New Year, New Bed!

New year is a time when many of us reassess our jobs, our relationships and also, our homes!  Once the Christmas decorations come down, the house looks bare and suddenly all those little jobs around the house that have been put off for months, become tasks that you want completed as soon as possible!

Chances are for those with children, their bedrooms will be a tip at this point. More toys given at Christmas to add to already over-flowing toy-boxes and cupboards, new clothes bought in the January sales filling up drawers to the max, it really is the time of year for a big sort out!
Something many families do nowadays after Christmas, is encourage their children to fill a box with toys that they don’t play with anymore to make way for anything new they received as Christmas gifts. These toys can be given to neighbours, sold at car boot sales, or taken to charity shops or local hospitals. It teaches the importance of giving as well as the enjoyment of receiving.

An overhaul of toys and tidy bedroom may not be all that comes under scrutiny! When was the last time you paid attention to your child’s bed? Children grow so quick and flounce and bounce and jump all over their beds, that if you find they are in need of a new bed or mattress, now is a good time to take advantage of January sales and grab a bargain!

A new bed can also give a bedroom a whole new look, especially with some new bed linen! This is great for children who are turning into teenagers and are preparing to say goodbye to childhood, well, in their minds at least! Also, for toddlers, it may be the time for them to get their first ‘big’ bed, an exciting stage either way!

Take a look and see how the mattress behaves when your child lies down. Is it too squashy? Does your child’s body roll into the middle of the mattress? If so, they need a new one.  Also the bed frame, have a look at the springs, check for broken legs or any sign of unsteadiness or wobbling if the bed has legs.  It may be that the bed frame is sound and only a new mattress is needed, either way visit Bedstar direct to see what great beds are on offer and also their huge range of mattresses, for your child or even for you!

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