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A Tamagotchi Friends Playdate

Last weekend the kiddywinks invited their very best friends over for an Easter playdate, an extra special Tamagotchi Friends playdate.  Like our usual playdates it was a good excuse for the Mums to catch up and the children to get messy with some glitter! The wonderful folks at Tamagotchi thoroughly spoilt us with an abundance of Tamagotchi Friends goodies including colouring sheets, craft supplies, posters, chocolate eggs, Tamagotchi sweets and a Tamagotchi Friend for each of them to take home! Tamagotchi The children got straight into some colouring in and a great job they did too, just look at the gems in Julietchi’s hair sparkle! Tamagotchi We then made some fabulous Tamagotchi Friends paper plate faces, some got a little more involved than perhaps they should have done! Tamagotchi The children had a great time decorating their faces, colouring in and, of course, tending to the needs of their new Tamagotchi Friends as well. Tamagotchi Friends I’ll admit that I had a late nighties Tamagotchi even though I was possibly a little too old for it and I was quite surprised at how much bigger the new Tamagotchi Friends are.  Egg like in shape they don’t have the key chain they used to and come in a variety of colourful designs.  The basics, however, are the same and this sadly includes the graphics which I would have expected to have been upgraded.   Once your Tamagotchi hatches you’ll need to feed it when it’s hungry, bathe it, potty train it and give it medicine when it gets sick.  There are games to play and these will earn you Gotchi points which can then be spent on meals, snacks or jewellery in the shop! Tamagotchi Friends There are new features and the best of these is the pause button (press the first and third button at the same time) which will keep your Tamagotchi Friend happy if you don’t have the time to give him the attention he needs, this will come in handy when Imogen goes back to school after the holidays.  Another new feature is the “bump”, by bumping Tamagotchis together you can send gifts or text messages go on playdates or when your Tamagotchi is old enough they can even get married! Tamagotchi Friends Imogen has been really struck with her Tamagotchi Friend and has been taking exceptionally good care of her.  It’s taught her that pets, even if they are virtual, need an awful lot of looking after and I am really pleased with how well she has taken on the responsibility.  Mum friend Stephanie says “I am totally amazed and proud of how Sebastian has looked after “Bob” his Tamagotchi.  He’s barely put the thing down and has helped Seraphine (his younger sister) look after hers.”

Overall the new Tamagotchi Friends get a massive thumbs up from us and they’d make a great non chocolate Easter gift as well.  There’s more information on the Tamagotchi Friends website, which includes character introductions, games and webisodes from Dream Town.  There are some cracking (sorry) Easter offers to be had on the Tamagotchi Friends as the moment as well with £5.00 off in most toy stores taking them just under the £20 price tag.

Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue ~ Chuggington DVD Review and Giveaway

Today sees the release of a brand new Chuggington DVD and lucky Joseph was lucky enough to review a sneak preview, just in time to keep him occupied whilst he recovered from a nasty ear infection.

Chug Patrol Ready to Rescue

Chug Patrol: Ready to rescue has a total running time of 71 minutes and includes four Chuggtastic episodes from series four, the 23 minute feature length special Chug Patrol, from which the DVD its name, and the first ever and never before seen Chuggington music video: Chug Patrol: Ready to Roll. This catchy rock/pop song introduces who’s who in Chug Patrol, one of the new teams seen in Series Four of Chuggington.  Here’s a sneaky peek!

Episodes included are:

Chief Wilson
Wilson takes a test to assess his new Chug Patrol skills, but he forgets something important and fails. Later, when a real emergency arises, Wilson handles the situation perfectly and gets Old Puffer Pete out of trouble. Jackman is impressed – maybe Wilson will even make chief one day.

Park Patroller Wilson
When Old Puffer Pete goes sleep-riding around Chuggington, Wilson must find a solution to keep him safe.

High Rise Rescue
Hodge gets stuck on a platform high up in the air, but Wilson’s clever thinking saves the day.

Fearless Wilson
When Brewster slips into the river, Wilson must overcome his struggles with the speed booster wagon to get there super-fast and help his friend.

As a huge Chuggington fan Joseph really enjoyed the DVD and has watched Chug Patrol: Ready to Roll over and over again, he now proudly knows most of the words and bops along!  The DVD also includes a fun activity sheet and stickers, Joseph thoroughly enjoyed sticking the stickers on his sheet and it now hangs proudly in his bedroom.

Chug Patrol: Ready to Rescue
Chug Patrol : Ready To The Rescue is available now with an RRP of £7.99 or if you’re feeling lucky you can enter our giveaway via Rafflecopter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fireman Sam Toys Review

Joseph has an obsession with “nannos”, what you or I would possibly call Nee Naws, any vehicle with a light or ladder on top is considered a nanno including the neighbour’s decorator’s van that is usually parked outside our house much to the boy’s delight!  Fireman Sam is his ultimate hero, so Joseph was ecstatic when a bundle of Fireman Sam toys arrived for him from Character to review. His bundle included Mike’s Workshop playset, Bessie and a figure pack including Fireman Sam and Tom, added to Jupiter who was already in Joseph’s toy box, he was quite simply in Fireman Sam heaven.

Fireman Sam Toys

Bessie, a vintage fire engine, was the first to catch Joseph’s eye and she’s beautiful.  She’s a push along vehicle with a shiny bell, storage compartments at the side, room for one figure at the front and a wind up hose on a reel at the back.  Joseph was quick to notice that she was an old girl and decided that she needed a little maintenance to get her ready for the emergency call, so popped her to see Mike in his workshop for a service.

Fireman Sam Toys

Mike’s Workshop comes complete with a Mike figure, removable “Weldomatic” kit with two long bendy hoses, work bench and working garage door.  Both Bessie and Jupiter fit nicely inside the workshop with room for Mike to fix them.

Fireman Sam Toys

The outside of the workshop is fairly plain, as you’d expect it to be it, but just above the door it has flip up and down flames, Fire in Pontypandy!!!!  This gives the playset two purposes, somewhere to fix the engines and somewhere to hose down and at just £14.99 I think it’s great value for money.

Fireman Sam Toys

Fireman Sam Toys

There’s a huge range of Fireman Sam playsets and vehicles in the range from Character, each of the playsets come with a figure but the vehicles (£9.99) don’t, these are available to purchase separately in packs of two at £4.99.  The figures are fully articulated and to scale with the playsets and vehicles meaning that they fit nicely inside.

Fireman Sam Toys

The toys have sparked some great imaginative play with both Imogen and Joseph.  There’s ben plenty of fun had and Joseph is now eager to build his collection and recreate Pontypandy in the kiddywinks newly created but not quite finished attic playroom.

The entire range is available from Character online with prices starting from as little as £4.99.


Alternative Easter Gifts from Playmobil

As Playmobil Ambassadors, Imogen and Joseph received a very special early Easter gift from Playmobil in the form of one of their hugely popular eggs. Playmobil Easter Egg Imogen received bright pink egg containing lots of flowers, butterflies and other parts to make herself her very own Flower Fairy and Enchanted Tree whilst Joseph’s blue egg encased a cool biker with a motorcycle. Playmobil Egg Both were very eager to get to assembling their Playmobil creations, which Imogen did without help and Joseph did with very little.  Both utterly chuffed with their new toys, they then wondered off to introduce them to the rest of the Playmobil gang.  What followed was hours of wonderful, imaginative play with fairies motorbikes, bikers riding unicorns and lots of giggles!

Playmobil Easter Egg

There are four different eggs in this year’s series to collect including a Robo Gang Spy with Glider and a Native American Girl with Forest Animals.  Each is priced at £5.99, around about the price of a decent sized chocolate egg with novelty gift, but the Playmobil eggs will provide an awful lot more enjoyment and last a lot longer.  I know what the kiddywinks would prefer!

Also new this year is the Playmobil Easter Advent calendar with ten doors to open on the count down to Easter, each containing a part of a wonderful Easter scene full of bunnies and Easter eggs.

Playmobil Easter Calendar

LighterLife Fast – The Results

For the past month I’ve been trying out the LighterLife Fastpacks as part of a 5:2 weight loss plan.  During the month I’ve not weighed myself at all, although I’ve been very tempted to, and today was results day.  I’ve lost a staggering 11 pounds in a month and I’m thrilled, but how was my LighterLife Fast experience?

LighterLife Fast

I’m not going to lie, having 600 calories a day, even if it is only for 2 days a week, is tough.  I would find myself hungry most of the time throughout fasting days and try and fill myself up with water and black coffee, which didn’t work and by the end of the day I’d find myself grumpy and slopping off to bed early.  I  also missed bread and fresh fruit and vegetables, which I tend to eat a lot of.  The meals, soups, shakes and bars are really tasty though with my favourite, the toffee bars, satisfying my sweet tooth and providing a much needed mid afternoon energy boost.

Despite vowing not to fast on work days, I actually found it of benefit to do so, as the meals are so convenient to prepare, just needing a kettle or microwave.  Coming through the door at the end of the day to the family sitting down to their evening meal though was unbearable. So I decided to stay later at work on a fast day and eat at my desk and get some extra work done, bonus!

LighterLife Fast

Overall I liked the flexibility of the LighterLife Fast plan, meaning that I didn’t have to restrict my diet for special occasions or weekends and because I lack discipline and would never weigh food or count calories myself the Fastpacks are ideal.  Having lost nearly a stone has defiantly given me the boost I needed to try and keep the weight off and maybe even shift a few more pounds, another five would be lovely.  Although I will be continuing on the LighterLife Fast plan I’m going to give it a break for a couple of weeks and resume at the end of March to get myself ready for the Summer.

For more information on LightLife Fast have a look at www.lighterlifefast.com


Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper & Beauty Salon Review

Imogen is a massive fan of all things Disney Princess and recently discover the Disney Princess Palace Pets App on the family iPad.  She loves grooming and pampering each of the virtual Disney Princesses pets but what she didn’t know was that there was a bundle of recently released toys from the Palace Pets range winging their way to her.

The range from Character includes a Disney Princess Palace Pets Pamper and Beauty Salon Set, Talking and Singing Pets, Primp and Pamper Ponies and Furry Tail Friends.  Lucky Imogen received a sample of each :)

Disney Princess Palace Pets

The salon comes with one exclusive pet, Rapunzel’s kitty Summer; a Furry Tail Friend, and has three sections, a spa bath with detachable shower head, brush and style section with mirror and a spinning salon chair.   It also comes with a whole heap of accessories to give your pet the perfect pamper.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

The set is very pretty and girly with little holders to keep hair clips and accessories in place.Imogen will happily while away the rainy days with each of her Palace Pets taking turns in the tub and having their tails blow dried and styled.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Her favourite thing to do is paint Summer’s nails using a little bit of cold water and the sponge, turning them a lovely shade of pink!

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Imogen received another Furry Tail friend in her package, Berry Snow White’s bunny friend.  Berry has a highly fluffy, sparkly tail and comes with a removable tiara and collar and hairbrush with Snow White’s trademark apple symbol.  There’s also a little booklet which tells the story of how Snow White and Berry met, it’s very sweet.  Additional Disney Princess Palace Pets Furry Tail Friends currently include Beauty (Aurora’s Kitty), Pumpkin (Cinderella’s Puppy), Teacup (Belle’s Puppy), and Treasure (Ariel’s Kitty).

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Bibbidy is Cinderella’s pet pony and part of the Disney Princess Palace Pets Primp & Pamper Ponies.  She has a very long glittery tail and special, sparkly gem on her hoof and comes with a tiara, hairbrush, 3 hair clips and a very cute little pumpkin carriage jewellery box, perfect for storing the clips.  Other Disney Princess Primp and Pamper ponies include Belle’s pony Petit and Princess Aurora’s pony Bloom.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

The Talking and Singing Palace Pets are a lot bigger than the other Palace Pets and therefore do not fit into the salon playset, they do make up for it though by singing and talking when the button on their collars in pressed.  Imogen received Pumpkin, Cinderella’s puppy and like the rest of the pets has her very own brush and tiara.  She has a solid body with a moveable head and a bushy tail, like the Furry Tail Friends.

Disney Princess Palace Pets

Imogen has loved playing with the entire range of Palace Pets, she loves how their appropriate names are and how each pet and their accessories co-ordinate with their Princess owners.  She has the entire collection of Disney Princess dolls and regularly includes these in her play, which is lovely to watch.  She now aims to collect all of the Palace Pets just as she has done with the princesses, it’s a good job she has a birthday coming up!

The full Disney Palace Pets range is available from Character’s website with prices starting from £5.99.

LOVE Poundland this Valentine’s Day

In case it had slipped your attention, Valentine’s Day is this Friday.  A day for spoiling your loved ones and showing just how much you care.  Most of time this involves spending unnecessary  cash on meals out and expensive gifts and cards.  There are ways to stretch the budget a little further though, why not have a candlelit dinner for two at home or check out your local Poundland’s Valentine’s range.

Poundland Valentine's

Poundland have an extensive range Valentine’s gifts including these heart shaped photo coasters, made from glass with an insert so that you can include your own photo.

Poundland Valentine's

Together with the heart shaped champagne flutes, mini LED lights and the other decorations Poundland has to offer, I think they’d make a great Valentine’s table.  There are other themed gifts available which include photo frames, snowglobes, teddies and of course chocolate from names like Cadbury and Thorntons.

Poundland Valentine's

Poundland also has a great range of cards and gift bags and a great artificial rose bouquet for just a pound.  Why not put together your own Valentine’s hamper using one of the quality plastic gift bags filled with a bundle of goodies?  It’s bound to make your someone special’s Valentine’s day and is guaranteed not to blow the budget.

Peppa Pig Weebles Wind and Wobble Playhouse Review

Peppa Pig is still hugely popular in our house with both Imogen and Joseph so they were over the moon when Character sent them Peppa’s Wind and Wobble Playhouse from their brand new range of fabulous Peppa Pig Weebles toys!

If, like me, you’re a child of the 70′s then you’ll remember Weebles fondly but even if you’re not then I’m sure you know full well that “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down” and that’s exactly what they do!

Peppa Pig Weeble

The Wind and Wobble Playhouse comes with one Peppa Pig figure and she’s a lovely chunky size, perfect for little hands, and has a curved, weighted base just what’s needed for wobbling.  The house is also a great size, comes complete, so there’s no need for assembly, and doesn’t have any small parts that can come off, get lost or broken.

Peppa Pig Wind and Wobble Weeble Playhouse

Dotted around the house are places where Peppa can sit and wobble including a muddy puddle, a roof top perch and there’s a swingable swing underneath.  The kiddywinks favourite feature, however, is the blue ramp on the side of the house.  This acts as a chair lift taking the figures up to the top of the house when the handle is turned at the side.  Once the figures are at the top they’ll wobble though the house, down the slide and SPLASH into a giant muddy puddle at the bottom!

Peppa Pig Wind and Wooble Weeble PlayhousePeppa Pig Wind and Wobble Weeble Playhouse

The muddy puddle will take two figures and also doubles as a fun roundabout, just turn the daisy at the front of the house and watch your figures spin and wobble about in the mud.

Peppa Pig Wind and Wobble Weeble Playhouse
Joseph adores the playhouse and thinks it’s hysterical to try and push Peppa over or stand her on her head.  The Weebles range is suitable from age 18 months + but Joseph (3) and Imogen (very almost 6) have had plenty of enjoyment and fun with the house.  There is also a Push Along Car and Pull Along Train as well as figures (which are available separately) available in the Weebles series and Joseph is very eager to complete his collection.

The Wind and Wobble Playhouse is available from www.character-online.com priced at £29.99.

Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic Playset Review

If you’ve ever read the blog before you’ll know how much Imogen loves Doc McStuffins, so you’ll be able to imagine just how excited she was to receive the Mini Clinic Playset from Flair to review.

Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic Playset

The playset takes the form of Doc’s recognisable, glittery bag which opens up to reveal a check up bed and clinic background.  There are two figures included, Doc and her patient Lambie, as well as a mini thermometer and syringe, two casts for Lambie and there’s even a mini version of Doc’s book of Boo Boos.

Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic Playset

The check up bed will lift off to reveal a secret compartment where Doc can hide her book of Boo Boos and Lambie can comfortably lie down while Doc checks her over and puts her into cast.  Imogen loves the fact that the book of Boo Boos actually opens and that she can push the plunger on the syringe, from my experience you don’t normally see “working features” on mini playsets.

Doc McStuffins Mini Clinic Playset

There are a couple of niggles with the playset, the back of case doesn’t stay open at the right angle, so if you want to use the background it has to be propped up against something and you can only fit one of the figures and accessories inside to be able to the case properly.  That aside, the playset is lovely and Imogen has thoroughly enjoyed playing with it.  At under £10 it’s a great value little toy and a must have for any Doc McStuffins fan.

The diet starts….tomorrow!

I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions, mainly because I never stick to them, but this year I did decide to loose a little bit of weight – I just didn’t say when!  The beginning of the year is always a busy time at work so most of time is spent at my desk, working hard and consuming what’s left in a tin of celebrations to keep my energy and spirits lifted.  Now that the end of January is sight and year end accounts are filed my diet starts tomorrow.

I’ve decided to try the new LighterLife FAST 5:2 diet because I don’t have much will power and dieting for just two days a week means that I can chose which days suit me.  The plan is simple.  “Fast” by reducing your calorie intake to around 500-600 calories for two days a week and eat normally for the other five days.

LighterLife FAST packs have been especially designed to make the 5:2 diet simple by providing you with easy to prepare meals and snacks that give the 500 calories a day as well as 100% of your daily recommended allowance of vitamins and minerals, something that’s very hard to achieve on the 5:2 diet normally.

Tomorrow I’m starting my day with Porridge and my usual black coffee for breakfast, a strawberry shake for lunch, pasta carbonara for dinner and I’m certain that there’ll time to squeeze in a snack, I’m loving the look of the toffee bar!

LighterLife FAST

Over the next month I shall be following the LighterLife FAST diet and Tweeting my progress as well as reporting back here with the results.  If you’d like to keep up to date please follow me @fayerios and the hastag #TryFast.

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