Tonka Climbovers Review

Tonka have been around for absolutely ages, almost 70 years, but did you know that Tonka was started originally as just a slideline of a Mound Metalcraft, a company making garden implements?  Because of the huge success to the toys the company changed it’s name to Tonka and toys began their sole focus.  Their notion has always been that “a toy shouldn’t break just because a child plays with it” and their toys have always been built to last, in fact they’re so sure of this that they guarantee them for life!

Last month I was excited to be asked to become a Tonka Tough Mother and Joseph was thrilled to bits, especially when his first Tonka delivery arrived to be put to the test!  He received the Boulder Escape from the Climb-Overs range and couldn’t wait to open it.

Tonka Climb-Overs Boulder Escape

The Boulder Escape set comes with lots of pieces of track, straight, curved and a ramp, a boulder and a climb-overs jeep.  There are also clear instructions on how to set up the track.

Tonka Climb-overs Boulder Escape

The jeep comes with batteries already installed but there’s a small piece of plastic that needs to be removed so that it will work.  You’ll need to remove the cover of the jeep but instructions are very clear on how to do this.  The track was also easy to put together and Joseph was ready to play in next to no time.

Tonka Climb-Overs Boulder Escape

Tonka Climb-Overs Boulder Escape

You press the yellow button on the jeep and it will zoom along the track and through the tunnel where it triggers the boulder.  The boulder will either end up in front or behind the jeep, if it lands in front the jeep will push it around the track and if it lands behind it will chase it for until it’s momentum runs out.  Sometimes the boulder will come off the tracks and occasionally the jeep will do too but this only adds to the fun as Joseph loves to chase them around.

Tonka Climb-Overs Boulder Escape     Tonka Climb-Overs Boulder Escape

Joseph loves the set and has loads of fun with it, he’s also had hours of enjoyment with the jeep on it’s own as it will, as the name suggests, climb-over anything!

The Tonka Climb-Overs range will be available at Argos soon with prices starting at just £6.99.

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