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Christmas Gift Guide for Girls

There are a whole host of toys on the market aimed at girls and here’s just a small selection of our favourites for Christmas 2012.

Launched last year LEGO Friends is a hugely popular choice for girls aged 5+.  Based around the everyday lives and personalities of 5 girls (Emma, Olivia, Mia, Andrea and Stephanie), there are sets available to suit every girl and budget.

High on Imogen’s Christmas list is Olivia’s Tree House priced at £19.99.  It’s the perfect retreat for the friends to camp out catching ladybirds and butterflies and chill out with the cat.

To have a look at the full LEGO Friends range check out www.friends.lego.com

WOW Toys have always been favourites in our house and Pippa’s Princess Carriage is the ultimate toy for your little Princess.  It includes Pippa and her fairy godmother as well as Snowdrop the horse.  A gentle push of the pumpkin carriage produces clippety-clop sounds as Snowdrops rushes to get Pippa to the ball.

Pippa’s Princess Carriage is available from Amazon priced at £16.99 with free P&P.

The Bratz girls have gone crystal crazy, sporting sparkling new hairstyles and fabulous fashions in the new range, Bratz Crystalicious Deluxe (RRP £19.99). The new doll line encourages girls to get creative by designing trendy, beaded and crystal hair styles for their Bratz™ dolls, using the cool hair accessories provided. Girls will have hours of play time fun creating new styles and looks for their doll.

Each doll comes with a range of accessories including: glitter hair gel; hair clips; sparkly jewel stickers for hair or skin; glitter shimmer flowers to decorate fashions and hair; a star brush; and a crystal bead strand with a glitter tinsel hair extension for use on the doll or girl’s own hair.  The doll also comes with a hair dryer to use on the doll, which has realistic sounds and light-up function. Characters available in the range include Cloe, Jade and Yasmin.

What on earth is going on? The Novi Stars girls have landed and are on a galactic mission to invade Earth girls’ hearts, try new things, update our fashion trends, and make some new friends along the way!  The Novi Stars, from MGA Entertainment, are the girls from the stars who combine outrageous, out of this world adventure with cutting edge toy features never seen before in doll play. Each doll comes with a galactic pet, a glow-in-the dark doll stand and the package handle even becomes an antenna headband for girls to wear. Novi Stars dolls are suitable for girls aged six-plus, priced at around £19.99 and available from all good retailers from the 1st September.

If your children are forever playing with the boxes rather than their toys at Christmas then how about Makedo?  Makedo sets are project kits designed to encourage unstructured creativity and play. Kids transform the stuff around them — primarily found or reclaimed materials, such as cardboard boxes and plastic containers – into play objects and let their imaginations and creativity run free. 

Each pack contains three simple parts Safe-Saw, Re-clip and Lock-hinges and you will also find stickers and you you need to add is cardboard, a few bits from your recycling and imagination.  To view the full range visit www.mymakedo.com

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