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Thank you Graco & A Graco Giveaway

When we started our journey as Graco Ambassadors Joseph was a tiny 7 weeks old, 2 years later he’s a walking, sort of talking little boy.  Alas, it is now time to hang up the Graco hat  🙁 We’ve had lots of fun during our Graco journey and here are a few of the highlights.


We’re saying goodbye in style though with a fabulous giveaway as Graco are giving Me and My Kiddywinks the chance to win a Graco Sweetpeace.


The Sweetpeace uses innovative, patented motion technology to simulate a mother’s real soothing movements to help relax little ones. The motion moves little ones from side to side, as parents do, as opposed to just back and front making baby feel especially comforted.  As well as featuring six speeds, the two speed vibrations tailor the movement to help with all moods over, from lively to sleepy.

Baby can be kept amused with an MP3 plug-in connection ready to play favourite songs, along with the pre-loaded high quality sounds, this unique audio experience promotes early learning, as well as a baby tray with mirror, teether and soft toy to help baby entertained.

The Sweetpeace is very flexible so can be used as a soother or standalone rocker. The stand can be used with Graco 0+ car seats (Logico S and Junior Baby) so parents can move baby easily without any hassle. It also features a handy timer to switch off the vibration and sounds so that’s one less thing to worry about during this busy period. The Sweetpeace has a comfortable fabric in relaxing colours with a removable, translucent canopy.

This competition has now closed.  Our winner was drawn by and is….

Random.orgRachel McArthur.  An Email is on it’s way Rachel.  Congratulations!

Graco Evo Review

As a Graco Ambassador I get the honor of trying out all of their latest products, the latest to arrive was the Graco Evo.  The Evo is available in five fab colours Pitstop Black, Lime Green, Chilli Red and Sand.

I opted for the Lime Green and was thrilled with my choice when it arrived.  The box contains Chassis, Seat Unit, Footmuff and Raincover and it comes pretty much ready assembled all you need to do is clips the back wheels on.  My first thoughts when it was assembled were that it looked like a very much upgraded and modern version of the Fusio and not dissimilar in looks to the Babystyle Oyster.

The Evo is suitable from birth to a maximum of 15kg and weighs a meer 9.5kg, very light for a travel system.

The front wheels are lockable and offer suspension measuring 18cm and the back 23cm they are both plastic so there’s no need to worry about punctures.  The brakes can be turned on or off on either the left or right hand side of the back wheels and whilst they’re not step on/off brakes they are easy to use and work well.

The seat unit can be easily turned to parent or world facing by simply squeezing in the grey clips at the side and turning.  It comes with an easily removable seat liner and a cosy fleece lined footmuff.  The seat can be reclined to three positions including lie flat for newborns by using the large easy to use handle at the back.  There is also a 5 point safety harness which is easily adjustable by unzipping the back on the seat and re threading the straps and a foam covered safety bar.

The Graco Evo also has a one hand fold which has to be my favourite feature, great for when dealing with an unruly toddler!  After removing the seat, simply slide the switch on top of the handle and press the button underneath and the handle drops toward the rear wheels, it’s very compact and fits nicely inside my small car boot.

We’ve been using the Evo for a good couple of months now and it’s by far my favourite of our Graco collection (my husband still prefers the Symbio).  It’s been on and off road with us and has taken the different terrian well and ensuring Joseph a very comfy and stylish ride.

For more information on the Graco Evo please see the Graco website.

Graco Nautilus

As Graco Ambassadors our latest choice of product from them was the Graco Nautilus, which is a 3 in 1 covering groups 1,2 and 3 a huge weight range of 9-36kg.

I’ve never had a group 1,2 and 3 car seat so was very curious to see if it really did cover all of the requirements of each different age and weight range.

The Nautilus does not come ready assembled but in three parts, it was simple enough to put together though and took a couple of minutes.  It was easy to fit as well.  We are using the Nautilus with Joseph who is 14 months old and weighs just under 9.5kg, so we are using it with the harness in place.  To fit simply thread the seat belt through the seat fasten it, pull tightly on the seat belt (I normally put my knee into the seat whilst doing this) and then fasten with the red clip at the top of the seat.

Give the seat a good wiggle to make sure there is no movement and then you are ready to go!

The Nautilus features some lovely cubby hole storage compartments and a cup holder which Joseph just loves filling up with bits and bobs.   The covers are machine washable which is a god send when clever Daddy gives him chocolate buttons in the car!  It also has a five point safety harness with comfortable cushioned straps, these are height adjustable and have three positions.

One feature that I was amazed to see was that the Nautilus does recline, not a huge amount but enough to stop Joseph’s head from rolling when he does fall asleep.  The deep side impact protection does help as well though.

The Nautilius can also be used without the saftey harness just as you would a high backed booster seat, with the seat belt, when your child reaches 18kg and the head rest of the seat is adjustable too.  You can also use the Nautilus as a backless booster from 22 – 36kg.

I’ve been really impressed with the Graco Nautilus and am amazed at how well a car seat can reallt grow with your child.

The Graco Nautilus  is available from Amazon currently priced at £109.94.

Graco Junior Mini Review Part Two – Forward Facing

Now that Joseph is getting an awful lot nosier (and easily bored) in the car the decision has been made to turn his car seat forward facing.  If you missed the first part of our review, using the seat rear facing, you can catch up with it here.

The Graco Junior Mini can be used rear facing from birth to 13kg, research has shown that this is the safest way for you child to travel, and forward facing from  9kg – 18kg.

To fit the seat forward facing the top bar needs to be removed and this simply clicks out of place.  Underneath the seat there is a clip where this can be stored until it is needed again.  Turn the seat around and push it back against the seat and then pull the seat belt through the belt hole, the seat belt route is clearly marked in blue.  Then open the seat cover and pull the seat belt through and back through the other seat belt hole and then fasten the seat belt.  Push down of the seat whilst pulling the seat belt as tight as you can, I place my knee in the seat so that I can place all my weight behind the tug!  Whilst still pulling tight, put the seat belt through the latch and lock it.  Check that the seat is fitted correctly by giving it a good wiggle.  If there is any movement release the seat and start again.

In the front facing position the Junior Mini has 4 reclining positions and it’s easy to recline should your child fall asleep unexpectedly whilst in the seat.  Simply squeeze the handle and push up to get the seat into the desired position.

As I have mentioned before the seat is well well padded and Joseph must find it comfortable as he can’t stay awake for any longer than 5 minutes in it.  Another great thing is that the seat covers are completely removable and machine washable which came in very handy when the whole family was suffering from a tummy bug last week!

I can not recommend this seat highly enough and I really wish that we had had one when Imogen was born, it certainly would have been a darn sight more economical than buying a travel system with a buggy that we rarely used and then a group 1 car seat.

The Graco Junior Mini is currently available from Boots priced at £83.99 or Amazon for £78.99.

Graco Junior Mini Car Seat Review – Part one -Rear Facing

When Joseph became too heavy to for me to carry him in his infant carrier I knew that it was time for a new car seat for him.  As he was still very young and under 9kg I wanted to follow the safety advice and still have him rear facing.  So when I was offered a product from Graco as part of their Ambassador programme to test out, my choice was the Graco Junior Mini.

The Junior Mini is suitable from birth to 18kg (approximately 4 years)  and can be used rearward facing from birth to 13kg and then forward facing from 9kg-18kg.

This is the first part of our review, using the Junior Mini rear facing.

The Junior Mini arrived pretty much in one piece ready to fit, the only thing that you need to assemble (when using it rear facing) is the top bar which simply clips into place.  The inner cushion must also be in place when using the seat in rear facing mode.  Fitting car seats is my biggest bug bear and it normally gets me all huffy but I was very surprised with how easy it was to install.  The seat weighs 9.5kg which isn’t the lightest but the weight is all there for good reason and that’s safety.

To fit all you need to do buckle the seat belt and follow the seat belt routing which is clearly marked on the seat on blue, there are two seat belt hooks at the front bottom of the seat and two at the top of the back of the seat.  Then just push down on the seat and pull the seat belt as tight as it will go.  Check that the seat is installed properly by giving it a good wiggle, if there is movement then remove it and start again.



With the Junior Mini rear facing there is only one reclining position but that’s plenty and Joseph must find it comfortable as he can’t be in the car for more than 5 minutes before he nods off and there are no rolling heads.



The Graco Junior Mini has some great safety features including side impact protection, an anti-rebound bar and the shoulder straps of the harness are anti slip to absorb part of the energy during a crash.


As Joseph is still under 13kgs we are leaving him in the safest position, rear facing, for a little while and part two of our review will follow shortly once we have used the Junior Mini in forward facing mode.

The Graco Junior Mini is currently available from Boots priced at £83.99 or Amazon
for £78.99.

Graco Symbio Review

As some of you may know, I was lucky enough to be chosen as an ambassador for Graco after the competition they ran with their new Fusio Pramette/Stroller back in Summer.  One of the great parts of being a Graco Ambassador is that I regularly receive products from them to test out and review.  My first choice had to be the Symbio, which I had read so much about from my fellow ambassadors.

The Symbio is a 3 in 1 travel system and can be used from birth with the Symbio Go and the Logico S HP Car Seat, or from six months without.  Inside the box you will find your Symbio frame and seat unit, rain cover and car seat adapter.  Once your Symbio is out of the box and you have removed the protective packaging around the handle etc.. then you are ready to rock, as it is all pre assembled. 

It has some great features and here’s just a quick list of some of my favourites (believe me it could go on forever!)

  • Reversible seat unit for both front and rear facing
  • Extra comfy seat pad
  • Extendable UV- protective canopy
  • Light weight and easy to carry at only 7.5kg
  • Compact frame (0.16m3) for ease or storage
  • Spring suspension and pneumatic tyres
  • 3 Position recline
  • Instant reversible handle to change your child’s view

We took the Symbio for it’s debut outing around the local country park to feed the ducks, and I was very impressed with how easy it was to fold and unfold, even one handed.  My car (an 03 Megane) doesn’t have the biggest of boots but the Symbio fits very nicely inside and still leaves plenty of room for other treasures.  With a total weight of (including the seat) it’s ultra lightweight, so is easy to maneuver in and out too. 

The Symbio handled the “off road” terrain of the grassy park and stoney paths very well and is very light and easy to steer – a real dream to push.  Joseph enjoyed being in an upright position and taking a good look around at the view, whilst sat in his comfy seat.   His favourite thing is the bumper bar (which is removable) and loves to grab hold of it and use it to peer around. 

Joseph has always been a bit of a Mummy’s boy and doesn’t like to let me out of his sight.  He takes his morning nap on me and will not settle for anyone or anywhere else and crawls around the house following me around the house like a lost puppy, I even cook with him wrapped around my leg.  His most hated thing is when he can hear my voice but not see me, so the Symbio’s reversible handle is perfect for him, so that I can wean him off me gradually and flip him to parent/world facing a second.  The easily movable handle has also come in very handy when getting Joseph in and out of his Symbio as well as in the school playgroud where space is limited.  I don’t use public transport but I can imagine that if I did, that it would be good for space saving on a bus or train.

I have always loved buggies with one handle, especially since Imogen started wanting to walk everywhere as they are much easier to steer with one hand, and although you don’t have anywhere to hang your shopping you do have a shopping basket underneath.  This isn’t the biggest of baskets but the clever people at Graco have thought of everything and have created the Symbio Baby Bag which can be hung on the back of your Symbio or used as a backpack and is great for extra “hands free” storage.

The three reclining positions are great for Joseph, who at nine months old, likes to have a good look around but also like to nap in his buggy if we are out and about.  

We’ve been using the Symbio for just over a month now and I love everything about it, thank you Graco!

Watch this space as we will have a review of the Graco Junior Mini coming your way very soon.


Graco Fusio Review

With a RRP of just £299 (I’ve found it here at £230), I personally think The Fusio is great value for money. The price includes the Pushchair, Footmuf, Apron, Rain Cover and a very cosy Newborn Liner. It’s really easy to assemble as it’s just a case of snapping on the wheels and it comes with a really clear set of instructions.

It can also be used as a travel system by adding the Logcio  S HP Car Seat and adapter and you can also purchase a hard Carry Cot if you wish. The seat is reversible and it’s really simple to do so, you just unclip turn around, clip in one side then stretch the seat and clip in the other side. The Seat has four reclining positions from lying down flat (for newborns) to sat up straight (for toddlers up to 3) as well as a five point harness.

The hood is nice and big to shade little eyes from the sun and has a lovely see through bit to allow you to peek in if baby is facing out or for baby to take a look at the clouds. It’s also made from UV tested fabrics which offers great peace of mind.

It folds and unfolds very easily with colour codes to let you know if the pushchair is not fully open. The step on/off foot break is also colour coded as well as the locking wheels, which is on the side of pushchair – no need to bend down. Because it umbrella folds, when folded it’s nice and compact and doesn’t take up much room in the boot. I have a Megane,

which doesn’t have the biggest boot, and there is still plenty of room for a weeks shopping and my changing bag. When folded it’s also free standing which created a lot of interest in the doctors surgery whilst visiting the health visitor.

As it only has small wheels I was concerned about taking it off road, but it’s handled really well. We’ve been across bumpy streets, grassy parks and even a stony beach and my little boy still hasn’t been woken. It’s also great at doing a 360 degree turn, great for chasing after a tearaway toddler.

It has a huge shopping basket, big enough to take my rather large OiOi changing bag. The handles will also take a couple of shopping bags each if required. The handles swivel so can be adjusted for pushers of different heights and although they are very very low in the lowest position my Husband found the highest very comfortable and he’s six foot.

All in all I think it’s great and fantastic value for money as it’ll be the only pushchair I’ll need.

Have a look at Graco’s great range here

I’m a Graco Ambassador!

It was announced by Graco today that I am their newest ambassador!!!

Back at the end of February I was chosen as one of five lucky testers of their new pramette/stroller the Fusio.  Prize enough in itself!!  Our task, as testers, was to spread the word about the new Fusio in imaginative and creative ways, aswell as writing up reviews on it.  We had such a blast thinking of crazy Youtube videos to shoot and writing little ditty’s and songs.  It became such a huge part of my life and I truly have missed it.  I still find myself trying to think words to our version of Old McDonald  “Baby Joe Joe had a pram, Graco Fusio!”, our never made it time video.

I came first and my prize is £500 and the coveted title of Graco Ambassador.  As part of the ambassador programme I will receive regular products from them to test and review.

The prize money will go towards getting Joseph’s room ready for him to move in and Imogen will benefit, probably in the form of Barbie dolls.  If there is any left over, it will go into a saving account for Joe as he missed out on the trust fund scheme.  They were the stars of the show after all.

Thank you Graco x

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