Raa Raa’s Tree House Playset Review

Imogen and Joseph both love Raa Raa and were in complete awe when they were presented with this lovely interactive playset. Luckily the playset is pre assembled so there was no delay and they could play straight away.

The Treehouse is a replica of Raa Raa’s house and comes with a Raa Raa figure and Raa Raa’s car the “cubby buggy”.  This is Joseph’s favourite thing and he’s had hours of fun zooming Raa Raa around the house.

Outside there are a series of “hot spots” which will repeat phrases and sounds when Raa Raa is placed on them.  If you pop the cubby buggy underneath the jungle leaf car park the leaf lifts up and the buggy revs into action!  Raa Raa even has his very own swing and this is Imogen’s favourite place to put him.

When you open the front door Raa Raa has a two storey home with a ladder to take him up to his bedroom where he has a secret chest and a cosy looking bed.

Joseph takes Raa Raa everywhere with him and the playset has quickly become a firm favourite with him and Imogen.  It’s take a fair amount of abuse over the few weeks we’ve had it but it’s well made and robust and still stands in one piece.  Personally I’d love to see at least one other figure included as these release different phrases from the hot spots and it would make it an awful lot easier for the two of them to play together.

Raa Raa’s Interactive Treehouse Playset is available from Toys R Us, Symths and Amazon priced at around £34.99.

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