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Your Invitation to our #SomethingSpecialParty

On Thursday 12th September between 4pm and 6pm you’re invited to spend the afternoon with us and UKMums.tv on Twitter whilst we test out and play with the latest range of Something Special toys from Golden Bear.


Golden Bear are releasing a huge range of Something Special toys this Autumn and we’ll be one of the first in the UK to get our hands on them, exciting times!  The range includes a replica Mr Tumble’s Spotty Bag and Aunt Polly’s Tea Party Puzzle as well as some rather cute talking and interactive Mr Tumble soft toys.  You can have a sneaky peek here.

Mr Tumble has always held a special place in Imogen’s heart and Joseph is a massive fan of the show, so both of them can’t wait to get partying with their friends and have a go at the Something Special themed games we have planned.

UKMums.tv will, as always, be giving away spot prizes during the party so make sure you’ve got the date in your diary.  You can in all the fun on Twitter on 12th September between 4pm and 6pm by following @UKMumstv and the hastag #SomethingSpecialParty on Twitter.

Woolly and Tig Toys Review

Later this month sees the long awaited release of a great selection of toys from the popular Cbeebies show Woolly and Tig from Golden Bear.  Golden Bear were so inundated with requests for these toys that they brought forward their launch by two months!

Imogen and Joseph were very lucky to get a sneak peek at the range when this little lot arrived for them.

Woolly and Tig

Their stash included a Jumbo Bedtime Snuggle Woolly, Poseable Talking Woolly, Woolly Pick n Match Pairs Game and a Small Woolly Soft Toy but there are other toys in the range such as a remote control Woolly!

Imogen and Joseph are both fans of the show and watch it every morning whilst Imogen gets ready for school.  It follows Tig, a gorgeous curly haired three year old girl and her toy spider Woolly as they face new adventures and experiences together.  Woolly magically comes alive to help Tig in times of need, offering comfort and support.

Bedtime Snuggle Woolly was immediately grabbed by Imogen who declared him her new best friend.  He’s huge, really soft and cuddly and is now a regular in bed with her at night.

Imogen and WoollyWoolly

They have both enjoyed playing with the Pick n’ Match Cards.  There are 36 thick, good quality cards with Woolly acting out 18 different emotions.  They can be used to play snap or a simple memory game, this is Imogen’s favourite and she usually wins hands down!

Woolly and Tog Pick n' Match Cards

Joseph’s favourite is the poseable talking Woolly, squeeze his head and he’ll say some of his phrases from the show.  He’s also very cuddly and super bendy, Imogen and I had great fun putting him into various positions from the Pick ‘n Match Cards.  This is “Puzzled”.

Poseable Talking WoollyThe kiddywinks are in love with Woolly and we’ll defiantly be keeping an eager eye out for the release later on this month.  There are a small selection of toys available for pre-order on Amazon now with hopefully more to follow suit very soon.

Joseph’s 1st JCB

Joseph loves vehicles of any shape or form, as long as it can be pushed along the floor with a brum brum or a choo choo he’s a happy boy.  His most recent passions are tractors (tack tacks) and diggers (didders).  My 1st JCB made him a very happy boy when they sent Dan the Dozer through for him to review.

Dan the Dozer is part of the One Site Vehicle range from My 1st JCB and comes with an safety barrier and a boulder.  Dan is a free wheeling Dozer so there are no batteries required.  His scoop moves up and down, revealing his smiley face and helping him clear the way.  His boulder fits nicely in his scoop and is easily flipped out by lifting the scoop.

Joseph has had plenty on fun with Dan, wheeling him around the house along with Rex the Roller, who came home with us from a shopping trip at the weekend.  Imogen’s been helping him play “properly” with him constructing Lego buildings and then knocking them down again.

Dan Dozer is going to make a fabulous addition to the On Site Rock Loader playset from My 1st JCB which Father Christmas may just have stashed away for Joseph.

To view the full range of My 1st JCB toys available click here.

Chloe’s Closet Magical Dress Up Closet

It must be getting close to Christmas because Imogen will now turn from her play or even run from the kitchen to watch the adverts on Nick Jr.  What usually follows is “I want that”, “Can we put that on my Christmas list?” or “Joe Joe can have that, it’s for boys.”  One of the things that caught her eye and made it onto her Christmas list was Chloe’s Magical Dress Up Closet and as if by magic (yes, toys do just magically appear in my house) a couple of weeks later it arrived on our doorstep courtesy of our friends at Golden Bear.

As ever, Imogen was desperate to get into the box and play and luckily she was, however, Chloe’s Closet does need batteries (3 x AAA) and these aren’t supplied.  Luckily I had some in the house and managed to find a small Philips head screwdriver fairly easily; this is not always the case!

As well as the closet the box also contains a Chloe figure, 3 outfits and 3 different scene cards.  At the side of the closet Chloe has rotating compartments to keep her outfits looking their best and the scene cards can be stored safely in the back.

Chloe has an explorer’s outfit (great for safari), a set of dungarees and a beautiful purple ballgown.  Chloe’s outfits come in two parts and clip on with what appears to be magnets and are very easy to pop on and off.  As soon she’s dressed pop her onto the podium in her closet, close the doors, choose the scene and then give the heart shaped button to watch the sparkly doors light up and the music play!

Imogen has had tonnes of fun getting her ready for balls at the palace (and I’m assured one day she’ll meet her prince), preparing her to create a piece of art in her studio and taking her on safari.  It’s been wonderful at inspiring some fantastic bedtime stories and encouraging Imogen’s already imaginative mind.

Chloe’s Magical Dress Up Closet is available from Golden Bear Toys priced at £29.99.

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