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Now is Good DVD Review

Warner Brothers keep the children and I in quality entertainment for rainy, cold, snugly days and I love them for that.  Their latest offering was “Now is Good” starring Dakota Fanning and Jeremy Irvine.

Now is Good

The film tells the story of Tessa a seventeen year old girl suffering from leukemia and we follow the last few months of her life as the cancer takes hold of her body. The blurb says “Tessa is seventeen and passionate about life. Diagnosed with a terminal illness, she determines to use every moment, compiling a catalogue of what a normal teenager would experience, including losing her virginity and taking drugs. With the help of her friend Zoey, she sets the list in motion. While her family deals with fear and grief, each in their own way, Tessa explores a whole new world. Falling in love with Adam, her new neighbour, wasn’t on the list, but it proves to be the most exhilarating experience of them all.”

However, the film is so much more.  Tessa creates a bucket list which includes taking drugs, shoplifting, breaking the law, dancing all night and having sex.  This makes for some funny scenes with Tessa’s best friend Zoey (Kaya Scodelario from Skins).  Tessa lives with her Father (Paddy Considine) who has taken care of Tessa throughout her illness and understandably becomes a little wary of Adam taking the lead.  Her Mother couldn’t be more different, she is late for hospital appointments and seems clueless about her care.  Tessa meets and falls in love with neighbour Adam, who has just recently lost his Father.  He helps Tessa complete certain parts of her list and the pair fall in love.  There are some very corny scenes, usually involving Adam’s motorbike, but some highly emotional and beautiful ones too.

Now is Good

As the cancer spreads Tessa’s Mother comes through for her, her Father learns that he must let go an Adam makes plan to take up his university place.  There were tears a plenty towards the end of the film as Tessa eventually slips away.  It’s a wonderful film but possibly on a par with My Sister’s Keeper for being one of the saddest films I’ve watched.

Now Is Good is now available on DVD from Amazon.

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