Fisher Price Little People DC Super Friends Batcave

At two and a half Joseph is at a difficult age for toys.  He’s far too old for baby toys but still a little bit too young for all of the Hot Wheels and Imaginext toys that he so desperately wants.  However, Fisher Price came to his rescue with a delivery from their Little People range.

The Little People range is designed for children aged between 1-4 years with toys and playsets which make fabulous first role play toys.  The range is extensive with toys to suit both boys and girls.  There are popular characters included too such as Disney Princesses and the DC Super Friends.  Joseph was lucky to receive the Batcave as well as a selection of extra characters and Wheelies from this range.

Fisher Price Little People DC Super Friends Batcave

The Batcave has three storeys comes pre assembled and with batteries included so it’s ready to play with straight away and includes both a Batman and Robin figure as well as a Batcar and helicopter.  Little Joe got stuck in straight away with Batman and well,  Batman fighting crime and protecting Gotham city from the baddies.

Litlle People DC Super Friends Batcave

Blue Batman took to the skies in the helicopter whilst Black Batman got the Batmobile on the road with speed with a quick flick on the ramp, zooooom!

Little People DC Super Friends Bat Cave

When one of the characters is pushed down into the seat of the batmobile you’ll hear various different phrases and sound effects with is Joseph’s favourite thing. It’s thanks to this and the fact that the characters are easy to switch around Robin will occasionally get a look in and get to drive the Batmobile!

Little People DC Super Friends Batcave

This is a solid playset that really has taken a battering from Joseph’s adventurous Super Hero play but it’s solidly built and isn’t showing any sign of use more than 2 months later with almost daily play.  It’s lovely to watch him role playing with the characters, he quickly worked out that the Joker was a baddie and now he spends most of his time locked inside Imogen’s Barbie house fridge – best place for him!

Little People DC Sper Friends Batcave

The Batcave is currently on special offer at Argos priced at £23.32 and you can see the full range of Little People DC Super Friends range from Fisher Price here.

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