July sees the start of Potty Training Live! a free programme of support to help get you and your little one through the challenge of potty training.

Register at www.pottytraininglive.com for a six week programme of free support that will guide you through the key stages of potty training, from changing nappies in the bathroom and learning the ‘bathroom routine’ right through to big boy or girl pants and dry days.

Potty Training Live

Join parents and toddlers throughout the country taking part in ‘Take Your Nappy Off’ Week which begins on July 15th. With children getting potty trained later than in the past, the week is being held to help parents ‘go for it’ and get their children out of nappies.

Potty Training Live! And National ‘Take Your Nappy Off’ Week are being run by potty training experts, Dry Like Me and are endorsed by paediatric continence advisor and director of PromoCon, June Rogers MBE. Potty Training Live starts on July 1st, but you can begin your six-week programme any time after that. As well as free weekly guidance, there will be exclusive tips from Jude and Di, advice videos, web chats and competitions to win goodies for you and your little one.

Dry LIke Me potty training pads

We have 5 potty training prizes to give away. Each winner will receive a handy pouch containing 2 award-winning Dry Like Me potty training pads, plus a sticker reward chart for your little one. Enter via Rafflecopter below.

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  1. James Strong

    To begin with We have a potty in all the rooms so if she is caught short she does not have far to go

  2. Samantha Fenn

    Let them choose their own potty… we bought one that Mason wouldn’t go near… we took him to the shop to buy his own and will happily sit on it.

  3. Catherine McAlinden

    Clear the diary for a few days/week. It’s so much easier to not have to worry about finding a bathroom out and about.

  4. Natalie French

    When you go to the toilet take little one with you so they can watch, children copy a lot of adult actions.

  5. Jo welsh

    Praise even the smallest of wees that go in the potty even if some goes on the floor concentrate in the ‘successful’ one.

  6. Rachael G

    Potty training mats are great for putting under the potty in case of any misses, under your child in their car seat and are great to put in bed in case of any night time accidents (great for saving your laundry bill!).

  7. claire fawkner

    Do not force your child in to it as it will take twice as long! Wait till the little one is showing all the signs and then try

  8. Emma Ellison

    With my son we had a potty upstairs & downstairs and at first we would sit him on every hour or so and make a huge fuss if he did anything. I also kept a small basket of books near by to encourage him to sit on it a little longer & let him buy some toddler wipes & his own handwash x

  9. Megan Adams

    I’ve bought my daughter some Peppa Pig pants to encourage her after hearing this tactic is good from friends! She isn’t quite ready at the moment, so not sure whether it’ll work for us!

  10. Lucy Robinson

    Keep a potty in the room u are in. Saves them running up the stairs. It also reminds them when they see it.

  11. Vicky Limerick

    Have a reward chart for the child and one for mummy and daddy and when mum and dad go to the big potty (toilet) they get a star, my little girl wants to do everything daddy does so I’m sure she goes on her potty just to be like daddy but it works

  12. Victoria Leedham

    Wait till they tell you they are ready then make a big deal out of choosing and buying big girl/boy pants with fave characters

  13. Emily

    Do it in summer when it’s easier to let them run around without many clothes on, and easier to wash and dry clothes too

  14. adeinne

    I reward my child with a lollipop or a small toy from the poundshop as a reward for using the potty but i tell them if they don’t use the potty then you don’t get a reward.

  15. Michaela Turner

    Only start when you think little one is showing signs of recognising when they need the toilet

  16. Pauline Mason

    I always make it like play,even if they have done a tiny amount I clap and cheer and get them to join in. Makes it fun for them.

  17. Nick

    Anything that makes the whole experience stress free and adds an element of fun has to be a winner. Don’t get trapped into a competitive situation with the carers of your child’s peers.

  18. Emma Jenkinson

    the dolls you can get with pottys are fantastic, show them what to do with doll, the copy with doll and then copy themselves

  19. donna clinton

    I am currently potty training my 2 year old daughter and we always give positive reinforcement by hi-fiving each other when she successfully goes on the potty,she is doing really well

  20. C Parkin

    Don’t rush to start, and get your little one used to the potty first, by sitting on it fully clothed.

  21. Christine Bray

    Make it fun! Ignore little accidents…. We have 2 grandchildren one potty training and one due to strat potty training. This pack would be good ‘both girls’ x Thanks

  22. Sarah Smith

    We are potty training our beautiful 2yr old daughter at the moment. In the past week she has managed to come on leaps and bounds with her potty troubles (it has taken a while for her to pick it up so weve had to stick with it and keep things as ‘fun’ and non stressful as possible)
    *Proud mommy moment* first number 2 on the potty today! Clever girl lol

    It has taken a while but perseverance has been key. She is very proud of herself and we are very proud of her. Hoping that everything continues the same way 🙂


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