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Teksta Toucan Review

We’re huge fans of the Teksta Robotic toy range with Imogen and Joseph building up a lovely collection between them.  So as you can imagine they were thrilled to be asked to check out the newest addition to the Teksta family, the Teksta Toucan.

Teksta Toucan

The Teksta Robotic Toucan takes 4 AA batteries and these aren’t included, so if you’re giving it as a gift please be prepared.  He has two modes of play which are controlled with a switch on the base.  With the first, low power or LP, the Teksta Toucan is ready to play straight away but you’ll need to download the free Teksta Toucan app on your smartdevice to unlock his full potential.  To connect your Toucan to the app turn the switch to BT as well as turning on the Bluetooth on your device.

Teksta Toucan

Through the app you can play games with the toucan, Imogen has spent a lot of time playing darts with him, ask him questions, get him to tell you a joke or answer a question.  He’ll also do impressions and dance along to music.  One of the features that Imogen loves is using him as a speaker, playing her music through him as he dances along.

Joseph loves having conversations with him whilst he’s in pirate mode and getting him to do impressions and make random “windy” noises!  He also uses him as a room guard to stop Imogen from waking him up too early.

Teksta Toucan

Both are in agreement though that by far the best thing that he can do is magic, just take a look at this video!


The kiddywinks have really enjoyed the Teksta Toucan and I can see why, his movement are very life like, he’s got a wicked sense of humour and he has some great interactive features. Personally I’d like to see a couple more games released on the app as there are only so many games of darts you can play but saying that there are so many things to do with him that my pair haven’t tired of him yet!

The Teksta Toucan is available from Character priced at £59.99 and is bound to be finding it’s way onto lots of Christmas lists this year.

Gemmies Design Studio Review

Imogen loves getting arts and crafts and putting her hand to anything creative so she was incredibly excited to receive the Gemmies Design Studio from her friends at Character. Gemmies is a new creative brand where a sparkly 3D world comes to life.

Gemmies Design Studio

Inside the box is the design studio which has plenty of storage, a hand tool, over 500 beads, connectors and bands as well as templates and instructions.

Gemmies Design Studio

On the top of the design studio there is a place to slot your design template in, there are 5 included each varying in difficulty.  There is also a light up stand in the centre, which will shine a rainbow of light through your finished crystal creations.  We decided to start with the easier of the 5 templates and collected all of the beads, bands and connectors needed to create an ice cream and placed them in the containers on the top of the studio.

Gemmies Design Studio

Gemmies Design Studio

The idea is to slide a band over the hand tool and then clip the beads on in sequence, following the instructions and adding more and more beads and bands.  Imogen found this really complicated and quite fiddly with some of the beads popping off and the instructions quite hard to follow.  On the instruction card is a web address for tutorials so we got that up on the iPad but despite them being pretty good they didn’t seem to help us much.

Gemmies Design Studio

After a good hour Imogen admitted defeat with her ice cream but has since gone back to it and created some rings and bracelets.  I think once she gets the hang of the basics she will go back to creating more designs both from the templates included and the online tutorials.  I love the concept as does Imogen but I think an age of 6+ is very ambitious considering that Imogen is 8 and struggled.

The Gemmies Design Studio and complimentary Gemmies Activity packs are available at £29.99 and £9.99 respectively from www.character-online.co.uk

Chill Factor Ice Cream Magic Tray Review

It’s Summer (apparently) and is there a better way to cool off than with your very own homemade ice cream?  Chill Factor who have previously brought us slushy, milkshake and jelly makers have now launched The Ice Cream Magic Tray so you can make your own delicous ice cream creations in minutes!

Chill Factor Ice Cream Magic Tray

Inside the box is an ice cream workstation with removable tray, a measuring jug and plastic utensils for scraping, scooping, cutting and smashing.  The first thing that needs to be done is preparing the tray, this is where your ice cream will magically be made and needs filling with salt water and freezing for at least 4-6 hours.  We did ours the day before and left it in the coldest part of the freezer.

Chill Factor Ice Cream Magic Tray

Once the tray is frozen solid you need measure out 75ml of double cream using the little jug, you can flavour this anyway you like bit we used Tesco milkshake syrup in a squeezy bottle and found it really effective and tasty.  Then pour your cream onto your tray and use the scrapper to move it around,  the bottom will freeze and when this is removed and replaced with liquid cream you’ll have ice cream in next to no time.  Joseph found this quite labour intensive and got tired easily but Imogen happily took over.

Chill Factor Ice Cream Magic Tray  Chill Factor Ice Cream Magic Tray

What you’re left with is a nice soft scoop ice cream, Joseph decided to add chocolate chips to his chocolate ice cream and Imogen added strawberries and chocolate chips to her strawberry ice cream, both served in a cone naturally!

Chill Factor Ice Cream Magic Tray Chill Factor Ice Cream Magic Tray

The kiddywinks are looking forward to an entire Summer of creating new and exciting flavour combinations, Imogen quite fancies custard cream ice cream at the top of Joseph’s list is mint choc chip!  I like the fact that they can create their own treats without the additives and sugar of shop brought ice cream and we’re going give it a try to crate frozen yogurt too.

The Chill Factor Ice Cream Magic Tray is priced at £19.99 and is available from Character.

Peppa Pig Home & Garden Playset and Laugh with Peppa Review

We’ve always been huge fans of Peppa Pig and even as the kiddywinks get older I can’t see it changing anytime soon.  Between them, Imogen and Joseph have a lovely collection of Peppa Pig toys and can often be found snuggled on the sofa watching a Peppa marathon on Nick Jr after a long day at school.

Character have just added some awesome new Peppa Pig toys to their range and we were sent the Peppa’s Home and Garden Playset and Laugh with Peppa to try out.

Peppa Pig

Having given Laugh with Peppa a poke in the belly whilst in her box and realizing that she might be quite a lot of fun Joseph was ultra keen to get her out and test her out properly.  This plush Peppa is traditionally dressed in her red dress with black shoes and stands roughly around 30cm tall.  Tickle her tummy and she’ll say phrases such as “I’m Peppa Pig”, “I can’t stop giggling” and “Let’s be silly”.  She’s also fall backwards with her legs in the air and gives them as well as her hands a good wiggle just as she does on the TV.  This has caused the kiddywinks great amusement and they’ve really enjoyed playing with her.  Laugh with Peppa will be available from Argos soon priced at £19.99.

Laugh with Peppa Laugh with Peppa

Next up was Peppa’s Home and Garden Playset.  This is a great fold out playset of Peppa’s house featuring five rooms, the kitchen, lounge, bedroom, bathroom and attic.  There are removable pieces of furniture including a bed, TV and fridge and it comes with both a Peppa and a George figure.  The set needs very little assembly it’s simply a case of opening small bags of accessories and slotting in the attic floor and the wall that divides the bathroom and bedroom.

Peppa's Home & Garden Playset Peppa's Home & Garden Playset


The front of the house folds out and creates the garden and this is accessorised with a see-saw and a lovely big tree.  Joseph loved how these could be moved around and either used by themselves or with other playsets.  Of course the garden also features Peppa’s most favourite of things, muddy puddles!

Peppa's Home & Garden Playset Peppa's Home & Garden Playset

At the end of play the set packs away neatly and and can be carried with the carry handle.  You’ll need to slip out the bathroom/bedroom wall to fit the see-saw in and the tree with need to be positioned carefully but there’s plenty of room even for extra figures.

Peppa's Home & Garden Playset Peppa's Home & Garden Playset

Peppa’s Home & Garden Playset is priced at £19.99 and is available from Argos along with Laugh with Peppa.

Take a look at the latest Peppa Pig advert featuring the Home & Garden Playset.


Mary Go-Round Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf Review

Regular readers of this blog will know that Imogen is a huge fans of the Zelfs so of course she’s extremely excited about the impending release of the sixth series of these ultra cute collectibles.  As with all of the previous series there is an ultra rare limited edition Zelf be to the crowning glory of your collection.  This season the honor falls on Mary Go-Round the Pony Carousel Zelf and lucky girl Imogen was sent one from her friends at Character.

Mary Go-Round

There have only been 10,000 of these limited edition Zelfs made and only 400 available within the UK.  I’ll tell you just how you can get you hands on one soon but let’s take a look at her first.

Mary Go-Round

Mary Go-Round comes packaged just like any regular Zelf and with the usual hair bands, comb and collectors leaflet but also has a sparkly horse-shoe charm and a token with your Zelf’s limited edition number printed on.

Mary Go-Round

Mary Go -Round has the signature shock of hair in pink and white with a pink body with contrasting turquoise legs and horn.  She also has a sparkly saddle and flowers on her chest, face and around her wrist.  She’s just as poseable as the other Zelfs as well so she’s ready for play.  Imogen is obviously extremely pleased to own such a limited edition Zelf declaring her her favourite out of her collection.

Mary Go-Round3

To get hold of your very own Limited Edition Mary Go-Round Zelf all you need to do is collect at least £30 of receipts from your 2016 Zelf purchases and send them off with a completed claim form.  The form and full terms and conditions can be found here.  Series 6 Zelfs can also be previewed on the Character website and will be available to purchase at the end of July, they’re all very cute and Imogen has declared Peak-a-Boo, the Ghost Zelf and Flitterbelle the Mermaid Butterfly Zelf must haves!

Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station Review

Pom poms are so very, very now.  From the catwalks to cars (yes, cars!) and everything in between Pom poms are set to take off where the loom band craze left off.  Pom Pom Wow is a great new crafting range from Character which promises to make pom poming easy.  Never being one to miss out on the latest trend Imogen was thrilled to be sent the Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station to test out.

Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station

The Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station includes 75 pom poms in four different colours (white, pink, green and blue), 85 adhesive dots, 2 marker pens, a glitter glue pen, 4 stamper pads, 4 watercolour paints and various accessories.  The set does need a little assembly but it’s pretty straight forward and Imogen and I completed it in a couple of minutes.

Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station

The pom poms are enclosed inside a small plastic tube known as pellets, this helps them to stay together whilst being decorated and applied.  Once in place the tube is easily slipped off and you pom pom just needs a little plumping to enable it to take it’s pop pom shape.  The pom pom pellets can be used just as they are but the fun really begins when you jazz them up a little.

There are lots of different ways to do this but to start you’ll need to pop them into one of the pink trays.  This can then be inserted into the stamper unit which will slide across to either the watercolours or ink pads to give them a different look.

Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station  Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station

You can also use the watercolours with the pipette and stand to dip dye your pom poms.

Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station

Once decorated you’ll need to add an adhesive dot to the underneath of you pom pom which is easy thanks to the dispenser.

Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station

Then just stick your pom pom onto whatever you like, slide off the plastic tube and give your pom pom a little ruffle!

Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station

We decided to decorate a photo frame but you really can pom pom pretty much anything.  Over on the Pom Pom Wow Facebook page they’ve been very busy adding pom poms to a Fiat and Imogen became a trendsetter at her ballet class this week when she added pom poms to her ballet shoes!  The results are pretty cool, just look at this which is set to become a new addition to my desk.

Pom Pom WowThe Pom Pom Wow Decoration Station is priced at £29.99 and is available from The Entertainer and Character Online.  The poms poms included in this set were enough for us to decorate a photo frame and a mobile phone cases as well as adding toppers to a pencil case full of pencils and still left us with a few spare so I think it’s great value for money.  Both Imogen and Joseph throughly enjoyed playing with it together so we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more from the range.

Pom Pom Wow is set to take over UKMums.tv later this week and they’ll be a Pom Pom Wow Twitter frenzy on Tuesday 31st May between 5pm and 6.30pm so make sure you’re logged on a following @PomPomWowUK and the hashtag #PomPomWOW as they’ll be a host of prizes to give away.

Little Live Pets – Birds Series 4 Review

Both Imogen and Joseph adore the Little Live Pets range from Character and we’ve built up quite a collection of Butterflies, Mice and Birds over time.  Their favourites though have to be the birds!  Character have recently added to the range of birds with series 4 and the kiddywinks were sent one to try out.

Polly Locket

The series 4 birds are called Dazzle Wings because they have just that!  We received Polly Locket but there are 6 others to collect Molly Moonbeam, Strawberry Belle, Cupcake Katie, Lucky Lee and Goldie.  Polly Locket is purple with pink wings with a silver locket design which Imogen thinks she’s beautiful.

Little Live Pets Dazzle Wings

Just like the other Little Live Pets birds they will respond to your touch and sing, tweet and chirp to you with over 30 different birdcalls and songs as well as an occasional “Hey good looking!”.  You can also record 10 seconds of your own voice by pressing the button on your bird’s chest which will be repeated back to you followed by a chirp.

Little Live Pets Polly Locket

Imogen is understandably quite taken with Polly and will spend hours playing with her making her repeat things for her brother or asking her maths questions for her to answer, funnily enough she gets them ALL right!

At just £9.99 I think they’re great value for money and perfect for saving pocket money for or for birthday party presents.  As well as the Dazzle Wings birds Character have also extended the Little Live Pets range with the Sweet Talkin’ Friends which include puppies, kittens, rabbits and ducks!  The entire Little Live Pets range can be seen here.

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre Review

Fireman Sam is still Joseph’s favourite Fireman and he was delighted to come home after a long day at school to find Character’s latest Fireman Sam playset waiting for him.

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre

The Fireman Sam Fire Rescue centre has been especially designed to use with the latest Die Cast Fireman Sam collection of vehicles and comes with Wallaby One, Pontypandy’s mountain rescue helicopter, piloted by Aussie Tom.

The playset does need assembly, quite a lot of it and the instructions aren’t the clearest.  There are also a large amount of stickers to position so if you’re giving this as a gift I would certainly assemble it before wrapping it.

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre

However, once together it’s nice and sturdy and ready for action!

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre

There are plenty of fun features to the rescue centre like the large ramp, garage door which opens with the easy to operate button at the front and mini launch ramp hidden just underneath the helipad.  There are also lots of road signs and traffic lights which Joseph loves to move around during his play with it.

Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre

Joseph has been playing with a mixture of his own die cast cars as well as Wallaby One but has the die cast versions of Jupiter and Venus on his Christmas list which are available separately at £5.99 each.  He’s had a huge amount of fun with the set which has come out to play again and again.

The Fireman Sam Fire Rescue Centre is available from Character and is priced at £29.99.

Crazy Legs Scooby Doo Review

The kiddywinks and I are massive fans of Scooby Doo so you can imagine their joy when Character them their latest Scooby toy offering, Crazy Legs Scooby Doo!

Crazy Legs Scooby Doo

Scooby comes with 4 AA which will see him demonstrate his moves in “Try Me” mode but you’ll need to install an extra couple of batteries to see him in his full glory.  He’s an impressive 30 ish cm tall and a like likeness to his TV counterpart, complete with goofy expression.

Crazy Legs Scooby Doo

To send Scooby’s legs “crazy” you can either press down on his head on one of the black patches on his side and you’ll send him into a spin!  All four of Scooby’s paws will rotate a full 360 degrees making him move independently back, forwards and around in circles.  As he goes his head will wobble, somewhat reminiscent of nodding dogs, and Joseph finds this highly amusing.  He will also talk repeating “Cripes, let’s get outta here!”, “Oh boy, oh boy!” and of course his trademark “Scooby dooby doo!”.

You can see him in action here.

Scooby has brought great joy into our house and can, more often than not, be found working his way around our house on his crazy legs with at least one of the kiddywinks trailing behind.

Crazy Legs Scooby Doo is available from Character priced at £29.99.

Crystal Zelfs Review

Just a couple of weeks ago I told you all about the new fifth series of Imogen’s favourite friends the Zelfs.  You may recall that this exciting series also includes a limited number of Crystal Zelfs, Zelfs with added bling!  Thanks to Character Imogen added to her expanding collection with Moona the Crystal Zelf.

Moona Crystal Zelf

There are six to collect Angelala, So-Anne, Moonicorn, Starkle, Sugar-Bunny and Moona.  They are slightly more expensive that their similarly sized counterparts but come with a cute magical crystal accessory.  Moona, who is a Snadman Zelf, comes with her own MoonBeam bench as well as her very own comb and hair accessories.

Moona The Crystal Zelf

The Crystal Zelfs help create wonderful dreams using their Crystal Powers so Imogen takes Moona to bed with her every night and can confirm that they do indeed aid a restful and dream filled night!

The Crystal Zelfs are available now from Character-online.com and are just a small part of a huge Zelf range that starts from as little as £1.99.


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