Crayola My First Colour and Flip Book

Another of the wonderful products from the Crayola My First range that was included in our #MyFirstCrayolaParty box was the Colour and Flip Book.

Crayola My First Colour and Flip Book

The book is made from good quality thick glossy card and comes with three My First Crayola Markers included in Green, Yellow and Purple and features 30 different fun characters to colour in, these range in theme from space, farm or seaside.

Crayola My First Colour and Flip Book

The magic of this book though is that it is split into three different parts, head, tummy and feet, allowing your child to flip the pages of each body part independently creating a whacky assortment of different characters.¬† Some of the children’s favourites at our party included¬†spacemen with tutus and alien babies with mermaid tails but there are over 1000 different combinations to be made!

Crayola My First Colour and Flip Book

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One thought on “Crayola My First Colour and Flip Book

  1. Claude

    My name is Claude and I created all the illustrations on this book. I just wanted to thank you for such a lovely review of the book. It was very fun to work on this project and it’s even more enjoyable to know that it is appreciated.
    Thank you!


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