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How to Make a Tutu Table

Two weeks before Christmas Imogen’s room was finally re-plastered, I’d wanted it done for years so I was relieved, but the mess and disruption it caused was catastrophic especially as we had the hall and upstairs landing done at the same time!  Imogen has had her mind set on a pink ballet themed bedroom for quite some time and what Imogen wants, she normally gets!

Despite my best efforts her room isn’t quite finished but I just had to share the bedside table I made for her, not having a crafty or artist bone in my body I’m a little bit proud of it.

My inspiration was taken from this beauty I spotted on Pinterest a while back.

Tutu Table

Here’s how we made our own.

You’ll need:

  • A round table (I used an old Ikea side table)
  • Net fabric (about 10 times the diameter of your table)
  • A staple gun
  • Ribbon (about an inch wide and 3 times the diameter of the table)
  • Double sided sticky tape

Tutu Table

Start by gathering a small section of fabric and staple it into place at the top of the table and then carry on gathering as much or as little fabric depending on how full you want the skirt of the table.

Tutu Table

It took me about 20 minutes to go around the whole table and this is what it looked like.

Tutu Table

To cover the staples, stick ribbon around the circumference of the table using double sided sticky tape and tie into a big loopy bow at the front.  Here’s the end result in Imogen’s room, she’s thrilled with it and so am I!  It’s a fabulous start to what promises to be a very girly and ultra pink bedroom for my little girl, it’s only taken three years.

Tutu Table

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