Graco Junior Mini Review Part Two – Forward Facing

Now that Joseph is getting an awful lot nosier (and easily bored) in the car the decision has been made to turn his car seat forward facing.  If you missed the first part of our review, using the seat rear facing, you can catch up with it here.

The Graco Junior Mini can be used rear facing from birth to 13kg, research has shown that this is the safest way for you child to travel, and forward facing from  9kg – 18kg.

To fit the seat forward facing the top bar needs to be removed and this simply clicks out of place.  Underneath the seat there is a clip where this can be stored until it is needed again.  Turn the seat around and push it back against the seat and then pull the seat belt through the belt hole, the seat belt route is clearly marked in blue.  Then open the seat cover and pull the seat belt through and back through the other seat belt hole and then fasten the seat belt.  Push down of the seat whilst pulling the seat belt as tight as you can, I place my knee in the seat so that I can place all my weight behind the tug!  Whilst still pulling tight, put the seat belt through the latch and lock it.  Check that the seat is fitted correctly by giving it a good wiggle.  If there is any movement release the seat and start again.

In the front facing position the Junior Mini has 4 reclining positions and it’s easy to recline should your child fall asleep unexpectedly whilst in the seat.  Simply squeeze the handle and push up to get the seat into the desired position.

As I have mentioned before the seat is well well padded and Joseph must find it comfortable as he can’t stay awake for any longer than 5 minutes in it.  Another great thing is that the seat covers are completely removable and machine washable which came in very handy when the whole family was suffering from a tummy bug last week!

I can not recommend this seat highly enough and I really wish that we had had one when Imogen was born, it certainly would have been a darn sight more economical than buying a travel system with a buggy that we rarely used and then a group 1 car seat.

The Graco Junior Mini is currently available from Boots priced at £83.99 or Amazon for £78.99.

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