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10 top money-saving tips for 2013

Did you know that you can pay for your prescriptions in advance?
For those of us who live in England and has to pay for prescriptions you could be using something called a prescription prepayment certificate, which would save you money on each prescription you buy. If you buy more than 13 prescribed medicines each year a 12 month prescription prepayment certificate would save you money as it only costs £104. There is also the option of a three-month prescription prepayment certificate which costs £29.10, this would also save you money if you only need to buy prescribed medicines for three months and are intending on buying more than three prescribed medicines during that period.

Saving money on your water bills
If the house that you live him cannot have a water meter installed and you believe that your water consumption is reasonably low, perhaps your single person. You can request that your water company based your bill on an assessed charge. What this means is that the water company will actually provide you with a bill which better reflects your water consumption.

The easiest way to find out if you could save money this way is to contact your water provider and ask them for an assessment. Have a look at how it compares with your existing flat rate Water Bill. Lots of people tend to save between 50 and £100 a year this way.

Saving money on the trains
Have you ever heard of a carnet? Essentially what it is a batch of single tickets that most chain companies sell and can be used for both peak and off-peak travel on quite a lot of commuter routes. The carnets last for a maximum of three months and you have to pay the full value upfront.

The train companies also provide carnet tickets for longer journeys as well. It’s best to check with your local train company for the exact pricing and the routes that the tickets are valid on.

Save on your MOT
Did you know that there are council run MOT testing stations? These typically charge around £55 for an MOT but because they don’t do repairs they have no incentive tool to fail your car. It has been reported by number of people that they have faced big repair bills after failing a test at the normal garage, but then when they took their car to a council run MOT testing station it passed first time.

Project 365 #105: 150409 Seeing Red

More money-saving from water
Many people are unaware that they pay for all of the rain that runs off of their property and into the public sewer. Those people who have houses in which the drainpipes to not take the rainwater off the roof and pass it through to the sewage system are able to claim a rebate of between £17 and £50 a year.

It may seem not seem obvious but the sewage companies apply a charge to treat that rainwater that has come from your house, however if that’s not applicable then you shouldn’t be paying for it. So it’s worth getting in contact with your water company and asking them for the form to fill in. It may also require a visit your home by one of their representatives; but if you can prove that the rainwater from your property goes into a soakaway then you can apply for the rebate.

Save Money

More saving on trains
A group save ticket can save you quite a lot of money on travelling by train assuming there are a group of either adults or children travelling. For the price of two adults on off-peak services up to 4 people can travel and you can add children at a flat rate of 1 pound each.

The voucher and discount codes
Many times when you’re shopping online you will get to the checkout and find that there is a promo code option. It’s at this point that you should open another window on your computer and Google the name of the company and the word promo. Although a lot of the voucher codes that you find online can be out of date, with a little searching you can find vouchers which will give you up to 20% off of the products that you are looking to purchase.

Trains delayed again?
If your train is delayed by an hour or more by law the minimum compensation that you’re able to receive is 20% of the ticket value. It’s worth noting that specific train companies have much more generous terms which can be found in the passenger charters. First Capital Connect give you $.50 back of your ticket value if the train is 30 minutes late. Whilst Virgin Trains give you 25% of the ticket value back if the Birmingham to London route is delayed by more than 45 minutes. In order to claim your compensation just pop into your local ticket office and ask for the form.

Don’t you just love your bank?
Many people these days have a packaged account. This type of account comes with a number of benefits which tend to include travel insurance and car breakdown recovery etc. However did you know that you can usually buy these particular services a lot more cheaply elsewhere, and you can actually get them so that they are more specific to your own circumstances. It’s worth giving your bank call and asking to downgrade your account to the basic current-account which at the moment most banks tend to offer as a non-feepaying account. This could save you up to £300 a year.

Selling your old stuff
There’s a saying one man’s rubbish is another man’s gold. You would be surprised at how many things in your house that you could sell to other people for cash Some people even get such a liking for it that they develop small businesses out of reselling their junk. There are a number of places online that you can do this, so if you’re looking to sell your netbook or something similar you could realise at least a few hundred pounds.


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