Teksta Toucan Review

We’re huge fans of the Teksta Robotic toy range with Imogen and Joseph building up a lovely collection between them.  So as you can imagine they were thrilled to be asked to check out the newest addition to the Teksta family, the Teksta Toucan.

Teksta Toucan

The Teksta Robotic Toucan takes 4 AA batteries and these aren’t included, so if you’re giving it as a gift please be prepared.  He has two modes of play which are controlled with a switch on the base.  With the first, low power or LP, the Teksta Toucan is ready to play straight away but you’ll need to download the free Teksta Toucan app on your smartdevice to unlock his full potential.  To connect your Toucan to the app turn the switch to BT as well as turning on the Bluetooth on your device.

Teksta Toucan

Through the app you can play games with the toucan, Imogen has spent a lot of time playing darts with him, ask him questions, get him to tell you a joke or answer a question.  He’ll also do impressions and dance along to music.  One of the features that Imogen loves is using him as a speaker, playing her music through him as he dances along.

Joseph loves having conversations with him whilst he’s in pirate mode and getting him to do impressions and make random “windy” noises!  He also uses him as a room guard to stop Imogen from waking him up too early.

Teksta Toucan

Both are in agreement though that by far the best thing that he can do is magic, just take a look at this video!


The kiddywinks have really enjoyed the Teksta Toucan and I can see why, his movement are very life like, he’s got a wicked sense of humour and he has some great interactive features. Personally I’d like to see a couple more games released on the app as there are only so many games of darts you can play but saying that there are so many things to do with him that my pair haven’t tired of him yet!

The Teksta Toucan is available from Character priced at £59.99 and is bound to be finding it’s way onto lots of Christmas lists this year.

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