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No matter how big, how small, how new or how old, a home should be something that we’re proud of. It should be something to cherish and take care of daily. A home should be treated with respect and kept clean and tidy.

However, the longer we live in our homes, the easier it becomes to take them for granted and we can forget how important they are to us. Little by little, small piles of mess can build up and soon stacks of unused and unwanted items littering the halls and rooms can start to make a house look like more like an under maintained dumping ground.

Post-Christmas Clean Up

The mess can really creep up on you after Christmas; a time when you’ve been relaxing, indulging and exchanging presents. However, it is vital to keep on top of the disorder and keep your home tidy. Having a tidy home will not only improve the appearance of your property, it will help to keep children out of harm’s way and could make you a bit of money along the way too. You could also benefit from other perks, like an improved outlook on life.

As well as representing a physical mess, piles of disorderly items lining your home can also represent a mental mess. Unless you actively enjoy living among heaps of rubbish then until you get the clutter cleared away, the task will be playing on your mind. While this tidying chore is still pending, it can stop you from getting on with other jobs, creating a mental block which can lead to disorganisation in your personal life.


Remove the clutter and free your mind

Decluttering your house will help to create space within it, giving you more room to move around in and more room to think. It becomes much easier to think clearly and relax in a tidy space, where you are free of distractions and free clutter. This is particularly important if you work from home.

Many people also find that cleaning up your home can help you to reduce your stress levels, where they can mull over things while carrying out a unskilled task. Clearing your house can also brighten your outlook, letting you enjoy the space you live in.

Get Started

Of course, to feel any of these benefits, the first thing you need to do, is to make a start, and the sooner you get things going the better. The longer you leave your house in a state of uncleanliness the harder it will be when you eventually get round to clearing it up.

However, it doesn’t matter how much your home resembles a tip and how big the piles of clutter are, there are still ways to get started and make the look less intimidating. The initial step is to try to find a place for everything to go. Go through your house, top to bottom, systematically putting things away. To do this, you can use boxes, cupboards, shelves or even off site storage units.

While you’re going along, make a pile of any things that you come across that you no longer want or need. You need to be ruthless when you’re doing this: even if it’s a Christmas present from your favourite uncle, if you don’t get rid of it, then it’s just going to be sat there taking up precious space.

Making a pretty penny

Although it’s tempting just to chuck everything that you don’t want, a better way of getting rid of it is to sell it. Go through your unwanted items carefully and select anything that you think might be worth something, you might be able to sell a lot of your unwanted goods. If you’re sat there wondering “Where can I sell my laptop or “Where can I get rid of those hideous jeans?” then look no further than the internet, an infinitely useful place where you can find loads of online auctions to can list your items.

Once you’ve had a complete clear out of your house then you will only need to clean it in small bursts thereafter. This doesn’t mean letting up though, it just means that the task of keeping your house tidy will be easier. You will still need to do a little bit of tidying away every day to keep on top of the clutter. Doing this will not only keep your house in order, it will turn cleaning into a habit, and the more you do it, the more ingrained it will become as part of your life. Eventually, it will become so natural to you, that if a day goes by when you don’t clear up, you’ll get that same feeling as though you’d missed your early morning cup of tea or evening shower.

an organized craft room

Although cleaning can seem like an unpleasant chore, once your house is clean and orderly, the rewards will be obvious. You will feel like you are in a completely new space: you’ll be proud of your home and be able to enjoy it with a clear head.


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