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The Netflix Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas is most definitely a stressful time and with only two more sleeps until the big day it’s now that the cracks begin to show.  Children are over excited and if yours are anything like mine, a little worried that they haven’t made it onto the overweight, judgmental one’s all important good list.  Last minute panic took over our house this afternoon as the festive food shop was done for the impending arrival of the hungry masses and we soon realised our small kitchen and equally small fridge just isn’t big enough to store it all.  Presents are still to be wrapped and some even to be collected, fingers crossed that Click and Collect is all is makes out to be.

A midst all of the panic an awesome early Christmas pressie arrived form Netflix containing everything I needed to get me through Christmas.  Included were batteries, sellotape, healthy, chocolate free snack for the kiddywinks as well as nurofen and some delicious Jo Malone bath goodies.

Netflix Christmas Survival

Netflix also have the Christmas viewing sorted with their Ultimate Survival Guide and there’s something for everyone!

Ultimately your children will get bored with their hoards of new toys and normally I’ll hear “I’m bored” at around lunch time on Boxing Day.  Cleverly I’ve been saving the new Netflix original series of All Hail King Julien for this very moment.

All Hail King Julien

“King Julien is back and shaking his booty harder than ever! Discover the wild world of Madagascar as the king takes on the jungle’s craziest adventures in this comedy series. With his loyal sidekicks Maurice and Mort, they meet a whole new cast of colorful animals, including ambitious head of security Clover and the villainous Foosa. No one can stop this king from ruling with an iron fist…in the air…wavin’ like he just doesn’t care.”

I’ve also been saving another Netflix Original for myself to watch over the festive break, Marco Polo.

Marco Polo


I’m also keen to start watching House, M.D starring Hugh Laurie.  It’s something I haven’t got around to yet this year but with a whole 12 days off work I’m looking forward to squeezing it in.  What are you watching this Christmas?

House, MD



Staying in really is the new going out

November has been a cold month and with the expense of Christmas just around the corner we’ve been doing an awful lot of staying in and saving those all important pennies.  The latest issue of Glamour magazine told their readers to get cosy with home comforts and curl up in their favourite dressing gown with a cuppa and most importantly watch Netflix!  Even Supermodel Claudia Schiffer admits to enjoying a family night in watching TV box sets and even sneaks in a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad once the kids have gone to bed, just like me!

With cinema ticket prices increased by more than house prices (an amazing 2333% over fourty years) cosying up with a Netflix subscription and a homemade snack like a pizza topped to your liking or freshly popped popcorn could save you a small fortune!

Over the past few weeks we’ve mainly been watching a LOT of Christmas films.  Imogen tells me it’s so that Joseph can learn the “true meaning of Christmas, although I’m not quite sure he’ll get that from Disney’s the Search for Santa Paws!

Santa Paws

As well as the commencement of the re watching of Breaking Bad, Tony and I both watched and enjoyed Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher and whilst it’s not really my thing, Tony indulged in the second part in the Hunger Games film series Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Jack ReacherCatching Fire


Netflix #StreamTeam – Forget your FoMo fears!

#FoMo or Fear Of Missing Out is apparently becoming the fright of the modern millennial.  Our parents probably called it “Keeping up with the Joneses” and it’s certainly something I have to say I experience at the school gate.  Eating out at the latest restaurant, making sure you wearing the right kind of footwear (Hunters on the school run – seriously?!) and keeping abreast of the school playground gossip.

One thing us mums like to talk about is the telly, what we’ve watched the night before and what we plan on watching that evening and with “Netflix’ing” being hailed by the Sunday Times Style barometer as officially “cool” I, as part of the Stream Team, can pat myself on the back for actually being cool for once.

The three most talked about shows on Netflix at the moment are Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black or OITNB and House of Cards and I’m very pleased to say that I have watched or am in the process of watching all of them.  With the latter two being Netflix originals the ONLY place you’ll be able to see them at the moment is Netflix – and that’s worth the subscription alone!

Breaking BadOITNBHouse of Cards



Netflix #StreamTeam ~ Back to School

It’s September which means that the kiddywinks are back at school (or starting in Joseph’s case), the nights are drawing in and we’re back in the all too familiar routine of packed lunches, school runs and homework.  Imogen is really enjoying year two and is relishing in the extra work that it seems to be bringing and Joseph has settled nicely into pre-school.  ALl of this hard work and play makes for very for very exhausted kiddywinks so after dinner they are rewarded with a little screen time to chill out and unwind.  Here’s their top choices this month.

Joseph has thoroughly been enjoying the long awaited second series of LEGO: Legend of Chima.  Whilst I’m personally not too familiar with it Imogen insists that it’s action packed and the pair can be glued to it.

LEGO: Legends of Chima

Imogen has recently discovered the sequel to the popular H2O series Mako Mermaids.  In this series three mermaids Sirena, Nixie, and Lyla are assigned to be guardians to Mako island.  Zac, a teenage boy who camps on the island, comes into contact with the magic water of the Moon Pool and is granted a merman tail and the ability or control water. The three mermaids, curious about living on land and motivated to remove Zac’s merman powers, venture onto the land and learn to live among humans.


Mako Mermaids

With the kiddywinks off at school and nursery this also means that I get just a little bit more me time, a whole 6 hours on a Monday to be precise and whilst there is housework to do Netflix turns out to be the perfect ironing companion.  I’ve now finishing watching the final series of Breaking Bad (which was awesome) and have started watching Gossip Girl, two weeks in and I’m already hooked!

Gossip Girl

School’s Out for Summer!

Well, that’s it the long six weeks of the school holidays is finally upon us.  Imogen will return in September to her last year of the infants and Joseph will start pre school three days a week.  Imogen is already missing school and is very keen to continue her learning over the holidays so I’ve set her up with lots of fun learning activities and “homework” to keep her mind busy during the break.

I’m proud to say that the first thing on her “Summer Holiday Bucket List” was joining the library.  So she now has a stack of books to read and hopes to complete the Mythical Maze and get her gold medal soon.

To improve her writing over the summer break we’ve also been trying out this fun Story Starter idea from Netflix.

Story Starter

She’s already created some wonderful stories with colourful characters and in depth story lines.  You can find out how to make your own here.

For those raining days, it’s bound to happen at some point, Netflix has a range of educational programmes for all ages.   The Magic School Bus is a favourite of both Imogen and Joseph’s.  Ms Frizzle and her students are always off on an adventure which takes them to some weird and wonderful places including outer space, haunted houses and inside the human body!

The Magic School Bus

Another favourite here is Monster Math Squad, starring Max, Lily and Goo who put their minds together and use their mathematical skills to find solutions to overcome obstacles.

Monster Math Squad

Sea Creature and Octonaut crazy Joseph simply loves the Blue Planet, which certainly makes a welcome change from cartoons and with stunning photography and interesting facts it’s something the whole family can watch together.

The Blue Planet

How do you keep your little one’s mind active during the holidays?

World Book Day Inspiration from Netflix

Last week saw World Book Day, the day Imogen had waited impatiently for ages, it’s a REALLY big deal at her school with a full week of reading based activities, balloon releases and of course the all important fancy dress.  Imogen chose her favourite book character early on, Mary Poppins, and her outfit was purchased, customised to make it more accurate and an impressive paper mache parrot umbrella was crafted.

World Book Day Fancy Dress

Since Imogen started to read independently at the beginning of the year, books have become a huge part of her life and she’s now a total bookworm.  One thing she loves is watching her favourite stories come to life as TV series or film adaptations and Netflix has a huge selection to chose from.  Here’s a selection of both of our favourites available on Netflix now.

A Series of Unfortunate EventsLittle WomenMary Poppins







Netflix have come up with these five great ways to make story time even more fun, guess which one is our favourite?
1.) Dress up as the characters from your favourite books with your child for story time. You don’t necessarily need expensive outfits, whip out the face paints and get creative!
2.) Discuss the book after reading; did your child enjoy it? What did they learn? Would they like to read it again? Who was their favourite character and why?

3.) Read out loud and give spirit to the characters – make it a family affair! Whether that be mum, dad or a grandparent children will relish the opportunity to spend time with the family.

4.) A great incentive to get your child reading is to watch the TV show or film on Netflix after you have finished the book as a reward.

5.) Make story time fun with an easy to follow craft idea on how to bring your favourite book to life, below….

“Read the Book, See the TV Series” craft idea

Try out this easy craft idea that you can do with your family before or after you read the book and watch the film on Netflix. Personalise your child’s room with book pages from his or her favorite story.



Materials you’ll need:
 Favourite book
 Craft block letters (available at Hobby Craft)
 PVA Glue
 White craft paint
 Foam brush
 Photocopied pages from your favorite book


How to do it: Photocopy your favorite images from the pages of your favorite book at an office supply store or with your home printer. (If the images are too big or too small for the craft letters, reduce or enlarge the size of the images.) Paint your craft block letters with 2-3 coats of white paint. Let dry. 3

Cut out your images from the photocopies and arrange them on the letters exactly how you want them to look. One idea is to tell the book’s story with pictures or words on your craft letters, or you can just place your favourite images anyway you like on the 4letters.

Then, using the foam brush spread PVA glue on the back of each image and place them on the letter.  Wrap any paper ends that extend outsider the letter tops around the letter sides and unto the back, if necessary. Once you have glued all of the images where you like them, spread PVA glue over the entire top and sides of each letter.


Let dry completely and voila!




As soon as Imogen’s birthday party is out of the way we’ll be making these for both Imogen and Joseph, very simple but very effective.

Win a 6 month’s subscription to Nexflix

If the words Half Term fill you with dread then here’s a lovely competition from our friend’s at Nexflix to win a massive 6 month’s subscription, perfect for keeping the little ones amused during the school holidays or yourself during the long cold evenings.


Netflix is the world’s leading Internet television network with more than 35 million members in 40 countries enjoying more than one billion hours of TV shows and movies per month, including Netflix original series. For one low monthly price, Netflix members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any Internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Learn more about how Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is pioneering Internet television at www.netflix.com  or follow Netflix on Facebook  and Twitter.

For your chance to win simply enter via Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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