What to Expect When You’re Expecting Review and DVD Giveaway

I’ve already proclaimed my love for the “What to Expect” series of books on this blog so when I was offered a chance to review the film inspired by them I gladly accepted.

The film has a star studded cast including Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Rock and Ben Falcone amongst others and follows 5 couples in their journey to impending parenthood.  There are tears of joy and sadness and laugh out loud comedy moments.  I particularly enjoyed the scenes with The Coopers and the rivalry that takes between father and son and “Mother” in law and daughter in law, both pregnant.  Mother in law (Skylar) is a much younger woman an pregnant with twins.  She experiences very few pregnancy symptoms and boosts a tiny bump, eventually giving birth with a sneeze!! Meanwhile daughter in Wendy becomes pregnant after two years of trying suffers from the first start, with hilarious consciences, and eventually gives birth by emergency cesarean.  It offers a great light hearted look at pregnancy and birth and everything that goes with it, I really enjoyed it.

The film made me realise just how different every pregnancy and labour is.  I suffered with sickness all the way through my pregnancy with Imogen, my first, but tiredness didn’t really effect me and I managed to work full time in a highly demanding job up until a few weeks before she was born.  Her labour was hard and I spent a total of 6 days in hospital despite having a natural delivery.  Joseph’s pregnancy was a lot tougher with SDP effecting my mobility and sleep from about 20 weeks and eventually putting me on crutches.  His labour was an awful lot easier though and whilst I was induced my actual recorded time in labour was just over an hour and I left hospital just a few hours after he was born.

One thing that helped me through both pregnancies was information, being clued up on how to keep healthy and eat properly (remember – eat for you not for two!).Help from sites such as Start4life was invaluable during the early days too with lots of much needed advice on feeding.

We’ve teamed up with Start4Life to give you the chance to win one of THREE copies of What to Expect When You’re Expecting on DVD.  To enter simply do so via Rafflecopter below.

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136 thoughts on “What to Expect When You’re Expecting Review and DVD Giveaway

  1. Tracy Grant

    Exactly how pain full child birth was going to be, mind you couldn’t of been that bad I had 5 of them lol x

  2. claire woods

    How worrying it is to have this precious bundle depend on you? Son had to have blood test in first few weeks of his life and it was so upsetting.

  3. georgina davies

    i wish i knew for sure the sex! had a 20 week scan having a girl now at 31 weeks it’s a boy! was initially heart broken as i have a boy already but still feel a sense of loss but going to have another mummy’s boy! xx

  4. Denise

    I wasn’t prepared for how quick one phase ended and a new one began, had to learn to not stress and just enjoy each and every stage as it went so fast

  5. belinda porter

    my first born came 5 weeks early I wish I had packed up work earlier than maybe I wouldnt have developed pre eclempsia toxemia and had to have an emergency cesearean

  6. Claire Smith

    That it would be a year before my husband and I could sit down and eat a meal together again sue to the crying ….what did people do before microwaves!!!

  7. maureen findley

    the fact that it you go off something when you are pregnant (for me it was a cup of tea) you will never be able to drink/eat it again.

  8. Hilda Hazel Wright

    I wish I’d known that after giving birth you still look pregnant only with a horrific jelly belly of wobbly flesh!

  9. Veronica brown

    That everyone is just muddling through to, you’re not the only one still in you pj’s at 1pm and covered in baby sick!

  10. abigail edkins

    That it was possible to have terrible morning sickness (day sickness even) all the way through your pregancy. I had been told it would stop after a couple of months but it never went : P

  11. rafia shahzad

    the terrible morning sickness and nausea i had for the first 6 months, i couldn’t bear the smell of any food…was really difficult for me

  12. Vicky Limerick

    The tiredness, it just hits you when you don’t expect it… or when you shouldn’t sleep…like at work

  13. mi_shmash

    The cravings… number one was big macs, number two was ice, and number three was buckets of ice to the point where my tongue had lost its sensations and then to top it off lemons on lettuce

  14. Adele B

    I wish i’d known how to clone myself as another pair of hands to go get everything else done while i just sit and hold my baby or to let me get a nap would have been nice!

  15. Cheryl Pearson

    i wish I knew that I was expecting a fast birth ~ was not prepared for a 4 hour in total delivery (from first contraction to cord being cut)

  16. Carly Markham

    I wish I knew more about different births. My first time I just thought my waters will break, I’ll go to hospital give birth and come home with a baby. Instead I had a bleed went to hospital and had a section so stayed for 3 days. Not quite what I expected lol

  17. Tanya Vincent

    Wish I’d taken the advice before having my first- sleep as much as you can… pregnant with twins/subsequent children did not allow that!!

  18. Laura Pritchard

    Just how much water there is when your waters break…I soaked our bed, 4 towels & 3 pairs of pyjama bottoms before it stopped! If I’d known I’d have stood in the bath for 10 minutes!!!

  19. Nicola Dudson

    I wish I knew just how exhausted I would be in the first few weeks after my daughter was born, I would have spent the last few weeks of my pregnancy getting lots of rest instead of all the cleaning and running around i did.

  20. Nicky Hopkins

    I wish I’d appreciated more how much assistance my wife would need so that I could have planned to help her more.

  21. Ruth Tesdale

    I had a shock when I took my first baby home as I was so unprepared and did not know what to do. I wish I had gone to some classes first.

  22. Jo Kelly

    Just how hard it is to have a colicky baby. Luckily 4 of my children were perfect babies but 1 suffered terribly with it. It was awful & I cried as much as the baby!! x

  23. Phyllis Ellett

    Who the father was, sorry could not resist that. But really I did not believe this who idea about cravings, but soon as I was pregnant, my poor husband was out buying me cooking apples. So, so silly now thinking of it, but I was eating them raw like no tomorrow.

  24. Gail Reid

    Just how *much* the lack of sleep can affect you… you can’t really explain it but when you have put your shoes in the fridge for the third time in a row you can’t deny it lol x

  25. Sarah F

    I wish I knew that I should enjoy the baby months cos it’s a whole lot worse when they are toddling around making a mess!

  26. Wendy Tolhurst

    I wish I knew that everyone gives advice and has the best solution for new parents – when actually the parents themselves usually know best!

  27. amy hoare

    That when you get close to your due date don’t wish away the time. Use it to sleep, relax and enjoy before the hardwork truly kicks in!

  28. Leigh Larkin

    To try and enjoy every second of it! It is over before you know it and then that’s it – life changes FOREVER!

  29. Rebecca Cleary

    How much you miss them once they start school 🙁 All them times wishing for a break and then when they start and you get one you want them back!!!

  30. Helen Aiken

    I wish I’d known how my normally good memory would be non-existent and how tired I’d be, especially in the first trimester.


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