Wiggle and Giggle Baby Jake

Joseph adores Baby Jake and the first thing Imogen does when she comes home from school is put Cbeebies on for him so that he can watch, it’s the only way she can stop him from eating the leftovers from her lunchbox!  So he was just a little bit excited when a giggling and wiggling Baby Jake showed up for us to review.

Baby Jake comes dressed in his little blue sleepsuit covered in tractors, a new favourite of Joe’s and even before he was out of the box he had him giggling and singing Googi Geeha by gently holding one of his hands.  Joseph was thrilled and a beaming smile followed.  Once he was out of the box we were keen to get him wiggling, this is done by simply switching a switch underneath his foot and holding both of his hands but try as we might we couldn’t get him to wiggle 🙁  After a look a the instructions I saw that the batteries that are included are temporary so I replaced them with new ones but still so wiggling.

Joseph didn’t seem to mind, he still loved his “bee bee” but a replacement was sent out and even without replacing the temporary batteries he wiggles, hurrah!!  He’ll sing the Yacki Yacki Yoggi song whilst you hold onto both hands and shake his little bottom, Joseph joins in normally by screaming and shouting at him and shaking his thang – it’s all highly amusing and something I promise I will capture on video for you all!

Baby Jake has now become a firm favourite with Joe who will take him everywhere with him and even tuck him into bed at night.

Giggle and Wiggle Baby Jake is just one of the huge selection of Baby Jake toys and games available from Vivid which can all be viewed here.   The Bumpty Bump Tractor (tack tack) is high on Joseph’s list for Father Christmas!

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