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Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Review

Imogen has always loved puzzles so was over the moon when she received  a wonderful set of three 3D puzzles from Ravensburger.

Ravensburger 3D Puzzles

All of the puzzles have a very beautiful and on trend unicorn theme and have some very practical uses for any little girl’s bedroom.  There’s a vase, a vanity box for clever storage and a jewellery tree.

Imogen decided to start on the vanity box first as she thought this looked the easiest.  It has 216 jigsaw pieces as well as a plastic base and rim to go around the top, there’s even unicorn decorated cardboard to line it and, of course, instructions.

Ravensburger 3D Puzzles

Imogen made good progress quite quickly with the jigsaw, following the numbers and directional arrows on the pieces to make sure they were in the right place.  The only thing she did find a little tricky was bending the hinged pieces for the corners of the box but after a little bit of help she me she was well on her way.

Ravensburger 3D Puzzles

Once the rectangular shape is complete you need to slot it into the base and fit the rim around the top.  You’ll need two pairs of hands for this as the jigsaw will need to gently pushed in from all sides.  Once finished, the result is highly impressive as well as useful.

Ravensburger 3D Puzzle

Pleased with her vanity box Imogen moved onto the jewellery tree.


This was actually the easiest of the three puzzles as it comprises of small, flat panels of jigsaw which clip together and then with other accessories added becomes a stunning, double sided jewellery tree with places to hang rings, bracelets and necklaces as well as a large base for other girly bits and bobs.

Ravensburger 3D Puzzles

Imogen’s favourite puzzle was the vase and it’s easy to see why.  It’s not only a very impressive size at nearly 30 cm tall but it’s very beautiful and even has a waterproof liner so that it can be used with real flowers!

Ravensburger 3D Puzzles

Imogen really enjoyed making these puzzles and whilst she most definitely doesn’t want to break them up to do them again they have a far more practical uses and look stunning on her dressing table.  They’ve provided additional storage and tidied up her bedroom a treat!

Ravensburger 3D Puzzles

Ravensburger have a huge selection of 3D puzzles available with everything from puzzle balls to famous landmarks and they’re perfect for any puzzle enthusiast.  You can see the range in full here.


Ravensburger Minions Movie Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Minions madness has definitely taken over our house and whilst we have yet to see the movie (that’s this weekend’s surprise!) the kiddywinks are most certainly enjoyed seeing the Minions little yellows faces pop up on everything!  Our friends at Ravensburger treated them to one of their impressive selection of Minions puzzles and their were thrilled, of course.

Ravensburger Minion Jigsaw Puzzle

Suitable for children aged 6+ this puzzle has 80 pieces and features Kevin, Bob and Stuart racing through the streets of London on their Minion Invasion.  Imogen, a bit of a jigsaw whiz, got to work quickly turning the pieces over and fishing out all of the edge pieces.

Ravensburger Minion Jigsaw Puzzle

With a little bit of “help” from Joseph, Imogen did very well only needed a little bit of help at the bottom where the Union Jack features on the Minion’s bike.

Ravensburger Minions Jigsaw Puzzle

Impressed with the finished result Imogen and Joseph have both gone back to the jigsaw puzzle to complete it time and time again, it’s even come out to dinner with us and kept Joseph amused during one of Imogen’s ballet classes!

Ravensburger Minions Jigsaw Puzzle

Ravensburger puzzles have always been our favourite because not only do they have a huge range with some great themes but the quality is impeccable and this puzzle is no different.  It’s made from thick, strong cardboard with bright, vivid colours and matte finished to minimize glare.

The Ravensburger Minions Movie Jigsaw Puzzle is priced at £4.99 and available from Amazon priced at £4.99.  The full range of Ravensburger Minion puzzles can be seen in it’s entirety here.

Ravensburger Santa’s Rooftop Scramble Review

At six Imogen is starting to get into board games in a big way and loves nothing more than our family Friday nights with a game or two followed by a good film.  With Christmas creeping up upon us quickly Ravensburger treated us to Santa’s Rooftop Scramble to full a festive family night.  Santa’s Rooftops Scramble is suitable for everyone aged 5 and over and for between 2 and 6 players.

Santa's Rooftop Scramble

Setting up the game for the first time does take a little time as there are present counters to push out, a spinner to assemble as well as rooftops and cards to put into place.  I would also recommend sitting down to read the instructions for a couple of minutes before you sit down to play with your children.

Santa's Rooftop Scramble

The aim of the game is to have your Santa deliver all of his presents first and the game begins which each player being dealt 5 letter to Santa cards.  Each of these cards has a picture and name of the child, their house number and the toy they want for Christmas.  Firstly your Santa will need to collect all of the present for the children on his list.  This is done with the spinner, if you land on one of the toys you need collect a toy token.  Once all of your toys are safely in your Santa’s sack you can head to the board.

Santa's Rooftop Scramble

Once on the board you need to land on the house number that matches those on your list to be able to deliver your present.  There are various obstacles along the way which may hinder your progress but it’s not all bad as some will help you out a lot!  Both Imogen and Joseph loves this as it adds a real element of surprise and means that really anyone can get ahead and ultimately win.

Santa's Rooftop Scramble

On occasion we’ve adapted the game to make it slightly shorter or a easier either by reducing the amount of letters each Santa has or starting with each Santa’s present already in place.  We’ve played Santa’s Rooftop Scramble a lot recently and I think it’s safe to say that it’s one of both Imogen and Joseph’s favourites.  Imogen has quickly become a true professional Santa and more often than not will win hands down!  We’ll definitely be playing the game more in the run up to Christmas as well as introducing the rest of the family to it after a spot of Christmas day lunch.

Santa’s Rooftop Scramble is available from Amazon and other toy retailers priced between £15 and £20.


Ravensburger Disney Planes Puzzles Review

Joseph, like many three year old boys, is mad about anything Disney Cars or Disney Planes so he was ecstatic when a delivery from Ravensburger arrived with two awesome Disney Planes jigsaws for him.

Imogen has always been a jigsaw whizz but Joseph has never really shown that much interest, that is until now! He received two puzzles the first being a 35 piece featuring characters from the new Disney’s Planes Fire and Rescue film.  In this puzzle Dusty, Windlifter, Blad Runner, Cabbie and Lil Dipper coming to the rescue of Piston Peak National Park which is threatened by a raging wildfire. Ravensburger Disney Planes The second was a 4 in a box set which has a 12, 16, 12 and 24 piece puzzle included.  Each puzzle features Dusty, Lil Dipper, Cabbie and Windlifter individually. Disney Planes Ravenesburger PuzzlesJoseph’s really enjoyed seeing the new characters from Disney Planes & Rescue and now can not wait to see the film.  He loves the puzzles and has taken his time to complete all of them all by himself, without any frustration I may add!  The puzzles are really good quality with bright colours and nice details . Just like all Ravensburger puzzles the pieces are made from thick, recycled board with a matte finish to avoid glare.

Ravensburger Disney Planes Puzzles Ravensburger Disney Planes Puzzles

Both of these puzzles as well as others are available from Amazon with prices starting from just £3.99.

Doc McStuffins Junior Mandala Designer Review

This Wednesday I’ll be joining with Ravensburger on Twitter for a Twitter Frenzy, between 1pm and 2.40pm we’ll be chatting about craft and there’ll be a chance to win some fabulous prizes, there’ll be one given away every ten minutes!

Ahead of the frenzy Imogen received one of Ravensburger’s range of 23 Mandala-Designers, the Doc McStuffins Junior Mandala Designer.

Ravensburger Junior Mandala Designer

Inside the box in a design station, mandala, 10 pieces of paper, a black marker, 3 coloured pencils and instructions with design ideas.

Ravensburger Doc McStuffins Junior Designer

It’s really easy to set up, simply slot the paper in-between the design station and the mandala making sure that the arrow on the design station is aligned with one on the sixteen on the mandala.  Inside the instruction booklet there are a number of designs that can be copied or you can, of course, create your own.

Ravensburger Doc McStuffins Junior Mandala Designer

When you have decided upon your design simply draw around the shapes with the marker pen turning the stencil as you go using the arrows as a guide.

Ravensburger Doc McStuffins Junior Mandala Designer
The idea is to create a circular, symmetrical design and although Imogen’s are very beautiful they aren’t quite symmetrical but she’s still learning.

Ravensburger Doc McStuffins Junior Mandala DesignerThe marker pen has a flexible nib which is great for getting around the stencil with ease.  It’s also nice and chunky meaning that Joseph (3 and a half) also has a really good go at one too developing his fine motor skills at the same time.  The design station has space on the side for both the marker pen and the coloured pencils which Imogen loved, apparently it’s just like an artist’s desk!  Ideally I would have liked to have seen a few more pencils included, three just don’t give enough colour variety for Imogen’s liking.

The Doc McStuffins Junior Mandala designer is available from Amazon priced at £9.99 and don’t forget the Twitter frenzy this Wednesday (28th May) between 1pm and 2.40pm, you’ll need to be following @RavensburgerPC and the hastag #GetCrafty on Twitter.  See you there.



Ravensburger Mini Memory Review

Imogen loves games in any form so was delighted to receive a Disney Princess Mini Memory game from Ravensburger.

Imogen is a jigsaw freak and immediately noticed the Ravensburger logo on the corner of the box and jumped up and down at the thought of a new puzzle, so she was a little disappointed to find out it wasn’t.  She soon got over it when she opened the box and found all of her favourite Disney Princesses and their friends all over the cards.

To play the game, turn all of the cards face down on a table or the floor and then each player takes it in turns to turn 2 cards to try and find a pair.  If you don’t find a matching pair turn the cards back face down, if you do keep your cards.  The game ends when the last pair has been found and the winner is the player with the most pairs.

There are 48 (24 pairs) cards all made from thick laminated card about 5cm x 5cm and you can adjust the the game for younger players by simply reducing the number of cards (in pairs) used.

Imogen has a fantastic memory (when she wants to) and has beaten everyone that she’s played hands down, although I’m sure she moved cards when we played and I had to answer the door!  It’s been great for improving her memory and because she likes to see who the winner is, her counting.

Mini Memory is available in lots of different designs including Mike the Knight, Moshi Monsters, Thomas & Friends, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty and Disney Princess.

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