BRIO Deluxe Railway Set and BRIO Play Table Review

We have been extremely lucky of the past couple of months to be able review some lovely BRIO sets and earlier this month we were given the amazing opportunity to review the BRIO Deluxe Railway Set and BRIO Play Table.

BRIO Deluxe Railway Set BRIO Play Table

One of the things that Joseph always plays with at school is the trains on the train table so I knew he’d simply adore it.  Tony and I decided to set it all up for him whilst he was at school so that he’d have a lovely surprise to come to.  Firstly we set up the Play Table.  I was expecting this to take some time and prepared myself with a coffee before I started out but in reality it was all set up before I’d had the chance to even have a sip!  There are only five parts to the table, two sides, two ends and the top.  These all screw together very easily and all of the tools are provided.

It’s a lovely size measuring 120cm x 80cm and is high enough for Joseph to sit on either a small chair or bean bag at or stand without stooping.  The top of the table is reversible and can either be fully green or have one corner blue for use as a lake or other water.  It also has raised sidewalls to ensure that all of your toys stay on the table.  It’s solidly made with nice rounded corners and finished with 6 coats of non-toxic gloss lacquer paint making it pretty chip resistant.

BRIO Deluxe Railway Set and Play Table

Once the table was set up I though I’d wait for Joseph’s return from school before I opened up the Deluxe Railway Set and set it all up, after all half of the fun with train sets is building it!  There are a massive 87 play pieces to this set which all comes neatly packed away in a handy storage box which also unfolds into a handy playmat.

BRIO Deluxe Railway Set

Once this is all put together an amazing BRIO world is created which contains 3 stations, 3 suspension bridges, an underground tunnel, 2 level crossings and a crane among many, many others.

BRIO Deluxe Railway SetThis all fits on the train table perfectly with the harbour in just the right place.  There are lots of vehicles included with this set as well and it’s not just trains.  There are 2 Road Vehicles, 2 Container Wagons, 1 Freight Train, 3 Metro Train Carriages, 3 Travel Train Carriages and a ferry. One of the metro carriages has lights and will make realistic sounds when pushed along the track.

BRIO Deluxe Railway Set  BRIO Deluxe Railway Set

There are lots of features to this railway set some of Joseph’s favourites are the crane which will lift the cargo off of the ferry and straight onto a waiting truck for freight train.

BRIO Deluxe Railway Station BRIO Deluxe Railway Station

He also love the two storey train station with a lift that is operated with a easy to use handle.

BRIO Deluxe Railway Set BRIO Deluxe Railway Set

Obviously Joseph is understandably really, really pleased with both the railway set and play table and runs home from school and goes straight up into his bedroom to play with them.  He’s quite simply had hours upon hours of pleasure from them already and it’s wonderful to see him playing with something that uses his imagination rather that the wifi!  It’s also great for helping him develop his hand-eye coordination.

BRIO Deluxe Railway Set BRIO Deluxe Railway Set

The great thing about BRIO is that all of the sets are fully compatible with each other and you get the quality that only over 130 years of knowledge in the market will bring.  Also all BRIO wooden toys are made from FSC certified wood which means its traceable and originates from responsible Forestry.

The RRP of the Play Table and Deluxe Railway Set is £159.99 and £199.99 respectively which some may see as being a little on the expensive side but I can assure that it’s certainly worth it and you’re bound to get your money’s worth of playtime and enjoyment from it and more!   You can view the entire BRIO range at

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