Preparing for Christmas!

Christmas is by far my most favourite time of the year and I spend hours planning everything down to the very last detail to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.  We’re having Christmas day at our house this year, which piles on the pressure.

Tony is always in charge of decorations and the position of the Christmas Tree but it’s me that decides the colour scheme and he’s under strict rules to stay within that with the rest of the decorations.  Every year our Christmas Lights seem to spill outside a little more and I fully expect to come home on day to something like this.
15/12/2009: Lights of Christmas

Everything else is down to me, although I will always get much needed menu and recipe tips and ideas from my Mum and Mother in Law.  It may sound strange but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if I wasn’t getting stressed out about making sure that everyone has the perfect gift wrapped beautifully, that the lunch table is laid with pristine white matching Christmas Dinnerware, the turkey is moist, roast potatoes crispy and brussel sprouts neither like bullets or mushy!

One thing both the kiddywinks and I really enjoy is getting crafty at Christmas.  Imogen loves making Christmas cards for her school friends, covering them and my house is a pile of glitter.  We also make our own Christmas Crackers using empty toilet roll tubes and tissue paper and filling them with carefully thought out small gifts for the rest of the family.

I know a lot of people start Christmas shopping in the January sales and I’d love to be that organised but I’ve started in ernest now, with brilliant ideas for everyone.  I just need to figure out what to get for Imogen; the little girl who has everything!

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