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Wigwam Playhouse Review

A few weeks ago Imgoen and Joseph were sent a Wigwam playhouse from playhouses.co.uk and whilst it may not be the time of year for playhouses I decided to break all of my rules and put it up inside to relive a little cold Winter’s day boredom.

The Wigwam needs assembly, so as soon as Imogen was home from school we all cracked on with it.  Inside the box there are 12 wooden pols, 6 plastic connectors, the wigwam canvas and string and spacers.

It’s easy to put together all you need to do is connect the long poles together with the plastic connector, slot them into the canvas, stand the wigwam up and then tie the poles together at the top with the string placing the spacers between each pole.

The whole process took me all of 15 minutes by myself, with two little helpers and the kiddywinks were thrilled with the result making camp immediately.

The Wigwam is quality made with good sturdy poles and a thick water resistant canvas decorated with a lovely colourful design.  It’s been knocked about a bit in the past couple of weeks it’s been up yet still stays strong and any muck from cake or sticky hands just wipes straight off.  It packs away really easily too just by folding in the poles and then it can be stored easily in a cupboard or a garden shed.

Imogen and Joseph have had hours of fun pretending to be camping in the desert or the jungle, taking all of their toys in there and even there lunch and a portable DVD player!  They can’t wait for the Spring to come so that they can take it outside but for now they are more than happy to camp inside in the warm and dry.

The Wigwam Playhouse is priced at £49.99 and is just part of the huge range available from www.playhouses.co.uk, which is well worth a look with some great end of season sale bargains to be had!

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