Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre Review

Fireman Sam is still Joseph’s favourite Fireman and he was delighted to come home after a long day at school to find Character’s latest Fireman Sam playset waiting for him.

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre

The Fireman Sam Fire Rescue centre has been especially designed to use with the latest Die Cast Fireman Sam collection of vehicles and comes with Wallaby One, Pontypandy’s mountain rescue helicopter, piloted by Aussie Tom.

The playset does need assembly, quite a lot of it and the instructions aren’t the clearest.  There are also a large amount of stickers to position so if you’re giving this as a gift I would certainly assemble it before wrapping it.

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre

However, once together it’s nice and sturdy and ready for action!

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre

There are plenty of fun features to the rescue centre like the large ramp, garage door which opens with the easy to operate button at the front and mini launch ramp hidden just underneath the helipad.  There are also lots of road signs and traffic lights which Joseph loves to move around during his play with it.

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre

Joseph has been playing with a mixture of his own die cast cars as well as Wallaby One but has the die cast versions of Jupiter and Venus on his Christmas list which are available separately at £5.99 each.  He’s had a huge amount of fun with the set which has come out to play again and again.

The Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre is available from Character and is priced at £29.99.

Our House is Finally Our Happy Home

Facebook kindly reminded me today that it’s been six years since we completed on our house and what a six years it’s been.  Over that time a lot has happened, Joseph was born, both he and Imogen have started school and I changed the job I’d had and loved for nine years!  The house itself hasn’t gone unchanged either.  We brought it repossessed and were fully aware that it needed some work but of course it ended up needing an awful lot more than we could have expected.  In fact in the six years we’ve replaced the roof and front windows, redesigned the back garden, refurbished the bathroom, re-plastered four rooms, decorated the hallway, front bedroom and box room all twice and the back bedroom a total of three times.

Lounge Before Lounge During   Lounge During Lounge After

Most of the work has been very successful and has come in under budget but we’ve has our share of DIY disasters including walls and ceiling falling down, a multitude of leaks and a paint covered TV and hall carpet – thanks Imogen.  If you’re undertaking a project at home there are only two bits of advise I have for your.  Firstly, double check that your home insurance covers DIY and construction accidents and know your own DIY limits.  Sometimes it works out cheaper and an awful lot easier to get the professionals in.  A mistake we made when sanding the floorboards in our lounge, to put plainly it’s three weeks of my life I’ll never get back!

Over the years we’ve moved from one project to another rarely with breathing space in-between so it’s lovely to finally be enjoying the fruits of our labour and enjoy the whole house without one room being covered in dust sheets.  The money we’re not spending on the house will go towards a Disney holiday, hopefully next Summer, and we’re finally enjoying the happy home we’ve created.

Win My First Crayola and HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® kit!

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Huggies Logo

HUGGIES® Pull-Ups®, specifically designed to make potty training easier, have teamed up with Crayola® to help make sure your child graduates to real undies with ease.

MyFirstCrayola_Logo - PNG

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10682 farmyard friends colour and sticker cover CS4

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Playmobil Coast Guard Centre and Rescue Boat Review

We are delighted to be asked to stay on the Playmobil Playologists programme for another year.  Both Imogen and Joseph loved Playmobil and little Joseph’s Christmas list is already 90% Playmobil.  Over the course of the next 12 months we’ll be reviewing some of their amazing toys and showing you sneak peeks of their ever so popular seasonal products including their advent calendars and Easter eggs.

Our first job this year is to tell you all about two news items to the City Action range that the Kiddywinks received in the Summer holidays, The Coast Guard Station with Lighthouse (5539) and Rescue Boat with Water Hose (5540).

Playmobil City Action

As you can tell, Imogen and Joseph were very pleased with Playmobil’s choice of toys for them and they got stuck straight in assembling the Rescue Boat.

Playmobil Rescue Boat with Water Hose

Playmobil Rescue Boat with Water Hose        Playmobil Rescue Boat with Water Hose

Imogen really enjoyed the assembly, following the instructions whilst directing Joseph to find the correct parts, occasionally allowing him to place lights and aerials onto the boat.  There are three figures that come with the boat as well as a host of accessories, first aid kit, life ring, walkie talkies and a working winch to pull other to safety.

Playmobil Rescue Boat with Water Hose

Joseph’s favourite thing about the Playmobil Rescue Boat has to be the water cannon.  There’s a small water tank and pump at the back of the boat which is connected by a hose that runs across the length of the boat to the front of the boat.  Press down on the pump to spray water – perfect for fire fighting!

Playmobil Rescue Boat with Water Hose    Playmobil Rescue Boat with Water Hose

Next up is the Coast Guard Station with Light House.  This needs a little more assembly than the Rescue Boat and Imogen and Joseph did need a small amount of adult help to put it together.

Playmobil Coast Guard Station

The Coast Guard Station comes with five figures, a rubber dinghy and loads and loads of accessories from a fire extinguisher to surfboard and flippers to emergency medical equipment.

Playmobil Coast Guard Station

There’s a two level command centre and observation tower and a fully functioning lighthouse beacon to warn others of it’s presence.

Playmobil Coast guard Station Playmobil Coast Guard Station

Around the back of the station is a working winch to pull the boat in and up into the station and there’s a ramp at the front to launch in from when it needs to respond to an emergency.

Playmobil Coast Guard Station

The Kiddywinks have had so much fun with both the Rescue Boat and Coast Guard station and they’ve played with them creatively using their imaginations to create some fabulous scenarios to act out with their new toys. As an added bonus both of the boats will float and double up as amazing bath toys.  They can also both be used with the Playmobil underwater motor which is only £6.50 and will add a great deal of fun to both of these playsets.

The Playmobil Coast Guard Centre and Rescue Boat are both available from and are priced at £49.99 and £34.99 respectively.

Crazy Legs Scooby Doo Review

The kiddywinks and I are massive fans of Scooby Doo so you can imagine their joy when Character them their latest Scooby toy offering, Crazy Legs Scooby Doo!

Crazy Legs Scooby Doo

Scooby comes with 4 AA which will see him demonstrate his moves in “Try Me” mode but you’ll need to install an extra couple of batteries to see him in his full glory.  He’s an impressive 30 ish cm tall and a like likeness to his TV counterpart, complete with goofy expression.

Crazy Legs Scooby Doo

To send Scooby’s legs “crazy” you can either press down on his head on one of the black patches on his side and you’ll send him into a spin!  All four of Scooby’s paws will rotate a full 360 degrees making him move independently back, forwards and around in circles.  As he goes his head will wobble, somewhat reminiscent of nodding dogs, and Joseph finds this highly amusing.  He will also talk repeating “Cripes, let’s get outta here!”, “Oh boy, oh boy!” and of course his trademark “Scooby dooby doo!”.

You can see him in action here.

Scooby has brought great joy into our house and can, more often than not, be found working his way around our house on his crazy legs with at least one of the kiddywinks trailing behind.

Crazy Legs Scooby Doo is available from Character priced at £29.99.

Review: Flair’s Cool Create Frozen Range

Imogen’s been getting her craft on during the Summer holidays with an awesome selection of goodies from Flair’s Cool Create range.  The selection, much to Imogen’s excitement, was all Frozen related and included Cool Cardz, a Fun Tiles Night Light and Fairy Lights.

Frozen Cool Create

Imogen decided that she’d tackle the Frozen Cool Cardz first and make some Secret Club membership cards for her and her brother.  The Cool Cardz design studio is handbag shaped with 15 cards ready to be personalised with the included stickers and stampers. There’s even a co-ordinating purple felt tip pen so you can add your own message.

Frozen Cool Cardz    Frozen Cool Cardz

Once finished you can laminate your card using the mess free laminating pouches and the laminating tool on the design studio.  There’s even a handy drawer to keep everything safe and tidy.Frozen Cool Cardz

Next up was the Frozen Fun Tiles Night Light. The fun set contains everything (apart from the batteries) needed to make your own night light featuring your favourite Frozen characters including the light box, push button night light and over 800 self adhesive mosaic tiles and gems.

Frozen Fun Tiles Night Light
The light box features pictures of Anna, Elsa Olaf and Kristoff all specially marked with letters which refer to the key on the box showing where each of the 800 tiles and gems need to be placed.  As these are both self adhesive there is no mess and there’s quite a few spares which allow for mistakes.  Imogen really enjoyed sticking them on and watching her light come to life completing it all by herself.

Frozen Fun Tiles night Light

She’s thrilled to bits with it and it now takes pride of place on her bedside table.   The soft light is just enough for her to drift off to sleep to and it makes a beautiful addition to her bedroom.

Frozen Fun Tiles Night Light

Last, but by no means least, is Imogen’s favourite from her goodies the Frozen Fairy Lights. This kit contains a string of 7 battery operated fairy lights as well as 12 different paper shades to fit them and stickers, gems and a felt tip pen to customise them.

Frozen Fairy Lights

There are three different types of shades all which can be decorate as you wish with stickers, gems or your own design.

Frozen Fairy Lights Frozen Fairy Lights Frozen Fairy Lights

Imogen had a great amount of fun designing her lights but the process can be a little messy as to create the lanterns you’ll need to push small pieces of paper out from them.  She was again thrilled to be adding them to her room.

Frozen Fairy Lights

There’s a huge Cool Create range available from Flair and from the glimpse we’ve seen it’s pretty cool!  You can join the Cool Create club at where you can win prizes, be kept up to date with the latest products and even join the tester panel!  They can also be found on Twitter @CoolCreateClub and on Facebook.

Twirlywoos Soft Toy Review

The Twirlywoos is the latest Cbeebies series to grabbed Joseph’s attention, launched back in February and created by Anne Wood of In the Night Garden and Teletubbies fame the Twirlywoos is an awesome, humorous show engaging pre-schoolers everywhere.  After a day at nursery Joseph and I have been known to cuddle up and watch all of the Twirlywoos episodes that the BBC iPlayer has to offer, so understandably he was overjoyed that Golden Bear asked him to take a look at their new toy range.


The impressive range contains Fun Sounds Chickedy and Chick, the smallest of the Twirlywoos family who when their trademark plump tummies are pressed will say phrases from the show. There is also Talking Toodloo and Talking GreatBigHoo who do they same.  They’re super soft and lovely and cuddly and just like their screen counterparts they’re brightly coloured and ridiculously cute!


Also in the soft toy range is Joseph’s favourite character Peekaboo who is reversible and turns inside out to hide inside his shell.  He has a fun squeaker inside and has also been used rather a lot as a hand puppet.




Joseph is thrilled to bits with his new friends who are obviously the perfect companions to watch the Twirlywoos with and are already ready for snuggles at bedtime.  Imogen is quite taken with them as well, not that she gets a look in!

There’s a lot more Twirlywoo fun to come from Golden Bear in the not to distant future as well with the Twirlywoo Big Red Boat now available on pre order as well as Twirlytop Toodloo and a bath time Big Red Boat. The range starts from as little as £4.99 and is available from Golden Bear.


Our Netflix Summer Holiday Saviours

The Summer holidays are in full swing and we seem to have had our fair share of wet, miserable days here in Devon.  So much so that I ran out of rainy day activities a while back and have called in help from Netflix for entertainment!  This August sees a whole host of new shows the first of which had Imogen severely hooked only half way through the first episode!

Project Mc2

Project Mc2 follows teenage spy and new kid in school McKeyla team up with three other super-smart (and super sassy) girls to become secret agents.  The team use S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and girl-power to save the day, proving that Smart is the New Cool™.

Project Mc2

Netflix very kindly sent Imogen her very own McKeyla doll, which she is over the moon with and she’s invited her bestest buddy Amber over to watch the show with her later this week.

Also coming soon to Netflix is the new Dreamworks series Dino Trucks which premiers this Friday 14th August and Joseph is just going to love it!

Dino Trux

Half dinosaur! Half truck! All amazing! Prepare for an adventure of prehistoric proportion as DreamWorks Animation’s action-packed DINOTRUX premieres only on Netflix.  The all-new series follows the larger-than-life adventures of Ty Rux, a massive Tyrannosaurus Trux, and his tiny friend Revvit, a razor-smart Reptool.  Together, the Dinotrux and Reptools unite to defend their new community against D-Structs, the biggest and baddest Dinotrux of them all, who threatens to destroy everything they’ve built.

Also starting on the 14th is Ever After High: Spring Unsprung, can’t wait?  You can watch the trailer here.


Crystal Zelfs Review

Just a couple of weeks ago I told you all about the new fifth series of Imogen’s favourite friends the Zelfs.  You may recall that this exciting series also includes a limited number of Crystal Zelfs, Zelfs with added bling!  Thanks to Character Imogen added to her expanding collection with Moona the Crystal Zelf.

Moona Crystal Zelf

There are six to collect Angelala, So-Anne, Moonicorn, Starkle, Sugar-Bunny and Moona.  They are slightly more expensive that their similarly sized counterparts but come with a cute magical crystal accessory.  Moona, who is a Snadman Zelf, comes with her own MoonBeam bench as well as her very own comb and hair accessories.

Moona The Crystal Zelf

The Crystal Zelfs help create wonderful dreams using their Crystal Powers so Imogen takes Moona to bed with her every night and can confirm that they do indeed aid a restful and dream filled night!

The Crystal Zelfs are available now from and are just a small part of a huge Zelf range that starts from as little as £1.99.


The Furchester Hotel Magazine Review

Today sees the launch of the first ever CBeebies Furchester Hotel magazine, based around the popular CBeebies series you’ll see all of your favourite Furchester characters inside including Elmo, Cookie Monster and new friends Phoebe, Funella and Furgus. The kiddywinks were very lucky to get an early sneak peek of the magazine so they could share their thoughts on it.

Furchester Hotel Magazine

As with most children’s magazine The Furchester Hotel magazine comes with a free gift, this issue has a portrait kit and contains everything needed to make your own portraits of the characters from the show.  There is furry fabric, googly eyes, an assortments of backgrounds and frames as well as accessories.  Joseph really enjoyed this mixing and matching to create his own fun, brightly coloured characters.

The Furchester Hotel Magazine

Inside the magazine there are stories, plenty of colouring pages, puzzles and lots and lots of stickers that need placing on pretty much every page.  Joseph most enjoyed the stickers, solving problems and answering questions with them particularly in Cookie Monster’s 6 page activity book which is found in the middle of the magazine.

The Furchester Hotel MagazineThere are lots of opportunities to practice a little bit of writing and pencil control as well with mazes, answers to circle and lines to trace.  Joseph needs a little help controlling his pencil so we found these very useful as rather than copying letters from a book he was following the trail across the magazine and helping his Furchester friends.

The Furchester Hotel Magazine

The Furchester Hotel magazine is a four weekly magazine priced at £2.75 and the first issue is available now.


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