2013 WILL be the year that…………

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I don’t see the point of stopping or starting doing something at the stroke of midnight just to mark the start of a new year.  Instead I have set myself a number of tasks to complete before the end of 2013, a 2013 to do list.

  1. I become a size 12 again.

When Tony and I met back in 2000, I was 21, a size 8 weighed a little over 9 stone.  12 years and 2 children later I have gained weight with each pregnancy and now I plan to lose it.  I’ve become one of the UKMums.tv five diet bloggers to try and give myself the encouragement I need.  I’ve set myself the goal of losing 15lbs over the 8 weeks with UKMums.tv and the first week as gone well with 2.5lbs lost!

2.   We finish the house.

We brought our house just over 3 years ago, it’s our first and it’s taking a lot longer than we thought to get it done.  Imogen’s room was my latest project and it’s now 90% complete, there are just curtains to hang and shelves to put back up.  Our sitting room is next on the list and I’m hoping that I’ll be waving goodbye to plank style skirting boards, ugly, scratched laminate and sofas that have been “decorated” by children and used as scratching posts by the cat in 2013.  We’re already starting to think about what to do once the renovations are complete and Tony would quite like to move but to be honest I’d just like to live it in for a few years without lifting a paintbrush!

Sitting Room

3.   We take a family holiday.

Apart from a couple of night’s away in Oxfordshire just before Joseph was born we’ve not been on a holiday for nine years and certainly never as a family.  I’d love to throw caution to the wind and take the children overseas in the Summer holidays but I don’t like flying and the thought of taking the two of them on an aeroplane gives me palpitations!  I’m also very sensible with what little money we have so I’m researching cheap UK breaks.  Location seems to be the biggest decision to make after all we do live in the English Riviera, undoubtedly one the best UK holiday destinations, so where could be better than here?  Then there’s where to stay, Imogen seems very keen on Butlins after a school friend came back from a Christmas break there with photos to share with the class.

4.  I clear out my attic.

We’re very lucky to have a 4th bedroom in our attic but since we moved in it’s become a bit of a dumping ground for all manner of things.  I don’t consider myself a hoarder but when I discovered that I’d kept every item of clothing my children had ever worn and I mean everything from babygros to socks (some of them aren’t even in pairs!).  There are a few teeny tiny and very cute things that I shall be keeping but the rest is going to grateful friends for their tiny offspring.  I’m unsure what the plans will be for the attic once I can see the floor, I’m still keen on an office/playroom whist Imogen and Tony would like to turn it into a cinema!!


It’s not the biggest list but I’m hoping it’s all do-able, after all I do have the best part of year to do so.

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