Lullaby Iggle Piggle and Talking Upsy Daisy Review

Joseph is a huge In the Night Garden fan so, as you can imagine, was over joyed when a delivery of the latest In the Night Garden toys arrived for him from Golden Bear.  The lucky chap’s parcel contained a Talking Upsy Daisy and Sleeptime Lullaby Iggle Piggle from the new range due to be launched this Autumn.

Lullaby Iggle Piggle and Talking Upsy Daisy

Joseph immediately took to Iggle Piggle who, when you squeeze his hand, plays three soothing tunes from the show.  His cheeks also glow in three different colours and if sat up he’ll gently sway to the music.  This is one of Joseph’s favourite things and it amuses him no end to see him wiggle to the music.

Lullaby Iggle Piggle

Despite his mechanics Iggle Piggle has a soft body so he’s great for cuddles and is now Joseph’s new bedtime friend.  The gentle glow from his cheeks seem to provide him with just enough light to be able to sleep and the recognisable music will eventually send him off into a deep sleep.  They make an adorable couple.

Lullaby Iggle Piggle

Upsy Daisy, despite Joseph’s best efforts, has been adopted by Imogen who was a huge fan of the show from about 9 months old and now watches “because Joe Joe wants to”.  Upsy Daisy will repeat seven phrases from the show including my personal favourite “Pip, pip, honk, honk!” when her right hand is given a squeeze.  She’s now been added to the vast collection of dolls Imogen has and is a regular to tea parties and in her bed at night time, although she’ll hate me for telling you that!

TalkingUpsy Daisy

They’re both beautiful toys that the children adore and are bound to be big hits with pre-schoolers this Christmas.  You can view the full range from golden Bear here which includes playsets, soft toys and a rather cool looking Play a Tune Upsy Daisy with a musical skirt!

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