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Octonauts Gup-S Polar Exploration Vehicle Review

Joseph is the ultimate Octofan and since last Christmas, and the arrival of his first gup, he’s built up a vast collection of playsets, gups, figures and sea creatures normally carrying a select few around with him in a bucket!  Top of his Christmas list this year was Gup O, all three of the Octo Repair Crew and the amazing Gup S.  Well, just like it does most years in our house Christmas came a little bit early when Joseph returned from nursery to find Gup S waiting for him.

Octonauts Gup S

Just like all of the gups the Gup S takes the form of a sea creature this one being a Narwhal.  It comes with one Captain Barnacles figure, who is very cutely dressed in a snow suit, two mini skis, a narwhal, an iceberg and three interchangeable tools, an ice drill, jackhammer and a claw.  The Gup S needs very little assembly and comes with the 3 AAA batteries needed pre-installed so it’s ready to play with within seconds of being released from it’s box.

Octonauts Gup S

Gup S is two exploration vehicles in one with the front “Octo-Sled” able to be separated from the “Octo-Shuttle”.  The Octo-Sled is perfect for quick explorations and features an ice drill on the front, these can be swapped around with the rescue tools on the mini skis as well making any ice rescue easy!

Octonauts Gup S

The Octo-Shuttle is the main component of Gup S and has a an “Anti freeze warming system” for when it gets too cold, this lights up the Octo-Shuttle’s floor, a creature warming tank and retractable treads on the bottom making for ease of movement on any Polar surface.

Octonauts Gup SOctonauts Gup S

There are also two mini-skis included which will each stand a figure on the back, these can be fitted with the interchangeable rescue tools and used to free the narwhal from the iceburg and take her back to the safety of Gup S.

Octonauts Gup S

Joseph has played with quite literally nothing else since the Gup S arrived and we all think it’s pretty awesome.  His favourite thing is that it will actually interact with this play as the gup will recognize when the Octo-Sled is unattached and Captain Barnacles voice will tell him what he needs to do.  For example if you leave the gup open for too long Captain Barnacles will say “Oh no! The ship is getting too cold we’re losing power, sound the octo alert.  Activate anti freeze system”  The Octo alert will sound and then the floor of the gup will light up.  When the gup is closed Captain Barnacles will announce “Good work Octonauts let’s head back to the Octopod and warm up”

Octonauts Gup S

The Octonauts Gup S Polar Exploration Vehicle has to the ultimate gup, it’s versatility leads to a great range of play and quite simply hours and upon hours of play.  With an RRP of £35 I think it’s great value for money and would make an awesome Christmas present for any Octofan.

Beados Quick Dry Design Studio Review

Imogen has been getting quite crafty recently with the new Beados Quick Dry Design Studio that our friends at Character sent over for her to review.

Beados Quick Dry Design Studio

Beados are small beads that magically join together with water that can be used to create a whatever takes your fancy.  The Quick Dry Design Studio comes equipped with:

  • 500 Beads1
  • AQuick dry design station
  • Tweezer pen
  • 2 bead trays
  • Water sprayer
  • 6 design templates
  • 2 suction cups
  • 1 display stand
  • 1 connector bead
  • 1 bead storage tray
  • Instructions

Beados Quick Dry Design Studio

To create masterpiece firstly place your chosen template underneath one of the bead trays, then using the tweezer pen pick up your chosen Beado and place on the tray.

Beados Quick Dry Design Studio

You’ll then need about to spray your design with the water sprayer about 5-6 times then pop underneath the fan on the design studio for anything from 15-30 minutes to dry.

Beados Quick Dry Design Studio

The Beados Quick Dry Design Studio has built in storage, which I love as it keeps everything in place, however the bead tray does not have a lid and twice now we’ve had Beado spillage on the floor which is not easy to pick up!  The suction cups and display stands are great for showing off creations and it’s something I haven’t seen before on similar kits.

Imogen loved the fan, meaning that her designs could dry quickly and we 2 tray included in the kit she could easily create another whilst waiting for the first to dry, a proper production line!

Beados Quick Dry Design Studio


There are plenty of Beados included in this kit but refill kits (£4.99), theme packs (£7.99) and activity packs (£14.99) are available as well as these very cool Pod Pens that are included in the starter pack.

Beados Starter PackThe Beados Quick Dry Design Studio is available from Character priced at £19.99 and comes highly recommended from us, Imogen is already saving for the “Ballet Concert” theme pack and we already have plans to make some Beado Christmas tree decorations.

Crayola Magic Doodle Review ~ #CrayolaBloggers

During the Summer holidays the kiddywinks had a pretty awesome delivery from Crayola as part of their #CrayolaBloggers programme, two exciting new products from their Doodle Magic range.

No one likes crayon, pen or pencil on their walls and Doodle Magic from Crayola allows your child to be as creative as they want to be without mess!  The new range includes both a full size Doodle Magic Colour Mat and a Doodle Magic Colour Pack.

The full size Doddle Magic Colour mat is an impressive 3ft by 2ft and can be used on the floor, on a table or can even be hung from a wall.  Included with it are 4 watercolour makers, an eraser and a cloth.  The mat can be rolled up and has a handy external pocket with elasticated straps inside to hold pens and the eraser as well as a small pocket for the cloth.

Craoyla Magic Doodle


The watercolour markers are a little fainter than their packaging but the colours are still fairly vivid and the four variety of markers included are plenty to create a wonderful drawing or in Joseph’s case scribble/doodle.

Crayola Doodle Magic


The watercolour markers will remain on the mat until wiped away and this is done simply with the eraser tool filled with water and a drop of washing up liquid.  With a quick swipe of the eraser and wipe with the dry cloth the Doodle Magic Colour mat is ready for your next piece of art!

Crayola Doodle MagicCrayola Doodle Magic

The Doodle Magic Travel Pack works in exactly the same as the larger mat but is obviously smaller, has a hard surface and folds making it ideal for holidays and car journeys.

Crayola Doddle Magic

Both Imogen and Joseph have created lots of wonderful drawing on the Doodle Magic mats and the travel pack came in really handy over the holidays during long trips in the car.  As they’re completely mess free it’s a huge with me me too!

The Crayola Doodle Magic range starts from as little as £5.99 and is available from Amazon more information on Doodle Magic can be found at www.crayola.co.uk

One Direction Swap Watch Review

I don’t think there are many young girls who haven’t fallen for at least one of the lads from One Direction and Imogen certainly isn’t one of them!  Even at 6 she’s bopping around her room singing to their songs and nags and nags for posters to put on her wall!  So obviously then she was thrilled with the latest product she received from Flair’s Cool Create range, a One Direction Swap Watch.

Inside the box you’ll find over 70 accessories to deign and make your very own 1D watch including 1 watch face, 5 watch face trims, 5 watch surrounds, 5 watch straps, 3 coloured cord, 1 elasticated cord, plenty of different coloured beads and full, easy to follow instructions.

One Direction Swap Watch


Imogen got started straight away choosing her favourite strap, face trim and surround and assembling it within a couple of minutes.

One Direction Swap Watch

As well as the 5 brightly coloured plastic straps there is also coloured cord that can be plaited together and elasticated cord with lots of different beads to create different looks.

One Direction Swap Watch

The set is aimed at children aged 7+ and at 6 Imogen did need a little help with the plaited and beaded straps but she’s very crafty and soon learnt what she needed to do and insisted I leave her to it.

One Direction Swap Watch

At £14.99 I think the Swap Watch is great value for money, the watch is of great quality and it can be tough to find a decent watch at under £15. Imogen has gone back to the swap watch time and time again throughout the summer holidays redesigning it to suit her mood and her outfits and there is plenty of elasticated and coloured cord to do so.

Shopkins Review

Imogen has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Shopkins to the UK for quite some time so her year was made last week when an exciting delivery arrived from Flair, The Shopkins Small Mart Supermarket Playset and a Shopkins 12 pack!

Shopkins Supermarket

Shopkins are small and very cute collectible characters, they take the form of pretty much anything that you’ll find in the supermarket from food items to make up and beauty items.


There are over hundred available to collect with new characters being released every 3 months.  They are available in 2, 5 and 12 packs and with pack starting from £2.99 they are pocket money friendly. In each pack there will be a certain amount of “hidden characters” and this adds the great element of surprise which Imogen seems to love.  Also included a collectors guide which will tell you the name of your character and also how rare they are.  Imogen was trilled to find the Ultra Rare D’lish Donut, who has a glittery finish, hidden inside her 12 pack!

D'lish Donut

The Supermarket Playset is the perfect addition to your Shopkins with a checkout with working conveyor belt, fun chute slide, shopping bags and a shopping trolley.  It can also be used for storage or display of your Shopkins with the handy and plentiful shelving.

Shopkins Supermarket

Imogen has played with the Shopkins both with and without the playset non stop since they arrived and has discovered that they make pretty awesome accessories for her Barbie size dolls.


She’s very adamant on collecting the entire range and has been keeping her bedroom spotlessly clean in order to get the necessary funds.  There are also other playsets in the series including a bakery stand, fruit and veg stall and a vending machine all of which are at the top of her Christmas list already.

We’ve struggled to find Shopkins in store anywhere yet but keep an eye out becuase I’m sure they’ll be everywhere very, very soon but in the meantime they are available from www.flairplc.co.uk

Interplay Mad About Ponies Party Review

Last year were were lucky enough to review Interplay’s Fairy Princess Craft Party set, we were massively impressed and thrilled to be asked to review another of their craft party kits the Mad About Ponies Party.

The party kits contains everything you’ll need to entertain up to 6 children for approximately 1 and a half hours making them great for playdates and birthday parties.  The Mad About Ponies kit contained 6 Resin-cast ponies, 15 pots of paint (in 5 different colours), paint brushes, pencils and score sheets, pre-printed rosettes and jumps, dice, double sided sticky pads and instructions complete with game ideas.

Interplay Mad About Ponies Party

Firstly Imogen and Joseph (dressed in their football kits so that they looked like jockeys – apparently!) painted their horses.  The kit has a total of 15 pots of paint in 5 different colours and they cleverly in groups so that 2 children can share.  Inside the instructions are images of different breeds of horse to use as a guideline.  Imogen decided hers would be Bay whilst Joseph’s would be a Piebald.

Interplay Mad About Ponies Party Interplay Mad About Ponies Party

The Paint takes around 15 minutes to dry so during this time we named our horses, Joseph’s was named “Dave” and Imogen’s “Emily”, and prepared the jumps, rosettes and scorecards for the games.  Interplay suggest having a beauty contest at this stage to judge the “Best Turned Out” Pony but but quite frankly I couldn’t chose between the two so we skipped this part.

Interplay Mad About Ponies Party

With the ponies dry it was time for the games to begin.  Their are three suggested games in the instructions including a show jumping game and two different styles of race both involving the dice.

Interplay Mad About Ponies Party

We played all of the games but both Imogen and Joseph weren’t really interested in keeping scores or declaring winners instead just randomly presenting their horses with rosettes as and when they felt like it.  This was great because there was no sibling rivalry which is always a problem when playing games.  I think if Imogen was to play with a group of friends her age they would all be a lot more interested in competing with their horses.


Interplay Mad About Ponies PartyJust like the Fairy Princess Party the Mad About Ponies Party kit is great value for money at just £19.99, it managed to keep Imogen and Joseph occupied during the holidays for a whole afternoon and they have played with the ponies and jumps many times since.  It’s a great idea for an at home, low cost birthday party and I’m seriously considering an Interplay Pirate Party for Joseph’s birthday in January.

Splash About UV Float Suit Review

Both of the kiddywinks love the water and whilst Imogen is now pretty much swimming without armbands Joseph still needs a little help.  We’re very lucky to have access to both indoor and outdoor pools where I work and a large proportion of our Summer holidays was spent in the water either there or at home in the paddling pool.


At the beginning of the holidays Splash About sent Joseph the ultimate in swimwear in the form of their UV Float Suit.  Given the choice of a range of colourful designs, Joseph finally opted for the Funky Fish.

Funky Fish UV Float SuitThe float suit has 16 removable buoyancy floats which will allow you to adjust the buoyancy as your child’s confidence grows and completely removed when no longer needed.  They are simply slipped out of the bottom of elasticated pockets.  It leaves arms and legs free to kick and splash without any restrictions and holding him just the right way for swimming,  Joseph really enjoyed this new found freedom and was soon moving independently in the water.

Splash ABout Float Suit

As well as being a swimming aid the float also has SPF50+ protection both in and out of the water, providing coverage for arms, legs and troublesome shoulders.  It’s lightweight, quick and easy to wash and dry and the added benefit of UV protection makes it ideal for holidays.

Splash About Funky Fish Float Suit

The suit is available in sizes 1-2, 2-4 and 4-6 years.  I opted for 4-6 years for Joseph (3 and ¾) and I quite glad I did as the sizing does seem a little small but it is also important to remember that float suits do need to fit snuggly.

Priced at £29.99 I personally think the Splash About Float Suit is great value for money being swimwear, swimming aid and a UV suit all in one and an essential holidays.  Joseph has certainly has his money’s worth over the Summer and will continue to on our weekly swim.

Bloom Pops Flower Design Studio Review

Back at the beginning of the Summer Imogen was lucky enough to review the Cool Bandz from  Flair’s Cool Create range and during the school holidays she’s been busy testing out a couple more of their creative sets.  The latest of of these was the Bloom Pops Flower Design Studio. The Bloom Pops Flower Design Studio is suitable for children aged 5+ and comes with 1 Bloom Pop Maker, 6 sticky pads, 6 flower bases, 6 silicone buttons, 18 flower spacers, 1 unpopper tool, 1 display tree, 45 sparkly gems, 2 sheets of fabric flower petals and instructions. Bloom Pops If you’ve seen the Bloom Pops television advert then you’ll know the phrase “Pick! Stack! Pop!” and that is simply what you need to do to create your very own Bloom Pop flower. You’ll need to start bu putting one of the flower bases onto the station and then chose your fabric shapes and stack them up using one of the blue spacers in between each one. Bloom Pops Once you have finished designing your Bloom Pop place one of the silicone buttons in the centre and place Poppi on top.  Press down on Poppi’s head and she’ll press your Bloom Pop together. Once put together you can add the sparkly gem stickers and one of the double sided sticky pads to the back so that you can wear your creation like a badge. Bloom Pops You can also use the swirls of the tree’s branches to display your Bloom Pops for all to see.  The display tree does sit nicely in the base station but it can also freestand, so Imogen has put hers in pride of place in her bedroom to show off her Bloom Pops.  Bloom Pops
Imogen has loved creating with the Bloom Pops Flower Design Studio and has made a variety of different combinations thanks to the large amount of accessories included in the set. Bloom Pops can simply be unpopped with the handy unpopper tool and the pieces repopped together but there are only 6 bases and buttons limiting the amount that you can make in one go.

Bloom Pops
Overall the Bloom Pops Flower Design Studio has been a big hit and has easily keep Imogen occupied during the wet days of school holiday, she’s added Bloom Pops to cards for friends, decorated photo frames with them and accessorised her favourite outfits with them.  The Bloom Pops Design Studio is available from Flair priced at £19.99.

Playmobil City Action Construction Review

A couple of weeks ago I told you all about the awesome Playmobil Fairies toys that Imogen received as part of the Playmobil Playologists programme and now it’s the turn of the City Action Construction toys that Joseph has been lucky enough to test out.

Joseph’s bundle contained the Road Roller with Asphalt set (4048) and the Large Front Loader (5469).  As always, he was keen to get them set up straight away and I was really pleased to see that they needed very little assembly, he’s not the most patient of people.

Playmobil City Action

The Front Loader is an impressive size, measuring approximately 33 cm in length, and comes with one construction worker figure along with a removable hat.  It has large rubber tyres with plenty of tread, allowing it to be pushed along any type of surface.  The figure fits nicely inside and his hand can grab onto the steering wheel and because the vehicle is articulated it can easily be pushed around corners.

Playmobil Large Front Loader

The front loader’s basket can, of course, lift up and down and this is easily done with the yellow handle just behind it.  Much to Joseph’s delight the bonnet of the front loader also lifts up revealing it’s engine.

Playmobil Large Front Loader

The Road Roller and Asphalt set contains two pieces of road, which can be connected together and fits with other Playmobil roads in the series, two construction figures, road barriers, road cones, “men at work” signs and a road roller.

Playmobil Road Roller with Asphalt

Joseph loves setting up the road, barriers and signs ready to fix imaginary holes in the road.  Just like the front loader, the road roller is articulated and the figures will sit nicely inside and even on the bumpiest of rides don’t fall out.  Joseph’s only frustration is that the rollers are a little stiff and don’t turn around when pushed on a smooth surface.  This is somethings that he’s learnt to live with it and now doesn’t seem to bother him.

Playmobil Road Roller with Asphalt

Both of the toys work well together and Joseph is delighted with them, spending hours playing creatively with them.  He’s now eager on the collecting the entire City Action range and has added dump trucks and excavators to his expanding Christmas wish list.  Just like all Playmobil toys they quality made and withstand an awful lot of rough play, Joseph seems to bash these around an awful lot and they aren’t showing any signs of that.

The Front Loader is priced at £29.99 and the Road Roller and Asphalt set is amazing priced at just £11.25 and both are available from www.playmobil.co.uk.

CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge Review and Giveaway

In our house the CBeebies bedtime hour means just that, with baths normally already done 6pm-7pm means time to unwind, catch up with Iggle Piggle, do a spot of reading and of course enjoy the CBeebies bedtime story.  At the very end of this, right before it goes off air, the CBeebies Bedtime Song is played and the kiddywinks toddle off to bed.  I have long believed that the song has magical powers!  Now, thanks to Golden Bear, the kiddywinks have their very own Squidge (I’ve always wondered what his name was) ready and willing to sing them to sleep at the press of a button!

CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge

Sweet Dreams with Squidge is super soft and comes dressed in his nightcap ready for bed, he’s around 23cm so a lovely size to cuddle or even use as a pillow as Joseph likes to do.

CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge

With a simple press of the little star shaped button, Squidge will sing the CBeebies Bedtime Hour song and softly glow with different coloured lights to soothe your little one off to sleep.  Squidge is suitable for ages 10 months plus and takes 3AAA batteries which are included and can be replaced.

Joseph has quickly become very attached to Squidge and as well as taking him to bed every night he carries him around everywhere, usually swinging him from his nightcap.  It’s a great toy but sadly there is no volume control and I personally think it’s a little bit too loud to soothe anyone to sleep, although this doesn’t seem to actually be the case!  In an attempt to quieten Squidge down a little I have placed a small piece of tape over the speaker and this has done the trick.

CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge

CBeebies Sweet Dreams with Squidge is available from Amazon priced at £19.99 and you can see him in action here.

Golden Bear are giving Me and My Kiddywinks readers the chance to win 1 of 3 Sweet Dreams with Squidge toys in our latest competition.  For your chance to win please enter via Rafflecopter below, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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