing words or ticking boxes in the Swashbuckle magazine that he thoroughly enjoyed.

Swashbuckle Magazine

This first issue has an amazing 77 stickers and finding their place, solving puzzles and answering questions with them along the way, was Joseph’s favourite thing.

Swashbuckle Magazine

Like most children’s magazines there is also a free gift and this issue has three of them!  A foam pirate hat, wheel spinner and a chest full of pirate treasure!

Swashbuckle Magazine

About a week after the magazine’s arrival he’s still enjoying it.  Either going back to look at pictures, asking for the stories to be read or finishing some colouring in and we’ve yet to try out the smoothie recipes included.  There’s also an amazing competition for you to win the chance to have Gem, Cook, Line and Sinker visit your school for a day of Swashbuckle adventures.

The Swashbuckle magazine is available now from all good newsagents and priced at £2.75 which quite a lot cheaper than some of the children’s magazines available and great value for money.

Plasticine Review

We’ve had our fair share of wet and blustery days over the past couple of weeks so an awesome Plasticine delivery from Flair was perfectly timed to amuse the kiddywinks.  Their huge bundle of goodies included a great selection from the range including a Funtubulous tub, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Squidgems as well Basix, Fluro and Colourmax modeling clay.  I have very fond memories of Plasticine as a child and it’s always been the preferred modeling material in our house simply because it doesn’t dry out.

First out of the box, at Joseph’s request, was the TMNT Squidgem.  This contains both green and brown Plasticine and cardboard press-out accessories all wrapped in a blind bag.  Joseph’s had Michelango, his favourite, and he quickly got stuck in modelling him and adding his trademark mask and nunchucks.

Plasticine Squidgem  Plasticine SquidgemThe kiddywinks love anything in a blind bag and at £1.49 each they’re a great pocket money toy that they’d both love to see more of.

Imogen them decided that she’d open up the Funtubulous Tub which contains 7 bumper sized sticks of individually wrapped Plasticine and four cutters.

Plasticine Funtubulous

Joseph used his Plasticine to create these scary looking fellows who now sit on his bedroom window sill in a bid to scare off monsters.  Plasticine

Whilst Imogen decided that she’d have a go at recreating her beloved collection of Shopkins!


Here’s the results!

Slick Breadstick  Slick Breadstick

D'Lish Donut

D’lish Donut

Popsi Cool

Popsi Cool

Modelling Shopkins has since become a favourite hobby of hers and she’s even created a few new characters of her own!
With prices starting from just 99p Plasticine makes a great pocket money or stocking filler toy and is great for all of those “I’m bored” moments!

Our #BeSuper Barbie Princess in Power Party

Today is National Super Hero day and to celebrate we were invited to hold our very own #BeSuper party by Mattel.  Provided with a copy of the latest DVD release Barbie in Princess Power and a huge and impressive selection of dolls from the film we had everything we needed to celebrate in style, Barbie style!

Barbie in Princess Power


Barbie in Princess Power  Barbie in Princess Power  Barbie in Princess Power

Imogen invited a select handful of friends and they gathered after school to watch the film, play with Kara (aka Super Sparkle), Corrine and Chelsea and of course eat because a party is not a real party without cake!

Barbie in Princess Power

All six of the children enjoyed the film, even the two boys, and us Mums chatted about how refreshing it was to see a female Super Hero – there really aren’t that many at all and according to research that was conducted with 2,000 girls we’re not alone, nearly 9 out of 10 wish there were more Superheroes for girls.  Other finding from the survey reveal that:

  • More than half of girls disagree with the statement that “superheroes are more fun than princesses.”
  • Girls expect Barbie to do the same things that they would want to do if they were superheroes. They see Barbie flying, beating bad guys, but also helping people and animals while wearing something sparkly.
  • Girls want to fly. In the UK flight is the #1 superpower that girls would want if they were a superhero. Invisibility, super speed, and super strength also rise to the top. 

Barbie in Princess Power

Over a Super Hero tea, I quizzed the children to see what Super Hero power they’d like.  Pretty much all of them expect to fly and the boy’s powers would certainly be more physical than the girl’s.  For example Joseph would like “To be super strong but not like from vegetables because I don’t think that works too good.”  and Imogen answered “I’d like to be really, really clever and know all the answers to everything.”

I then asked the children what made them super and what super hero qualities they thought they already possessed.

Barbie in Princess Power

Amber has a big heart and lots of love to give, she also gives the best hugs.

Barbie in Princess Power

Imogen has the ability to know what’s wrong and what’s right.

Barbie in Princess Power

Olivia has super sharing powers, much needed with her little sister apparently.

An amazing time was had by all at our party and we’d like to thank Mattel for their very kind invitation.  Barbie in Princess Power is available on DVD and digital download now and the fab range of toys can be found on Amazon with prices starting from £12.95.

Cra-Z-Sand Deluxe Playset Review

Judging by what Joseph brings home from nursery in his pocket and shoes he spends a lot of time with with sand in nursery! He’s also lucky enough to have a pretty awesome sand and water pit in the garden at home as well, which he loves.   Sadly though the British weather doesn’t always allow it to get used.  With this in mind I jumped at the chance to review Character’s latest Cra-Z-Art product Cra-Z-Sand.


Cra-Z-Sand is a mess free modelling compound with a unique non-toxic, anti-bacterial formula.  It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and never dries out!  The deluxe playset contains a 700g bag of Cra-Z-Sand (which is available in a variety of colours), a plastic playtray, a roller, a knife, a scoop and a scraper.


The Cra-Z-Sand has a weird texture, a little like soft, sandy Playdoh but it’s also quite light and almost fluffy and will run through your fingers like actual sand.


It’s really easy to mould and will retain it’s shape very well.  Sadly there aren’t any moulds included in the set which we did find slightly disappointing but the Kiddywinks used their imaginations (and some flags) to build their creations.  Imogen and traditional sandcastle and Joseph “Lots and lots of mountains for pirates”


The best thing in my opinion about Cra-Z-Sand is the fact that is mess free.  Should any fall on the floor or on furniture then it can quickly be scooped up and popped back in the tray.  It’s moudable ability is also very handy when it comes to tidying away at the end of play aw well, simply mush it all together and it’ll fit nicely back inside the bag it came in!

The Kiddywinks love the Cra-Z-Sand and we’ll definitely be adding some different coloured sand and possibly a themed pack to their collection.  The Cra-Z-Sand range is available to purchase from Character and prices start from as little as £4.99.

Disney Princess Palace Pets Walking and Wiggling Pet Review

It’s no secret that Imogen loves the Palace Pets.  Her collection is already vast and she was thrilled to add to it with Treasure, Ariel’s Kitty,  from the latest Walking and Wiggling collection.

Walking and Wiggling Palace Pet

Inside the box is Treasure, a mini hair brush, storybook and a long, pink ramp to launch her. This is slightly confusing as it’s only to be used for demonstration purposes in the box so has no use at all after you’ve removed it from the box.

Walking and Wiggling Disney Princess Palace Pet


Treasure is a beautiful strawberry blonde kitty, to match Ariel her owner, with a white streak in her tail and a sparkly, purple and aqua skirt.  Just like the other Palace Pets she also has a removable tiara, moveable head and a fluffy, brushable tail with a pretty bow at the base.

Disney Princess Palace Pet Walking and Wiggling Pet

To make your Walking and Wiggling Palace Pet walk and wiggle all you need to do is pull her back and let her go.  She’ll then effortlessly glide along wiggling her tail behind her.  Like all pull back toys, she doesn’t fair well at all on carpet but as long as she’s on a hard, flat surface you won’t be disappointed.

Imogen loves the story book that’s included.  As well as a brief bio of each pet they also have a short story of how each pet met their princess.

Disney Princess Palace Pet walking and Wiggling Pet


Treasure and Cinderella’s puppy Pumpkin are currently the only Walking and Wiggling pets available but I’m sure that Character will expand the collection soon and Imogen can’t wait to see what’s next from Palace Pets!

There’s a huge range of Palace Pets and playsets available from Character with prices starting as little as £4.99.

Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa Review

Earlier this year Joseph was very lucky to receive Grandpa Pig’s Holiday Boat from the new Peppa Pig Holiday range. It’s still a very much loved toy, especially at bathtime, and so he was thrilled to add to his collection with the Peppa Pig Sunshine Villa.

Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa

The playset comes with Peppa and George figures dressed in their swimming costumes as well as a huge array of accessories to make their holiday villa complete including Bunkbeds with ladder, shower cubicle, barbecue, table, deck chair and parasol, sun lounger, dinosaur paddling pool and even a matching dinosaur swim ring for George!

Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa

The Holiday Villa has a kitchen and lounge over looking the pool on the first floor and a set of freestanding stairs will take Peppa and George up to their bedroom and shower room.  As well as the freestanding furniture there are also pieces moulded into the house such as the kitchen units, toilet and bathroom sink.

Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa

Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine VillaPeppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa


Joseph loves the barbecue with it’s flip over lid and reversible grill and Daddy Pig (from another playset) will more often than not be found stood at it cooking whilst the rest of the Pig family frolic in and around the pool.

Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa

Another favourite of his is George Pig’s swim ring which looks exactly like Mr Dinosaur, as does the paddling pool complete with duck and sailing boat!

Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa

At the end of play the Sunshine Villa also double as a handy storage case with all of the figures and accessories tucking away neatly inside.  There’s an easy open clip at the side to hold it together and a lovely chunky carrying handle as well.  When packed up it’s not that much bigger that a beach read novel as is ideal for taking away on your own holiday!

The Peppa Pig Holiday Time Sunshine Villa is one of the playsets available in the Peppa Pig Holiday Time range and is available from Character Options priced at £29.99.


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