Zelfs Twirl n Swing Toadstool and Mascerade Zelf review

Zelfs were THE collectable of 2013 and 2014 is seeing a new fantastic range of Zelftastic characters and playsets to the world of Zardenia, lucky Imogen was sent one of the new Masquerade themed Zelfs and the Toadstool Twirl and Swing Playset for review.


The new series has 12 medium (8cm) Zelfs, 6 of which are Masquerade themed, each have their own personality, power mark, hair accessory and come to look after their unruly hair!  Imogen received Buttershy who has a lovely set of glittery wings, a purple tiara and a hot pink comb.  Buttershy has the trademark shock of Zelf hair which is pink and yellow.  Imogen loves moulding Buttershy’s hair into crazy creations!

Buttershy Zelf

Other new releases include the ultra rare Ruby Zelf and White Tiger Zelf and later this year will see the introduction of Zelicious Medium Zelfs, they are all scented with familiar sweet smells such as chocolate, mint, and strawberry.

This year also sees the introduction of Zelf playsets including the Twirl n Swing Toadstool.  The Twirl n Swing Toadstool comes with an exclusive Ribbita medium Zelf and charm.  The has three leaf shaped seats which will seat medium sized Zelfs and a simple turn on the top of the swing will take your Zelfs on a hair-riffic spin!  It’s a pretty basic playset but is well made, very colourful and Imogen has had plenty of fun with it.  It’s priced at £14.99, very reasonable when you consider that a medium Zelf is £5.99.

Zelf Twirl n Swing ToadstoolZelf Twirl n Swing Toadstool

Again, there’ll be new releases later in the year including the Bee Sweet Treehouse which will include the exclusive Honeybee Zelf.  The entire range of Zelfs is available from Character Online.

If you fancy getting hold of the super duper rare and very beautiful Ruby Zelf then take a look here at how you can get one for yourZelf!

Ruby Zelf

Vinyl Flooring: Durability You Can Afford

Vinyl Flooring: Durability You Can Afford

Anyone passionate about crafting or cooking probably spends a lot of time in the kitchen. If this is the case, it’s important that your kitchen floor is durable and resistant to spills and heavy foot traffic. Vinyl flooring is an extremely popular flooring style for use in the kitchen, as it is water and stain-resistant making it perfect for craft and cooking mishaps, which are inevitable!  Even better, vinyl flooring is extremely affordable and offers a lot of style options! Today’s manufacturers are creating vinyl flooring that is both visually beautiful as well as extremely durable.

There are two types of vinyl flooring, which are sheet flooring and vinyl tile. Sheet vinyl flooring is laid down in sheets, and tile vinyl flooring is laid down much like traditional tile flooring. Tile vinyl flooring is perfect if you want to get creative with unique patterns, but many people prefer sheet vinyl flooring as it is sometimes easier to install.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is great because it’s not only durable and able to withstand a beating, but it provides a lot of comfort underfoot, as well as noise reduction. Because it’s less expensive than many other flooring options, you can honestly replace the flooring throughout your whole house! Vinyl flooring is a very popular option for homes with children and pets, because of its easy maintenance and extreme durability.

If you’re in the process of remodeling your kitchen or even your craft room, consider installing vinyl flooring today!


Our #ZackandQuack Party

On Friday with held our very own #ZackandQuack at home as well as on Twitter with @UKMumsTV and @NickJrUK.  Imogen, Joseph and their best friends gathered after school for some great craft activities and the UK premiere of the new Nick Jr show Zack and Quack.  This is What we got up to.

Our first task was to create something in a group craft activity.  The children all very quickly decided that they’d like to make the pop-up race car that Imogen had seen on a sneaky clip of the show.

Zack and Quack
Our pop-up race car takes shape and Imogen and Sebastian get busy decorating wheels.

Zack and Quack
Wheels done, it’s time to decorate!

Zack and Quack
Ta da!  Creation complete it was time to tune into Nick Jr for the premiere of Zack and Quack.  The children were amazed when they saw the first episode “Pop Up Speedway” where they saw the racing car they’d just made hit the screen.

Zack and Quack
We all really enjoyed Zack and Quack, especially when Zack and his friends pull the tabs on their amazing pop up world.  Imogen can’t wait until the next episode this Friday.

After the show the children decided to decorate their own treasure/trinket boxes and made magic keys from pipe cleaners to keep their secret treasures safe.

Zack and Quack
Fun was had by all, thank you to UKMumsTV and Nick Jr for having us and don’t forget to tune into Nick Jr (Sky 165, Virgin 715, through BT Vision and TalkTalk channel 318) at 4.30pm this Friday for the next exciting Zack and Quack episode.

Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper & Beauty Salon Review

Imogen is a massive fan of all things Disney Princess and recently discover the Disney Princess Palace Pets App on the family iPad.  She loves grooming and pampering each of the virtual Disney Princesses pets but what she didn’t know was that there was a bundle of recently released toys from the Palace Pets range winging their way to her.

The range from Character includes a Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper and Beauty Salon Set, Talking and Singing Pets, Primp and Pamper Ponies and Furry Tail Friends.  Lucky Imogen received a sample of each :)

Disney Princess Palace Pets

The salon comes with one exclusive pet, Rapunzel’s kitty Summer; a Furry Tail Friend, and has three sections, a spa bath with detachable shower head, brush and style section with mirror and a spinning salon chair.   It also comes with a whole heap of accessories to give your pet the perfect pamper.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

The set is very pretty and girly with little holders to keep hair clips and accessories in place.Imogen will happily while away the rainy days with each of her Palace Pets taking turns in the tub and having their tails blow dried and styled.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Her favourite thing to do is paint Summer’s nails using a little bit of cold water and the sponge, turning them a lovely shade of pink!

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Imogen received another Furry Tail friend in her package, Berry Snow White’s bunny friend.  Berry has a highly fluffy, sparkly tail and comes with a removable tiara and collar and hairbrush with Snow White’s trademark apple symbol.  There’s also a little booklet which tells the story of how Snow White and Berry met, it’s very sweet.  Additional Disney Princess Palace Pets Furry Tail Friends currently include Beauty (Aurora’s Kitty), Pumpkin (Cinderella’s Puppy), Teacup (Belle’s Puppy), and Treasure (Ariel’s Kitty).

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Bibbidy is Cinderella’s pet pony and part of the Disney Princess Palace Pets Primp & Pamper Ponies.  She has a very long glittery tail and special, sparkly gem on her hoof and comes with a tiara, hairbrush, 3 hair clips and a very cute little pumpkin carriage jewellery box, perfect for storing the clips.  Other Disney Princess Primp and Pamper ponies include Belle’s pony Petit and Princess Aurora’s pony Bloom.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

The Talking and Singing Palace Pets are a lot bigger than the other Palace Pets and therefore do not fit into the salon playset, they do make up for it though by singing and talking when the button on their collars in pressed.  Imogen received Pumpkin, Cinderella’s puppy and like the rest of the pets has her very own brush and tiara.  She has a solid body with a moveable head and a bushy tail, like the Furry Tail Friends.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Imogen has loved playing with the entire range of Palace Pets, she loves how their appropriate names are and how each pet and their accessories co-ordinate with their Princess owners.  She has the entire collection of Disney Princess dolls and regularly includes these in her play, which is lovely to watch.  She now aims to collect all of the Palace Pets just as she has done with the princesses, it’s a good job she has a birthday coming up!

The full Disney Palace Pets range is available from Character’s website with prices starting from £5.99.

LOVE Poundland this Valentine’s Day

In case it had slipped your attention, Valentine’s Day is this Friday.  A day for spoiling your loved ones and showing just how much you care.  Most of time this involves spending unnecessary  cash on meals out and expensive gifts and cards.  There are ways to stretch the budget a little further though, why not have a candlelit dinner for two at home or check out your local Poundland’s Valentine’s range.

Poundland Valentine's

Poundland have an extensive range Valentine’s gifts including these heart shaped photo coasters, made from glass with an insert so that you can include your own photo.

Poundland Valentine's

Together with the heart shaped champagne flutes, mini LED lights and the other decorations Poundland has to offer, I think they’d make a great Valentine’s table.  There are other themed gifts available which include photo frames, snowglobes, teddies and of course chocolate from names like Cadbury and Thorntons.

Poundland Valentine's

Poundland also has a great range of cards and gift bags and a great artificial rose bouquet for just a pound.  Why not put together your own Valentine’s hamper using one of the quality plastic gift bags filled with a bundle of goodies?  It’s bound to make your someone special’s Valentine’s day and is guaranteed not to blow the budget.

Keeping Fit with Netflix

Last month I became one of Netflix’s Stream Team, a team of bloggers trying out Netflix and showcasing the best bits in monthly blog posts.  This month is all about keeping fit.  Although January is truly done and dusted, Netflix are doing their upmost to help us keep our New Year’s resolutions and have teamed up with fitness expert Niki Wibrow to create easy to follow exercises that can be done whilst catching up on your favourite TV show.

We all lead busy lives, especially us Mums, and gym time is a luxury that most of us just can’t afford.  Another thing I never get time for is watching TV, so the idea of multi tasking and exercising in front of the telly sounded perfect.

Niki Wibrow has developed three bespoke exercises concentrating on five
different areas. Each can be performed in different combinations, at different
speeds and at different numbers of repetitions to suit your fitness plan.

1. Warm-ups – Cardio, Boxing Combos & Yoga Swings

2. Legs – Skaters, Spider Squats & Plies

3. Arms – Dolphin, Walking Planks & Tricep Dips

4. Core – Toe Taps, Twisting Planks & Seated Abs

5. Back – Lying Superman, Standing Stars & Kneeling Superman

Now you have your exercises sorted what are you going to watch?  These suggestions from Netflix are perfect for building your exercise routine AND eliminating boredom whilst your doing it!

Beginner – Approx 20 – 25 minutes

20-25 mins20-15 mins120-25mins2

 Intermediate – Approx 30 – 40 minutes

30-40 mins30-40mins130-40mins2

Advanced – Approx – 50 – 60 minutes

50-60 mins50-60 mins1Picture shows: DCI John Luther (IDRIS ELBA)

Your Invitation to Our #ZackandQuack Twitter Party

This Friday (7th February) between 3.45pm and 5.45pm you’re all invited to spend the afternoon with us and UKMums.tv whilst we host a Twitter party to celebrate the UK premiere of Zack & Quack on Nick JR.

Zack & Quack

Zack is an adventurous and dynamic 7 year old boy and along with his best friend and side kick Quack (an impulsive young duck) they live inside the most amazing pop-up book ever.  It’s a place full of fantastical surprises – where pulling pop-ups makes exciting and unexpected things happen. From the second they step into their garden the adventure begins. Exciting new worlds and fantastic voyages quite literally unfold before your eyes.

Zack & Quack

In the premiere episode “Pop-Up Speedway,” Zack and his friends build a pop-up race car and Zack wants to prove it’s a winner on the greatest raceway ever. Zack and Quack will have to use all of their pop-up “engine-uity” to show that their homemade hot-rod is just as good as the other cars. If you simply can’t wait until Friday there are sneaky Zack & Quack clips and games over on the Nick Jr website.

The party coincides with the screening of the first ever episode of the new series which will be shown on Nick Jr at 4.30pm and as ever there’ll be chances to win some great prizes too.  Get following @UKMumsTV and the hashtag #ZackandQuack for all the party fun and games.  We hope to see you there!

Peppa Pig Weebles Wind and Wobble Playhouse Review

Peppa Pig is still hugely popular in our house with both Imogen and Joseph so they were over the moon when Character sent them Peppa’s Wind and Wobble Playhouse from their brand new range of fabulous Peppa Pig Weebles toys!

If, like me, you’re a child of the 70′s then you’ll remember Weebles fondly but even if you’re not then I’m sure you know full well that “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down” and that’s exactly what they do!

Peppa Pig Weeble

The Wind and Wobble Playhouse comes with one Peppa Pig figure and she’s a lovely chunky size, perfect for little hands, and has a curved, weighted base just what’s needed for wobbling.  The house is also a great size, comes complete, so there’s no need for assembly, and doesn’t have any small parts that can come off, get lost or broken.

Peppa Pig Wind and Wobble Weeble Playhouse

Dotted around the house are places where Peppa can sit and wobble including a muddy puddle, a roof top perch and there’s a swingable swing underneath.  The kiddywinks favourite feature, however, is the blue ramp on the side of the house.  This acts as a chair lift taking the figures up to the top of the house when the handle is turned at the side.  Once the figures are at the top they’ll wobble though the house, down the slide and SPLASH into a giant muddy puddle at the bottom!

Peppa Pig Wind and Wooble Weeble PlayhousePeppa Pig Wind and Wobble Weeble Playhouse

The muddy puddle will take two figures and also doubles as a fun roundabout, just turn the daisy at the front of the house and watch your figures spin and wobble about in the mud.

Peppa Pig Wind and Wobble Weeble Playhouse
Joseph adores the playhouse and thinks it’s hysterical to try and push Peppa over or stand her on her head.  The Weebles range is suitable from age 18 months + but Joseph (3) and Imogen (very almost 6) have had plenty of enjoyment and fun with the house.  There is also a Push Along Car and Pull Along Train as well as figures (which are available separately) available in the Weebles series and Joseph is very eager to complete his collection.

The Wind and Wobble Playhouse is available from www.character-online.com priced at £29.99.

Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic Playset Review

If you’ve ever read the blog before you’ll know how much Imogen loves Doc McStuffins, so you’ll be able to imagine just how excited she was to receive the Mini Clinic Playset from Flair to review.

Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic Playset

The playset takes the form of Doc’s recognisable, glittery bag which opens up to reveal a check up bed and clinic background.  There are two figures included, Doc and her patient Lambie, as well as a mini thermometer and syringe, two casts for Lambie and there’s even a mini version of Doc’s book of Boo Boos.

Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic Playset

The check up bed will lift off to reveal a secret compartment where Doc can hide her book of Boo Boos and Lambie can comfortably lie down while Doc checks her over and puts her into cast.  Imogen loves the fact that the book of Boo Boos actually opens and that she can push the plunger on the syringe, from my experience you don’t normally see “working features” on mini playsets.

Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic Playset

There are a couple of niggles with the playset, the back of case doesn’t stay open at the right angle, so if you want to use the background it has to be propped up against something and you can only fit one of the figures and accessories inside to be able to the case properly.  That aside, the playset is lovely and Imogen has thoroughly enjoyed playing with it.  At under £10 it’s a great value little toy and a must have for any Doc McStuffins fan.

Welcome to Imogen’s Cafe

Ever since the redecoration of Imogen’s room and the arrival of her fab new bed I’ve been desperate to sort out her bedroom and give her a bit more room to play.  This weekend I used the wet and windy weather to my advantage and armed myself with charity bags and storage boxes a plenty and waged war!

The result is this…..

Imogen's Room

..a tidy organised room with plenty of room to play and her very own café!

Imogen's Cafe

Her brand new cooker has been put to good use making some wonderful cakes for her customers, who can sit and read a book whilst enjoying a freshly brewed coffee.

Imogen's Cafe

Imogen loves role play games and has a lot of toys and fancy dress that she uses in these games.  She’s also a fan of wooden toys, mainly because they are more traditional in theme and lend themselves to role play a lot better.  She received a beautiful wooden dolls house for Christmas and this has been played with daily, unlike the electronic consoles and Furbys that found their way onto her list for Santa.  She’s spent hours moving around the furniture, making sure that the family (The Wilsons) have made the best use of space and of course leading them around their busy lives!

Wooden toys have numerous benefits, I prefer them because of they have less impact on the environment and are far more durable than their plastic counters.  I’m hoping than one day they huge selection of wooden toys that the kiddywinks have between them will be passed on to their children, my grandchildren, and become part of their family.

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