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Tree Fu Tom’s Adventure Castle Playset Review

Christmas came just a little bit early for Joseph last week in the form of Tree Fu Tom’s Adventure Castle Playset from Flair that he was sent to review.  As well as a blue helicopter and some Thomas and Postman Pat books it was high on his Christmas list so he, of course, was very excited! Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle Playset

The playset does need assembly but very little, it’s quite simply a case of clipping on the top of the castle, the roof top spinner and the ramp around the side and this only a couple of minutes.  Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle

The Adventure Castle has two levels, with a wind-up Super Lifto lift to move characters to each floor and the top features a spell book which when you turn the page activates the trap door.

Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle

Also on the top floor is a light seeking crystal, this is activated by pressing the button on the floor but is also removable with a small button on the side and used to seek out the slimey splats that the mischievous Mushas have left all over the castle.  This was Imogen’s favourite feature and she loved searching for them all over the castle.

Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle

Despite the pictures on the box, which are a little misleading, the set only includes one figure (Tom, of course) so if you’re giving this as a gift you may want to stock up on a few more separately.  Tom comes with a base to help him stand up and a leafboard which is used to whizz him down the ramp, this was Joseph favourite!

Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle

Both Imogen and Joseph have had lots of fun with the Adventure Castle, it’s packed full of fun features and has certainly helped keep them entertained during a wet and cold half term, a must have for any Tree Fu Tom fan.  Priced at £29.99 it’s available from Flair and Amazon and currently on special offer at Argos for only £24.99!

Tree Fu Tom ~ Ultimate Tom Review

Ever since our Twitter party back in February Joseph has been ever so slightly obsessed with Tree Fu Tom, so he was just a tiny little bit excited when “Ultimate Tom” arrived for him.  The first thing I noticed when he arrived was Ultimate Tom’s size, he’s around 30cm tall which is a long bigger than normal figures and makes him perfect for smaller hands to manage. Tom comes ready for play with batteries ready installed and play is what Joseph did, for hours!

Ultimate Tom

Tom has a LOT of fabulous features which include a light up Sapstone on his belt and on either side of that there are two buttons which when pressed with repeat over 30 phrases from the popular Cbeebies show.  The holopax on Tom’s wrist will also light up and repeat popular phrases, these mainly involve the holopax which I think is genius!  The variety of phrases is great as if you’ve ever had a popular talking toy in your household you’ll know just annoying hearing the same thing over and over and over again can be.  I can honestly say we haven’t had that with Ultimate Tom.

Joseph’s favourite thing about Tom is most defiantly his pop out wings which hide behind his cape until the button on his chest is pressed.  When Tom’s wings are out and he’s placed in a flying position you’ll also hear the Tree Fu Tom theme tune.  Tom’s wings do seem to come off very easily and although they can be popped back on in a second it can be quite frustrating when you’re asked to put his wings back on time and time again.

Ultimate TomUltimate Tom









Ultimate Tom also has very articulated arms and legs which lends him to being put in some very strange positions when practising his Tree Fu. Imogen finds this highly amusing and loves putting him into positions and asking Joseph to copy, the results are hysterical!

Ultimate Tom

With an RRP of £24.99 Ultimate Tom proves great value for money and hours of entertainment and is bound to be a massive hit with any Tree Fu Tom fan this Christmas, just be prepared with a bit of blu tack for the wings.

Our #TreeFuTomToys Party

On Tuesday we hosted, along with 19 other bloggers from around the country, our very own Twitter party in conjunction with Flair and UKMums.tv.  The party was to celebrate Flair’s release of the eagerly awaited Tree Fu Tom toys!

Tree Fu Tom Toys

Imogen invited a host of eager school friends and Flair and UKMums.tv provided a huge box full of Tree Fu Tom Toys, party game suggestions, colouring sheets and most importantly cake!!


Parties are always loud and rowdy in our house and the more mess the better as far as I’m concerned.  This one was no exception!  Here’s what we got up to.

#TreeFuTomToysThe toys were a huge hit with the children.  Sebastian was particularly taken with the Super Holopax which is just like Tom’s and sparked off a complete role play game with Sebastian taking the leading role and the rest of the gang being the Mushas, turning my house into Treetopolis in the process.  Another huge hit was the Master Moves Rap Mat, an electronic mat with 2 levels of play, Tom’s tune and phrases.  It teaches co-ordination ad colour matching skills as well as being great fun!

Imogen’s favourite had to be the Squizzle as worn by my lovely friend Stephanie above, not really what it’s for but it does suit her!  Made of lightweight foam the Flying Squizzles were flung around the house but excited children and a game of Squizzle in the middle was invented by Imogen as seeing as she made the rules up she won, surprisingly!

We had a great day and lots of happy children left with party bags brimming with Tree Fu Tom characters and books.  Thank you to Flair and UKMums.tv for having us and thank to those to came and helped out x


We’re Having a #TreeFuTomToys Party and You’re All Invited

After the huge success of the Jungle Junction and Sylvanian Families Twitter parties, Flair have invited us to hold our very own Tree Fu Tom Twitter party.  The party takes place on Tuesday 19th February between 4pm and 6pm and you can follow the fun on Twitter by following UKMums.tv and the hashtag #treefutomtoys.

Tree Fu Tom

A huge box arrived at Chez Kiddywinks yesterday full to the brim of Tree Fu Tom toys which are due to be released soon.  We also have a whole host of Tree Fu Tom games and activities to play with prizes for winners and party bags to take home.  Personally I’m very much looking forward to getting out the Magic Moves Rap Mat!!

Tree Fu Tom Toys

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tree Fu Tom (Where have you been??) here’s a bit more about the programme.  Tree Fu Tom stars Tom who, with a little help from his magic movement “tree fu” can transform into a tiny super hero and travel to Treetopolis, an enchanted kingdom within a tree in his back garden. Here he meets up with fellow Treelings, Twigs, Zigzoo, Squirmtum, Treetog and Ariela.

Tree Fu Tom

Tom’s Tree Fu sequences have been developed with movement specialists/therapists to help children who have movement disorders and difficulties such as Dyspraxia, however they will benefit all children (challenges or not) with their key physical and neurological skills.

You can catch up on all of the Tree Fu Tom action on Cbeebies at 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays at 5.25pm.

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