Graco Nautilus

As Graco Ambassadors our latest choice of product from them was the Graco Nautilus, which is a 3 in 1 covering groups 1,2 and 3 a huge weight range of 9-36kg.

I’ve never had a group 1,2 and 3 car seat so was very curious to see if it really did cover all of the requirements of each different age and weight range.

The Nautilus does not come ready assembled but in three parts, it was simple enough to put together though and took a couple of minutes.  It was easy to fit as well.  We are using the Nautilus with Joseph who is 14 months old and weighs just under 9.5kg, so we are using it with the harness in place.  To fit simply thread the seat belt through the seat fasten it, pull tightly on the seat belt (I normally put my knee into the seat whilst doing this) and then fasten with the red clip at the top of the seat.

Give the seat a good wiggle to make sure there is no movement and then you are ready to go!

The Nautilus features some lovely cubby hole storage compartments and a cup holder which Joseph just loves filling up with bits and bobs.   The covers are machine washable which is a god send when clever Daddy gives him chocolate buttons in the car!  It also has a five point safety harness with comfortable cushioned straps, these are height adjustable and have three positions.

One feature that I was amazed to see was that the Nautilus does recline, not a huge amount but enough to stop Joseph’s head from rolling when he does fall asleep.  The deep side impact protection does help as well though.

The Nautilius can also be used without the saftey harness just as you would a high backed booster seat, with the seat belt, when your child reaches 18kg and the head rest of the seat is adjustable too.  You can also use the Nautilus as a backless booster from 22 – 36kg.

I’ve been really impressed with the Graco Nautilus and am amazed at how well a car seat can reallt grow with your child.

The Graco Nautilus  is available from Amazon currently priced at £109.94.

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