Potty Training Gets Serious

I’ve been trying to potty train Joseph on and off for about 6 months now but either illness or a bout of accidents has meant it goes on hold.  At 2 and a half Joseph is a good 8 months older than Imogen was when she was dry in the day but Joseph’s lack of communication skills have made it difficult for him to tell me when he needs to use the potty.  Now he’s hit the two and a half mark and the weather is more favourable for drying I’ve decided to start all over again.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be keeping you up to date with his progress along with some great potty training advice from experts, giveaways and reviews of some innovative products.

If you’re potty training or have been there, done that and come out the other side I’d love to hear to any advice you have.

Potty Training Diaries

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2 thoughts on “Potty Training Gets Serious

  1. Samantha Fenn

    Good Luck! We started yesterday… better than expected… probably because of the chocolate finger he got whenever he did a wee on the potty! lol

    Good Luck! I will be following for tips 😉

  2. Alison Turnnidge

    My Daughter has been dry during the day since march, she has only had a couple of accidents when she was to intent on playing and didn’t quite get there quick enough. We made a sticker chart and added a sticker each time she done a wee/poo on her potty, which she loved. At the end of the week she had a little Well Done treat for doing so well. She also choose her big girl knickers, which didn’t seem like much to myself but was a very big deal to her. Good Luck, you’ll both do a great job :o)


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