Disney Minnie Mouse Boutique 3D Puzzle Review

Imogen loves puzzles and can now complete a 100 piece with ease, it’s clearly time for something a little more challenging and Educa sent her just that with this 3D Scenario Puzzle Kit.

This kit includes over 300 pieces to create a 3D Minnie Mouse Boutique as well as a street scene outside.  All of the pieces press out, pre folded and numbered and there are a clear set of instructions.

It’s aimed at children aged 5+ and whilst Imogen is 4 and a half I knew as soon as we opened the box she’d struggle with it and she did.  There an awful lot of number to match up and fiddly bits to put together and although she did try very hard, we put it together as a team.  She helped find the numbered pieces and popped them out of the cards whilst I had the job of assembly.

It took the two of us a good hour to put the puzzle together but Imogen was thrilled when it was complete.  The boutique has 3D dresses, fabulous pieces of furniture as well as a cash register and sunglass stand.  It also includes 4 characters, Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Daisy and Imogen has played with it for hours, creating her own stories and the strong cardboard/foam construction as stood up well.

The Minnie Mouse Boutique 3D Puzzle is available from Amazon currently priced at £8.52.

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