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Playmobil Easter Eggs Review #PlaymobilPlayologist

It may only seem like five minutes ago that we were opening the first door on our Playmobil advent calendars but it’s already time to talk about Easter!  As Playmobil Playologists the kiddywinks look forward to their seasonal treats from their Playmobil friends every year.

Playmobil Easter Eggs

This year Imogen received a pinky purple coloured egg named Mermaid with Seahorses.  This contained a base, coral, 3 seahorses, a starfish, seashells and a mermaid figure as well as a gemstone for her necklace.

Playmobil Mermaid Easter Egg

Imogen loves this little set and the little mermaid figure quickly became her favourite, apparently her name is Michele and she loves splashing in the bath!  There are a fair few very small parts to this set but the plastic egg has been used as storage and to keep them all together.

Playmobil Mermaid Easter EggLucky Joseph a bright red egg called Soccer Player with Goal and it contains just that.  A goal, football and a sports and action soccer player.  There are even numbered stickers to give your figure the number jersey of your choice.

Playmobil Soccer Egg

The only assembly needed is popping the bottom on the goal and your soccer player onto his base which was perfect for Joseph who can find small parts challenging.  When on its’ base the soccer player has a real kick action operated with a lever at the back, perfect for practising penalties.

Playmobil Soccer Easter Egg

There are five all new Easter Eggs from Playmobil for this Easter, all priced at £6.99 and available from the Playmobil shop online.

Say it with Steak this Valentine’s at Beefeater

With Valentine’s day looming we were recently invited to check out what our local Beefeater had to offer for this special day.  With babysitters depleted we visited White Rock on a busy Friday night after hectic days at work and school with the kiddywinks happily in tow.  With the restaurant already pretty chocca we were shown to our table and presented with menus promptly.

Imogen and Joseph were delighted with their Mr Men and Little Miss themed activity packs which kept them occupied whilst Tony and I browsed the menu.  The children’s menu is great value at between £4.49 and £5.99 for a one, two or three course meal with squash but with but of them having tiny appetites we opted for a two course, main and of course pudding!

Valentine's at Beefeater Valentine's at Beefeater

Tony and I also decided upon a two course affair, sadly skipping the starters which included lots ideal for sharing such as a whole baked Camembert, Potato Dippers with various delicious fillings and sharing platters.  The menu is huge and meat lover Tony was in heaven, eventually opting for an 8oz sirloin.  As a vegetarian I was thrilled to see the veggie options widened after our visit back in the Summer.  As well as a pasta and risotto there is also the option of Enchiladas and the Veg-Out Burger, I went for the latter.

Valentine's at Beefeater Valentine's at Beefeater

When ordering we were all given the option of swapping sides if we wanted and Tony and I were given the option of either skinny or triple cooked chips which can be plain or spicy.  We decided to go for one of each so that we could get the best of both worlds and pinch from each others plates.  We were also politely reminded when ordering that these were unlimited and if we wanted more all we had to do was ask!

Valentine's at Beefeater Valentine's at Beefeater

Tony declared his steak “one of the best he’d eaten” saying it was cooked to perfection.  My burger went down a treat as well but there certainly wasn’t room for any additional chips!  Imogen chose Macaroni Cheese and Joseph went for the Mini Steak Burger both thoroughly enjoyed their meals finishing with empty plates ready for dessert!

For pudding both of the kiddywinks chose the Funny Face Sundae, a fun option with ice cream, ice cream cone, strawberry laces marshmallows and chocolate beans so you can create your very own ice cream.  Joseph decided to turn his into Olaf with Imogen quickly following suit, it was a huge hit!

Valentine's at Beefeater

Still a little full from our main course, Tony and I decided to share one of Beefeater’s infamous ice cream sundaes.  Large enough to share it was a delicious combination of ice creams and rich chocolate brownie topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a wafer.  A truly indulgent end to a wonderful meal.

We really enjoyed our meal at Beefeater and already can’t wait to go back.  There’s lots on offer over Valentine’s weekend too with three courses for just £19.99 including those unlimited chips!  Whether you manage to bag yourself a babysitter or not “Say it with Steak” this Valentine’s at Beefeater!

U Hugs Dolls Review

Lucky Imogen was treated to a couple of new friends last week, Starry Fairy and Screamy Queen from Flair’s new range of dolls – U Hugs!  There are six dolls in the series each with it’s own personality Sweety Rock, Starry Fairy, Screamy Queen, Scary Baby, Sassy Fashion and Scratchy DJ.

U Hugs Dolls

The things that makes the U Hugs dolls different is that they are fully customisable to suit your mood or even your outfit!  The doll’s bodies are made from a very soft rubber with 16 holes ready to be accessorised by one of the 12 different pins to make your U Hug doll unique.

U Hugs Dolls

At the back of each doll opens up to reveal a secret compartment, similar to that of Mr Potato Head, which is great for keeping their pins safe.

U Hugs Dolls

Cleverly, all of the U Hugs dolls accessories including their wigs and shoes are interchangeable so the more dolls you collect the more variations of looks you can create.  Imogen has fallen in love with the U Hugs dolls and spends hours accessorising them before their parties and shopping trips which appear to be endless!

U Hugs Dolls

The U Hugs Dolls are available from Amazon priced at £14.99.

A Look at the New Teletubbies Toy Range

Last week I shared the exciting news with you that the kiddywinks would be one of the first to get their small hands on the new range of exciting Teletubby toys to be hitting the toy shops. I’ve been sworn to secrecy for over two weeks but at long last I can proudly show off what was hiding inside the Teletubby toy box!

Teletubbies ToysWasn’t it worth the wait?  Our box contains a variety of toys from the new range including cuddly, collectible Dipsy and Tinky Winky, Talking Plush Po, Deluxe Collectible Figures and the Electronic Pull-Along Custard Train!

Imogen and Joseph got stuck straight into the toys with Joseph quickly swiping Talking Po (his favourite Teletubby) who has barely left his side since.  The plush toys are very soft and super cuddly and with the smaller non talking versions being 6 inches in size they’re the perfect size for a “Big Hug!”.  The talking versions are slightly larger at 8 inches and with give an “Eh-oh” a giggle and other phrases when their tummies are squeezed.

Teletubbies Talking Po

The Deluxe Collectible Figures (£3.99 each) have been at the centre of lots of role play fun over the past couple of weeks.  They feature each of the Teletubbies with their most favourite things, Po with her scooter, Laa-Laa with her ball, Dipsy with his hat and Tinky Winky with his bag.  There is also a Noo-noo to collect!

Teletubbieses Collectible Figur

The kiddywinks favourite from our box is the Pull-Along Custard Train (£29.99).  The Tubby Custard machine is a new addition to the series and they love seeing it on screen so having their own version in miniature was a dream come true.  As the Custard Train is pulled along it lights up and makes joyous custard splat sounds as the Teletubbies spin in their cups behind.

Teletubby Custard Train Teletubby Custard Tarin Teletubby Custard Train

We’re thrilled with the Teletubbies toys we’ve received, they’re bright and colourful and Imogen and Joseph have really enjoyed recreating Teletubby land here at home.  The rest of the range looks pretty awesome too with Jumping Po and Lullaby Laa-Laa already on the kiddywinks wish list whilst I’d quite like a Drive and Steer Noo-noo!!

Drive and Steer Noo-noo

The entire range can be seen here and will be able to purchase very soon.  UKMums.TV will also be hosting a Twitter Frenzy on 20th January from 1pm where we’ll be talking about all things Teletubby and there’ll also be a chance to win toys from the range.  See you there!

The Teletubbies are Back! Toy Review Coming Soon!

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La and Po returned to our TV screens late last year and to celebrate Character Options have launched a brand new, colourful toy range due to hit the shelves mid January!  We’ve been working with them on an exciting review of the new toy range but I’ve been sworn to secrecy and am keeping this under wraps until next week, the 11th January to be precise.

Teletubbies Mums TV Blogger Button 1

The only thing I can share with you is a picture of the exciting package that had the kiddywinks squealing with excitement when it arrived on Christmas Eve and the news that they will be a Twitter Frenzy hosted by UKMums.tv in the not too distant future, so keep an eye out for that as well as our exclusive look at the toy range on next Monday.


Sing Along Elsa Review

Imogen is still all about Frozen, she listens to the soundtrack in the car and in her room singing along wherever we are!  She’s seen adverts on the TV for the Sing Along Elsa doll and has added it to her Christmas list but as it sometimes does in our house, Christmas came a little early when Jakks Pacific sent it to her for review.

Sing Along Elsa

Imogen was thrilled of course and couldn’t wait to get singing with Elsa.  Inside the box you’ll find a beautifully dressed toddler Elsa doll, complete with shoes much to Imogen’s delight, a sparkly microphone and just in case you don’t know the words the lyrics to Let it Go.  Elsa comes with batteries pre-installed but you’ll need 2AAA batteries for the microphone.

Sing Along Elsa

Sing Along Elsa sings the full version of Let it Go and has two different ways of doing it with one you can sing along with Elsa and with the other you can duet with her, this is really clever. Basically when it’s your turn hold the mic up and sing but when you want Elsa to have a go hold it up to her mouth and she’ll take over.  This is Imogen’s favourite and I’m still amazing at how Elsa picks up the right line time after time.  As she sings Elsa’s dress and necklace light up and she’ll also offer words of encouragement in between songs.

Sing Along Elsa

It’s easy to see why Sing Along Elsa has recently been named as one of the top toys for Christmas and Imogen certainly is very taken with her.  At £39.99 I think she’ great value for money when you consider the playability factor she has, even if you get tired of singing!

Make it a Money Saving Christmas with Poundland

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most expensive. With this is mind I try and be as thrifty as I can waiting waiting for special offers, hunting out discount codes and shopping in my favourite high street discounter, Poundland!

As Poundland ambassadors I was given the task to hunt out my top Christmas picks and chose to do this from the comfort of my own sofa using their fairly new online shopping facility.  As ever their Christmas range is vast and includes four themed ranges allowing you to match everything from decorations, gift wrapping and tableware.

I shopped mainly from two themes “Enchanted” for our lounge and “A Winter’s Tale” for our dining room.  “Enchanted” has to be my favourite it’s full of elegant pale, pastel pinks, shiny silver and snowy white.

Poundland Enchanted Christmas

Medium Mottled Pink Bauble (6 pack), Pink Bead Garland, Enchanted Diamante Bauble,                Large Deer and Winter’s Tale Gift Bags

“A Winter’s Tale” has a Nordic feel to it and features the bold but classic contrast of red and white heavily.  It matches the Stag tableware range perfectly which is why I chose to feature it in my dining room.  From the Christmas table to the tree and even the wrapped presents underneath it everything matches perfectly and you’d never know it was done on a budget!

Stag Tableware

Stag Tableware, Dinner Plates, Side Plates, Bowls and Mugs available


Christmas Jumper Decorations (2 pack)


Wooden Christmas Card Holder

Other decorative gems I picked up at Poundland include Window stickers, tinsel trees and matching wreaths for the kiddywinks rooms and Disney Frozen Paper Chains which pretty much cover our entire house!

Poundland Christmas Poundland Christmas Poundland Christmas

When it comes to stocking fillers and gifts Poundland have that covered too with an extensive range of Disney Frozen, Dreamworks and Star Wars themed gifts to keep the little ones happy. My Poundland best buy this Christmas has to be this Purple Ivy butterfly bracelet, combined with Poundland’s bracelet box and a gift bow you have an expensive looking, gift wrapped present for just £2! Poundland Christmas

And because Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the sweet treats there is amazing value for money on offer at Poundland too with many items included in their buy one get one half price offer.  Imogen and Joseph will be thrilled to find these in their stockings on Christmas morning.

Giant Jazzie

As you can see there’s a lot on offer at Poundland this Christmas and some cracking bargains to be had so make sure you check out your local store or have a browse online at www.poundland.co.uk

Portable North Pole Review

The Portable North Pole has quickly become a Christmas tradition for us.  I really enjoy taking the time to make their videos, carefully choosing the photographs and reminiscing over the year as I do.  Obviously Imogen and Joseph love watching their video messages just as much, carefully listening to what Santa has to say and eagerly awaiting his all important naughty or nice verdict!

Portable North Pole

In the past we’ve used the free service but this year we’ve been trying out the Gold Pass which gives access to premium videos, and phone calls and they’re unlimited and yours to downland in HD forever.  With the Gold Pass their are seven different videos to choose from each of which are approximately 5 minutes long (apart from Christmas Eve which is 2 minutes, pretty understandable when you consider just how busy this man is!).  They are:

  • Visit an Elf House
  • Tour the Post Office
  • A Song Just for You
  • Secret Places
  • Christmas Eve
  • Movie Star
  • Birthday

Each of these videos can be personalised with their name, photographs, and little tidbits about them that that only Santa Claus would know.  Imogen and Joseph have had their first message each so far this year and simply watch in awe again and again.  Imogen was mightily impressed that Santa had a photograph on our house in her special book and Joseph was really chuffed that Santa had recognised his bravery starting school.

As well as the video messages unlimited phone calls are included with the Gold Pass.  Santa can call your child as many times as you like in the run up to Christmas with words of congratulations, a word of warning for bad behavior, a little encouragement.  He can even call to say thank you for his letter, to remind you to leave cookies or live from his sleigh on Christmas Eve.   Again, the kiddywinks have had a call each with little Joseph almost falling off his chair in surprise!  He was given a gentle warning that he has a while to go until he finds out if he made it to the naughty or nice list and that he must always listen to his parents.  Funnily enough his behavior has since vast improvement since!

We’ll be using the PNP right up to and including Christmas Eve building the excitement and keeping the magic of Christmas alive!  The free PNP videos are available now but I can’t recommend the premium service enough full details and previews are available online at   www.portablenorthpole.com.

Counting Down to Christmas with Playmobil

November is quite simply racing by and with only nine sleeps until the first of December and the start of advent the kiddywinks are really looking forward to starting the countdown to Christmas.  Advent calendars are always the first sign of Christmas in our house and in the past we’ve counted down in numerous different ways.  There’s been chocolate, small wooden drawers filled with sweet treats and teeny, tiny stockings filled with small gifts that were unappreciated and cost me a small fortune.

This year we’ll be counting down with Playmobil and their Fire Rescue Operation Advent calendar.

Playmobil Fire Rescue Operation Advent

As Imogen and Joseph open each of the 24 doors they’ll gradually build up their very own fire rescue scene which takes place in a motorcycle workshop.  The calendar includes the backdrop, four Playmobil figures, a giant fire fighting robot and plenty of accessories.  We’ll be taking lots of photographs as they open the doors and sharing them on Instagram and Twitter so  make sure you pop across to take a peek.

Playmobil Fire Rescue Advent

This year there are six different themed advent calendars on offer from Playmobil including the new 123 advent perfect for younger Playmobil fans and the Christmas room with light up Christmas tree!

Playmobil Christmas Room Advent

It’s not too late to get your hand on yours, order online in the Playmobil shop now.

Planting with Children and Lechuza

Imogen and Joseph love the garden and lending a hand in the family vegetable patch, seeing and eating the fruits (and vegetables) of their labour is most rewarding and teaches them a variety of things as well as increasing their 5 a day consumption.  Sadly though we are fair weather gardeners and at this time of year the only thing we grow in the veg patch is weeds!

I’m not very good at keeping indoor plants alive, they either end up over watered by children with the best intentions or ignored until they shrivel up and die so I was really interested to hear about Lechuza self watering planters.  They have their very own sub-irrigation system which takes all of the guess work out of watering, making your your plants receive just what they want when they want it.

Lechuza Balconera

We were sent a Balconera 50 All-in-One Set in a bright Caribbean Blue as well as an amaryllis bulb so that we could test it out and see how we got on.  The Lechuza Balconera comes with the planter, removable plant liner and the sub-irrigation system.  The plant liner is easily removed with retractable handles so they don’t distract from the appearance of the planter.  There is also a water level indicator which sits at the side by the water supply shaft.  It can be used indoors or outdoors by simply removing the plug at the bottom for outdoor use.

Lechuza Balconera

Firstly you need to line the the plant liner with the substrate which will help control the water supply and then add compost before adding your plants or bulbs.

Lechuza Balconera

Lechuza Balconera  Lechuza Balconera

For the first three weeks you need to water normally, which is where we may come unstuck, this is to allow the roots to reach the substrate at the bottom.  After this you fill the water reservoir via the watering shaft until the water level indicator reaches max.  The Lechuza Balconera will then have enough water for twelve weeks.

Imogen and Joseph can’t wait to see their amaryllis flower and have been keeping a daily check on it to look for any progress.  Personally I’m really impressed with the Balconera and it’s stylish design, it sits happily on my windowsill and I’m already planning a window herb garden for the Spring.

The Lechuza Balconera is just a small part of the Lechuza family which includes a wide range of planters in a variety of different colours and designs ideal for any home.  The Balconera 50 is priced at £29.99, is available in six colours and can be wall or railing mounted with additional brackets.  You can find out more and see the full range at www.lechuza.co.uk

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