Schleich Large Farm Review

Regular readers will already know what huge fans we are of Schleich, so it will come as no surprise that the kiddywinks were overjoyed when Schleich asked if they’d like to review the new Large Farm set!

Schleich Large Farm

Upon opening the box it became very clear that the farm set would need quite some assembly.  A booklet of full colour instructions is included and I’d fully recommend looking through it and sorting through parts for five minutes before attempting to put anything together as there are lots of pieces that look very similar, especially the barriers.

Schleich Farm Large

I put the farm together with the “help” of Imogen and Joseph, it was very straightforward and took just slightly over half an hour.  If you have gifting this set for Christmas though I would highly recommend assembling it before Christmas morning.

Schleich Large Farm

Once assembled the farm is mightily impressive in both it’s size and appearance.  It has lots of lovely features which include a large sliding door, plenty of opening doors and windows and a large roof section which can be removed for ease of play.

Schleich Large Farm

There are four figures included (farmer, pig, cow and calf) and lots of accessories including a wheelbarrow, fork, milk churn, crate, animal feed, straw and hale bales and something we can’t decide whether it’s potatoes or manure!

Schleich Large Farm

Inside the farm there are three different areas which are sectioned off with barriers, a grooming area with rubber flooring and a pen with straw bedding.  There are also two outdoor enclosures on one side and a large one on the other sectioned off with a wooden fence.

Schleich Large Farm   Schleich Large Farm

Schleich Large Farm

Joseph absolutely loves the moving parts on the set, in particular the “cow wash” the massage brush for the cow and calf.

Schleich Large Farm Schleich Large Farm

The winch was another favourite and Joseph loved moving up and down and around the whole farm to feed the animals.  It reaches everywhere even outside and into the hayloft!

Schleich Large Farm

Both Imogen and Joseph have thoroughly enjoyed playing with the farm, they love all of the play features, accessories and adapting the farm for different animals.  Personally I love the imaginative play that it has encouraged as well as the attention to detail and quality of it that we always get from Schleich.

Schleich Large Farm

The Large Farm set is priced at £99.99 and would make any Schleich collector extremely happy. I think it’s great value for money as it’s extended the play value of the farm figures that we already had and it’s been played with non stop for a month now.  You can view the Schleich collection on full at

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