Tiny Tears Review

I’ve been getting all nostalgic this week with some great toys sent to the kiddywinks by John Adams, the first of which was Tiny Tears.

Tiny Tears was the first fully functional feeding, crying and wetting doll and it’s hard to believe that she’s nearly 40 years old!  She’s been slightly updated for 2012 and now wears a beautiful spotty pinafore with a matching pink headband in her shoulder length blond hair.  She also comes with a potty, pair of knickers, feeding bottle, dummy and her very own hairbrush.

Tiny Tears Doll

As soon as Tiny Tears arrived at our house Joseph claimed her for his own, Imogen did not get a look in.  At roughly 35 cm she’s the perfect size for him and very sturdy which is good because Joe can play rough!  She’s a hard bodied doll (so she can be bathed) and has jointed limbs making it easy for her to be sat on the potty or in a toy pushchair.

Tiny Tears Doll

Joseph loves feeding her although I haven’t allowed the bottle to be filled with water yet, as the base is curved and can’t stand up meaning there’d be water all over children and floors.  Unfortunately these means that they haven’t been able to use the wetting function either but to be honest I think Joseph is a bit too young to appreciate it at the moment.

After a long day, Joseph will tuck Tiny Tears into bed with him.  I think it’s safe to say that they are best friends and are very rarely seen apart!

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