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Petalina Review: Elisabeth Gets a New Outfit

At the end of last year Imogen was invited to become a Little Doll Tester for Petalina, what an honour?  Her role so far has involved receiving the very beautiful Elisabeth Gotz doll and playing with her, it’s a tough life!

However, things got a lot tougher when Imogen was asked chose a new outfit for Elisabeth.  She and I browsed Petalina for hours before eventually deciding on this beautiful yellow dress.

Petalina Yellow Rose DressIt has a pale lemon yellow lining with a matching chiffon top layer intricately embroidered with tiny flowers.  It also has a brighter yellow sash and comes with a matching pair of sandals, these have clear plastic at the back to ensure that they stay on during play.  the dress fastens at the back with poppers making it easy for little ones to put on and take off.

Imogen couldn’t wait to get Elisabeth changed as soon as the outfit arrived and although we both did struggle a little with the sandals, she was ready for the ball in a jiffy.  It’s a perfect fit and she looked stunning!

Since going to the ball, Imogen has taken Elisabeth on a number of adventures the latest of which included Spencer Bear, Imogen’s class bear who came to stay for the weekend.  Spencer Bear was taken ill during his visit but luckily nurse Imogen and nurse Elisabeth (in her best frock) were on hand to make him better!

Imogen and Elisabeth nurse Spencer back to health

Petalina are also giving you the chance to win a Hannah or Happy Kidz Gotz doll, to find out how to enter visit their Facebook page.


Petalina Review ~ Gotz Precious Day Elisabeth Doll

As Imogen’s first task as a Petalina Little Doll Tester she was sent a beautiful Gotz doll to play with, it’s a hard life!

Gotz are a German family run company, established in 1950.  Their first mass produced designer Sasha doll back in the 60’s was Cate’s (Petalina’s founder) favourite, with her eventually building up a collection of five.  It’s thanks to this obsession of hers that we have Petalina today!

Imogen usually plays with baby dolls, so Elisabeth with her full head of hair and funky outfit was a bit of a change from the norm but Imogen was in love with her as soon as she saw her and why wouldn’t she?

Elisabeth is 18 inches tall and has long brown hair, brown closeable eyes, pink rosy cheeks a button nose and a rosebud mouth.  She comes dressed in a flower printed cotton tunic with matching head band, blue jeans and gold sparkly shoes with a matching handbag, the height of fashion!

She has a soft fabric body, great for cuddling but solid vinyl jointed limbs which allow her to sit and stand unaided, great for tea parties and other role play games. She also has thick, glossy, brown hair and Imogen loves to take it down and style it for her sitting her between her legs as she does so.  Her hair can be washed, in fact Elisabeth can be washed fully in the washing machine, should the need arise.  Just tie her hair back, remove her clothes and place her into a tied pillowcase and into a 30°C delicate wash.  This will come in very handy especially with Imogen’s messy baby brother Joesph around!

Elisabeth has been well played with and well loved during her past couple of weeks with us and despite being swung by her arm on to way to school five days a week and being dressed and undressed numerous times daily, she’s well made and is showing absolutely no sign of use what so ever.

Here are Imogen’s thoughts on Elisabeth.  “I like her because she has long brown hair like me and she has nice clothes, I like her shoes.  She likes to have tea with me and she goes to sleep when I tell her to, not like Joe Joe”

Elisabeth is just part of the huge range of Gotz Dolls and accessories available from www.petalina.co.uk

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