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The Samsung EcoBubble for your “Bear” Essentials

What is it they say about working with children and animals?  Well the crew on this shoot for Samsung got a huge surprise from the latter during a photo shoot earlier this year with the uninvited guest stealing the limelight way from the EcoBubble.  Take a look at what happened……

The video had the children and I transfixed for the full 2 minutes and Imogen’s comment afterwards summed it up for me.  “Mummy, that Polar Bear was REALLY dirty!!”

The clever viral was made to promote the Samsung EcoBubble Washing Machine which boasts a Super Eco Wash programme delivering impressive wash results at just 15°C, using 70% less energy than a normal 40°C wash cycle.  It works by mixing air with the detergent and water creating bubbles, this gets the detergent into the fibres of your wash up to 40 times faster and because it’s so fast there’s no need for a high wash temperature.

Samsung EcoBubble

Other features include the Diamond Drum, with smaller holes to prevent snagging of fabrics, Fuzzy Logic control which automatically optimises the quantity of water used and cycle duration according to the load in the drum and Quiet Drive Motor which works without belts or pulleys reducing vibrations and noise.  All of this also comes with a huge 10 year guarantee and quite possibly a queue of bears!!!

This post has been written in association with Samsung Electronics.

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