Mattel Fun Times ~ Molehill Mania Review

As part of our series of reviews showcasing the Mattel Fun Time games Mattel sent us Molehill Mania.  The range of Fun Times games are designed to be easy to set up and quick to tidy away as well as being simple to understand and play – so there’s no need to spend hours reading instructions – plus they can all be enjoyed in just 20 minutes.

Molehill Mania is a game Imogen has seen on the television, so was very eager to play.  Inside the box is a molehill, 11 moles (5 green, 5 blue and 1 red) and 2 mallets.  The game was set set up and ready to play within seconds.

There are three versions of the game, all with the same principle just with different ways of scoring.  This is the most simple, using the mallet hit the “planks” at the side of the molehill flinging the moles from their hill onto the floor.  When all the moles are out of the hill use your mallet to collect the moles.  The mallets have an special opening underneath which collects the moles and keeps them inside.

When a player collects 6 moles the mole on the top of the mallet will pop up and this player is declared the winner.

Another version of the game gives the different colours moles a different point value and the winner is the player with the most points.  The other makes it a race it collect your all of your own colour moles (green or blue) and collect the only red mole.

Imogen and Joseph love the game and have lots of fun catapulting moles, seeing how far they can fling them and scrabbling around the floor to collect the moles.  It’s a fabulous game for all ages and one that’s been played again and again.

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