Guest post: Family essentials to pack in your summer holiday suitcase.

Often we are so busy with everyday tasks or just by nature very unorganised and leave things to do in the last minute. We all know that things can get hectic with children running around, trying to pack our last bits in the holiday suitcases, while the men are out  exchanging some dosh or perhaps having a beer at the local pub. Directline holidays has generously opted to write a quick guide on what essentials need to make it into your suitcase and that of your children before you step out of your door. This hopefully will alleviate the feeling that you have forgotten something but not sure what.

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For the children

Before we get deep into the guide you need to be aware that infants for most tour operators and airlines are those children that are under 2 years old by the time of the return flight, otherwise they will be classified as children, which in turn will need their own seat rather than sitting on parents lap. This could be annoying as they may end paying the same price on flights as adults.

Your holiday starts from home therefore make sure that you pack in the children’s hand luggage drinks and snacks for them to munch on while on the way to airport, at the airport, on the flight and last but not list on the way to your hotel. Packing those in individual bags will help the children to manage their own stock to last all the way, as long as they are told to do so.

Taking gadgets, toys or snorkelling gear from past holiday may be a good way to save money, as long as the luggage allowance allows you to do so. Don’t forget that on most charter flight kids get their own hold luggage. Walking shoes for local tours that may be an option locally and plenty of sun cream, which is advisable to be bought in UK.

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For the adults

Passport and tickets are the most important items to ensure that have been taken for you and your family. Assuring that they are in date is something that you can’t leave it for last minute, as many countries like Turkey for example require 6 months left from the date of entry on your passport.

Secondly any medication should be part of your hand luggage items, unless they are not necessarily needed on the flight. Due to airport security rules you need to make sure that any liquids, including perfumes are packed in the hold luggage rather than hand luggage.

Other essentials in your hand luggage are holiday money and credit cards, perhaps some in your bag and some on your partners just in case your it might get lost, but never put them in the hold.

Sunglasses for yourself and the children are best to have on them as it puts you on a holiday mood and prepared for the sun glare when you arrive in the destination. Travelling light is always advisable and clothes can take a lot of space so don’t go over the top with it but make sure you have some long sleeve jumpers for unexpected chilly nights. Having some free space on your luggage will allow you to bring home the souvenirs from your holiday otherwise you will end paying more at the airport luggage check-in.

This is a featured guest post written by Ervin Cenmurati, an experienced travel consultant at Directline Holiday and on his free time a travel writer and blogger at Master in Travel.

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