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Doc McStuffins Magic Talking Check Up Set

I’ll have to admit that until recently I had never seen Doc McStuffins but when Imogen pointed out the Doc McStuffins Doctors Bag in a supermarket recently and was pretty adamant that it was on top of her Christmas list I thought I had better check it out!

Dottie McStuffins is a little girl who aspires to be a doctor like for Mum, she likes to fix up her toys and dolls pretending to be a doctor.  Magical things happen when she puts on her stethoscope and the toys come to life.  She’s helped along by her friends Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly as well as the Big Book of Boo Boos, which aids her in her diagnoses.

Lucky Imogen received Doc McStuffins Magic Talking Check Up Set from her good friends at Flair.  The set includes a Doc doll as well as her bag and instruments, Doc’s clinic and Stuffy and Lambie figures.  Imogen loved the doctors bag shaped packaging but still happily destroyed it to get at what was inside!

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Emotion Pets Playfuls Review

Flair are well known in our house for their selection of quality toys which include Sylvanian Families, Jungle Junction, the soon to be released Tree Fu Tom toys and Emotion Pets to name but a few.  Flair are extending the Emotion Pets family for 2013 and sent us a new friend from that range.

Emotion Pets Playfuls

The Playfuls are a pair of cheeky, interactive monkeys going by the names of Nutty and Cocco.  We received Nutty who is grey and white and both are suitable from ages 2 and up.

Emotion Pets Playfuls - Nutty

The Playfuls require 2AAA batteries and these aren’t included, just in case like me you’re wondering why it’s not working, the compartment for the batteries is in the Playfuls back hidden by Velcro.  However, there’s not enough room to wiggle the mechanics out which makes fitting and changing batteries extremely fiddly.  With batteries installed Nutty was off, making little monkey noises as Imogen tickled his tummy.  Watch out though, as they will happily munch and crunch away at anything placed in front of their mouths!

Emotion Pets Playfuls - Nutty

Cocco and Nutty have very soft cuddly coats perfect for snuggles and thanks to their interlocking hands and feet they can cling to your arm, leg or anywhere else you fancy – Imogen quite likes Nutty close at hand at bedtime wrapped around her headboard.  One of the Playful’s best features is their tails.  Not only do they curl and uncurl as they chatter away but they can hang upside down by them, where they will doze off to sleep.

Emotion Pets Palyfuls - Nutty

Although Imogen has claimed Nutty Joseph does get alook in when she’s at school and they both love him equally.  Joseph mainly enjoys feeding him with his cars whereas Imogen is much more creative in her play, pretending they are swinging through trees together in the jungle.

The Playfuls are available from Amazon priced at £34.99.

Jungle Junction!

Imogen and Joseph both love Disney’s Jungle Junction and couldn’t believe their luck when the postman delivered them a fantastic bundle of Jungle Junction Toys from Flair.

Their fantastic bundle included a Wheel Around Fun Set, Pullyback Ellyvan, Plush Bungo and Zooter Bath Squirter.

Imogen couldn’t wait to get the Wheel around fun set open and started setting it up straight away.  The set contains Ellyvan, Zooter and Bungo figures, road signs a cardboard fold up playmat and stickers.  She had great fun sticking on the stickers and setting up the playmat with all of the road signs ready for her Jungle Junction friends to race around the track.

Joseph, who can normally be found pushing something with wheels around the house, had a great deal of fun with the plush Bungo wheeling him around the kitchen and picking him up for the occasional hug.

Ellyvan has been a huge hit with both Imogen and Joseph.  Joseph loves opening his back doors and hiding all manners of things before pulling him back and watching him zip away.  Imogen loves Ellyvan’s trunk which makes a clicking sound when turned and uses him to store the characters from the Wheel Around Set when she’s not playing with them.

Imogen has had a great amount of fun in the bath with the Zooter bath squirter, mainly aiming at poor Joseph who hasn’t quite worked out how to squeeze it yet.  The time with come though and revenge will be served!

To see the whole Jungle Junction series from Flair as well as details of where to buy take a took at their website.

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