The Perfect Fit?

We don’t let our children walk around in the wrong size shoes but research suggests that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, usually with the band size too big and the cup size too small.  Changes to your weight as well as pregnancy or breastfeeding can alter your bra size.  Here are are some tell tale signs that you are wearing the wrong bra size:

  • The band digs into your skin.  If your bra leaves red marks or creates ugly back fat bulges then it’s too tight – you need to go up a band size.
  • The straps cut into your shoulders.  The shoulder straps of your bra should only support 20% of your bust, the band doing the rest, if they’re cutting in and leaving marks the band is too big and you need to move down a size.
  • The underwires cut into your underarm.  If you’re getting poked in the underarm your cup size is too small.
  • You have four boobs!  If your boobs are spilling out over the tops or sides of your bra then your cup size is too small.
  • Your underwires lift off your ribcage.  If they are standing away from your chest it’s a sign your cup size is too small.

Wearing the wrong bra size can lead to back, shoulder and neck ache as well as skin irritation while a well fitted bra can lift your bust making you appear slimmer and giving you a great silhouette as well as making you a lot more comfortable.

It’s always best to get your bra fitted in store by a trained bra fitter but you can do it yourself and all you need is a tape measure.  To get your band size simply measure underneath your bust and add 4″ if the measurement obtained is an even number of inches or add 5″ if the measurement obtained is an odd number of inches.  Then to get your cup size measure the fullest part of your bust and if it is the same size as your band measurement you need an A cup, for a 1″ difference B cup etc…..

The right style of bra and flatter your shape as well as your outfit, full cups bras are great for women with bigger busts but if your wearing a low cut top you may want totry a balconette bra.  Push-up bras have a low centre so are also great for low cut tops and dresses and giving your cleavage a boost!  Multiway bras are very useful as they ca be adapted to suit halterneck, one shoulder and racer back and many can be used as strapless bras.  Basques are popular with brides because for many reasons and one is because of the shape they give even some cheap basques have some boning which will keep everything in place.

So come on girls, who’s wearing the wrong size or even the wrong bra?

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