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Sponsored Video: A new way to learn with Institute of Play

A couple of weeks ago was Imogen’s first reception parent’s evening and it went very well, in brief she’s a confident little girl with a great group of friends and is doing well with her reading, writing and her number recognition.  What did shock me, however, was that she uses computers regularly in school and is expected to use one at home as well, they will even be using tablets very soon, she’s four years old!!!

After asking other parent’s in the playground and other friends it appears that I am the only one with concerns over this, not even the mother of the child who can type his name but not yet write it is concerned.  Technology plays a massive part in education and after researching the benefits of technology for children I am finally coming out from my cave and realising that what the school are doing is good thing.  We live in a Internet age and there is lots of educational material that can be used to supplement curriculum material available via the Internet.  As with anything I shall allow Imogen time restricted access to my laptop and the certain websites with my supervision.  She’s delighted with my decision and has already learnt a great deal.

Samsung have teamed up with the Institute of Play who are developing  a way to teach the next generation of students by using technology, game-playing and interactivity to enhance the students learning experience.

This latest video from Samsung shows students playing Evoquest an adapted game for the Galaxy Note 10.1, in the game they chose genes to evolve creatures to a changing environment, possibly a bit too advanced for Imogen but I doubt it’ll be long.  The video also shows some of the great features of the Galaxy Note 10.1 including the S-Pen, S-Productivity and Quick Note, it looks like a great tablet and certainly something that’s on my list this Christmas I’ll just have to keep it away from Imogen, or will I?

For more information on the Galaxy Note 10.1 please take a look at here or follow Samsung through Twitter or Facebook.

This post has been sponsored by Samsung.

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