The yummy mummy quest: Top five beauty tips

Whether you’ve got a five-year-old or a five-month-old, you deserve to feel great! Becoming a mum shouldn’t automatically mean elasticated waistbands, chocolate-covered trousers and bad hair days, so here are five style tips to check out.

Find the right bra

Let’s face it, pregnancy can significantly alter the size and shape of your chest. Prenatal weight gain and breastfeeding don’t really help either, so what can you do about your ever-changing assets? Well, aside from breast uplift surgery or implants, it’s well worth buying a decent bra. The right boulder holder can transform your bosom in an instant, so hit the shops and see what you can find.

Buy some new pants

While we’re on the subject of lingerie, every girl deserves (or rather needs) a pair of suck-me-in pants. That’s right, body-sculpting knickers are much cheaper than a stomach enhancing tummy tuck and look great underneath trousers, skirts and even skin-tight dresses. If you haven’t ventured into the underwear department for a while you might get a bit of a shock, as there are designs to lift, squeeze, tuck and align your lower half – so take advantage.
Spiegel 1963 waist-nipper girdle

Dress to suit your body shape

If you’ve put on a few pounds since having kids – fear not! Not all of us ping back into shape after birth, so learn how to dress for your new size and treat yourself to a shopping trip. Choose clothes that fit like a glove and avoid hiding away in tracksuit bottoms, unflattering t-shirts and baggy hoodies. Sure, comfortable attire is sometimes necessary for the school run or a trip to the park, but it’s amazing how a pair of well-cut jeans and a tailored jacket can make you feel.

Style your hair

With so much to do on a regular basis, it can be easy to scrape your hair back into a messy bun or a high pony tail. These styles are quick and practical, but changing your look occasionally will help you feel glamorous. Of course, finding the time isn’t easy but you could always pamper and preen while the kids are in bed. Simply grab the styling irons, find the heat protection spray and revamp your image in no time. After all, you deserve it.

Hit the gym

Since having a baby, you might have dreamt about a boob job or a course of liposuction, but a few trips down the gym could make all the difference. Exercise can help you lose weight, tone up and feel great too, so leave the kids with a responsible adult and make the most of your free time. Hit the treadmill, have a go on the cross-trainer or try out the weights and let happy hormones called endorphins circulate your body. As you sweat, toxins will also be purged from your skin and this should help clear your pores and improve your complexion.

Being a mum is great fun, but don’t forget to make time for yourself!

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