Potty training and piles of laundry!

Early last week Joseph decided to whip off his nappy and run around naked, there was nothing I could do to persuade him to get dressed.  With the house being warm and no plans to venture outside, I didn’t see a problem with it and took advantage of the situation to try and get him to use the potty.

Imogen was potty trained early at around 20 months but then she was very good with her words and could tell me when she needed to go.  Joseph is a little slower on the up take of speech although his comprehension is great.  I’ve heard that boys are harder to potty train but Imogen was so easy that I couldn’t see how hard it would it be.

Things started off brilliantly with Joseph quickly parking his behind on the potty for a number one and a number two, a vast amount of praise followed and he looked very chuffed with his efforts.  Unfortunately this did not continue.  He will happily sit on the potty for a poo and will also sit there for a good couple of minutes to squeeze out the smallest amount of wee but it seems that when he’s desperate we end up with big puddles on the floor.

Joseph is still very young and not 2 until early January but I’d love to continue trying with the potty, it’s just a little disheartening when you get through a whole weekdays worth of pants by 10.30am on a Monday morning, the need for my washing machine has never been greater and now I know why people usually do this in the Summer!


This post has been written as my entry into the John Lewis blogger competition to win one of three Hotpoint appliances, however all experiences (of mopping up wee) are my own 🙂

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