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The Big Breaktask

Breakfast is the the most important meal of the day, it breaks our overnight fast and will give us the energy we need to perform a morning’s work or activities, but with research suggesting that Mums tackle an average of 9.8 challenges during the morning “rush hour” how do you make sure both you and your family are fed, watered and out of the door on time?

This is exactly what Warburtons want to know.  They are creating their ultimate breakfast handbook and want to know your your hints and tips of how to get a tribe out of the door with a tasty, nutritious breakfast in their bellies as well as your breakfast recipes.

Warburtons Breaktask

Here are mine….

  1. Be prepared.  Pack lunches and school bags the night before as well as anything you need for work.  I even lay out school uniform and my work clothes.
  2. Look after number one.  Set your alarm clock 20 minutes earlier and get yourself ready before you wake your children.  This should give you time for a coffee and a shower and make you more refreshed to deal with the morning onslaught!
  3. Turn  the TV off.  Imogen is very easily distracted by the television so I have recently made the decision that it does not get turned on until she has left for school.  This helps her on focus on what she’s doing and we can even get a bit of reading in before school.
  4. Work together.  I count myself very lucky that Tony doesn’t usually leave the house for work until much later so he’s on hand to help out, we each have our tasks to do – he usually helps Imogen get dressed whilst I’m on duty for hair and teeth.
  5. Keep breakfast simple but add variety.  Imogen gets bored of everything very easily so we have to vary her breakfast or she simply doesn’t eat it.  A fussy, uncomplicated breakfast means more time in bed and more mess to clear up so toast or crumpets (with jam, marmalade, honey or sometime chocolate spread) are popular in our household but both are rotated with cereal and the occasional brioche roll or eggy bread!

My Warburton's Breakfast

Warburtons would love to hear yours so why not leave it as a comment below or head over to their Facebook page and you could see you name in print!

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