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Our #Zelicious #Zelfs Party

Last Wednesday the kiddywinks bestest friends joined us for our Zelicious Zelfs Twitter party as hosted by UKMumsTV and plenty of other blogging families across the country.  The party was held to celebrate the new range of Zelfs recently launched by Character, the Zelicious Zelfs! We were provided with plenty of goodies to make our party go with a bang including party games, goodies for party bags, a selection of Zelicious Zelfs and cake, because without cake there is simply no party! Zelicious Zelfs

During our party we played “Guess the Zelicous Zelf” where the children were blindfolded and used their noses to sniff out which Zelf was which…

Zelicious Zelfs Party Zelicious Zelfs Party

We decorated cupcakes to look like our favourite Zelfs…

Zelicious Zelfs PartyZelicious Zelfs Party

and then ate them! Zelicious Zelfs

Other games included “Name that Zelf” and my favourite of the day the game I called “Zelf yourself” which involved an awful lot of multi coloured hair extensions and a lot of laughter!  There are lots more Zelicious hairstyles over on the UKMumsTV Zelicious wall.

Zelicious Zelfs Party Zelicious Zelfs Party

Zelicious Zelfs Party

All of the children had a great time and despite being completely over excited were remarkably behaved if not a little bit messy. Huge thanks go to UKMumsTV and Character for having us, we had a blast!

The Zelicous Zelfs are just part of the Zelf range available from Character and prices start from at little as £1.99.  UKMumsTV are also giving you the chance to win the Zelfs Bee Sweet Treehouse here.

Your Invitation to our #Zelicious #Zelfs Twitter Party

This Wednesday (30th June) between 2pm and 4pm Imogen, Joseph and their best friends will be partying Zelf style with the brand new range of Zelicious Zelfs that have just hit the shelves!

There are six Zelicious Zelfs, which are just part of the third series of Zelfs, and each comes with it’s own scent and accessory.

Zelicious ZelfsBack row, left to right we have Chocola who is chocolate scented, comes with her own chocolate fountain and who’s Zelf power is Bliss.  Buttershy (also a series 2 Masquerade Zelf) who is berry scented has her very own berry seat.  Bubblee smells of bubble gum, has a bubble gum tree to sit in and her special Zelf power is her bubbliness!

Front row, left to right are Vampula (another series 2 Masquerade Zelf) she’s strawberry scented and has her own strawberry wishing well.  Frostette is cupcake scented and has a cupcake umbrella, her Zelf power is sugary goodness!  Lasty Spellinda (who was also a series 2 Masquerade Zelf) has a minty scent and has a matching wheelbarrow.

Imogen, who’s already an avid Zelf collector, obviously adores all of them with Frostette marginally a favourite.  Their little accessories are great and add a whole new dimension to her play with them, we’ve had lil Zelfs in wheelbarrows, wishing wells and all sorts!

Zelicious Zelfs

During our party, here at home, we’ll be playing Zelf themed party games such as name the Zelf, decorating cupcakes and giving ourselves crazy Zelf hair, I’m seriously excited about that one! I’ll also be Tweeting along with UKMumsTV and lots of other fellow blogger hosts.  As always they’ll be loads of prizes up for grabs along the way so get following @UKMumsTV and the hashtags #Zelfs and #Zelicious for all the party fun and games.  We hope to see you there! Zelfs

Our #ZackandQuack Party

On Friday with held our very own #ZackandQuack at home as well as on Twitter with @UKMumsTV and @NickJrUK.  Imogen, Joseph and their best friends gathered after school for some great craft activities and the UK premiere of the new Nick Jr show Zack and Quack.  This is What we got up to.

Our first task was to create something in a group craft activity.  The children all very quickly decided that they’d like to make the pop-up race car that Imogen had seen on a sneaky clip of the show.

Zack and Quack
Our pop-up race car takes shape and Imogen and Sebastian get busy decorating wheels.

Zack and Quack
Wheels done, it’s time to decorate!

Zack and Quack
Ta da!  Creation complete it was time to tune into Nick Jr for the premiere of Zack and Quack.  The children were amazed when they saw the first episode “Pop Up Speedway” where they saw the racing car they’d just made hit the screen.

Zack and Quack
We all really enjoyed Zack and Quack, especially when Zack and his friends pull the tabs on their amazing pop up world.  Imogen can’t wait until the next episode this Friday.

After the show the children decided to decorate their own treasure/trinket boxes and made magic keys from pipe cleaners to keep their secret treasures safe.

Zack and Quack
Fun was had by all, thank you to UKMumsTV and Nick Jr for having us and don’t forget to tune into Nick Jr (Sky 165, Virgin 715, through BT Vision and TalkTalk channel 318) at 4.30pm this Friday for the next exciting Zack and Quack episode.

Our #SomethingSpecialParty

Last Thursday the kiddywinks and I, along with their closet friends took part in the #SomethingSpecialParty on Twitter hosted by UKMums.TV and 23 other blogger family across the country.  The party was held to celebrate a new range of Something Special toys hitting the shelves this Autumn from Golden Bear.

We were provided with absolutely everything needed to make this party go with a bang including a range of toys, balloons, music, recipe and game suggestions and cake – a party is simply not a party without cake!

Something Special Party

We love a party in our house and our Something Special Party was no different to any other, noisy, rowdy and messy but lots and lots of fun!  Here’s what we got up to.

Something Special Party

As well as my epic “Spotty Jelly” the children had lots of fun with the party games.  Pin the nose on Mr Tumble had them all in hysterics, What’s in the Spotty Bag? was simply just full of cheating kids peeping through fingers but Pass the Parcel was the overall favourite with Mr Tumble prizes for everyone!  They also had an awful lot of fun with the toys with the Dress-Up Mr Tumble Stick on Felts being a firm favourite with the oldest (5) and the youngest (22 months).  With 28 different pieces of clothing and accessories Mr Tumble certainly wasn’t short of fun and crazy outfits!

Something Special Party

Interactive Mr Tumble was also a huge hit with our younger guests, they loved his light up nose and variety of different fabrics.  It was a massive shock when his squeaker was discovered though!

Imogen, Joseph and their friends Sebastian, Seraphina, Amber, Freddie and Bobbie all had a brilliant time at our party and went home with some lovely Something Special party bags and a slice of cake!

Thank you to UKMums.tv and Golden Bear for having us and to my lovely Mum friends who helped with games, food and drinks whilst I Tweeted.

Our #TreeFuTomToys Party

On Tuesday we hosted, along with 19 other bloggers from around the country, our very own Twitter party in conjunction with Flair and UKMums.tv.  The party was to celebrate Flair’s release of the eagerly awaited Tree Fu Tom toys!

Tree Fu Tom Toys

Imogen invited a host of eager school friends and Flair and UKMums.tv provided a huge box full of Tree Fu Tom Toys, party game suggestions, colouring sheets and most importantly cake!!


Parties are always loud and rowdy in our house and the more mess the better as far as I’m concerned.  This one was no exception!  Here’s what we got up to.

#TreeFuTomToysThe toys were a huge hit with the children.  Sebastian was particularly taken with the Super Holopax which is just like Tom’s and sparked off a complete role play game with Sebastian taking the leading role and the rest of the gang being the Mushas, turning my house into Treetopolis in the process.  Another huge hit was the Master Moves Rap Mat, an electronic mat with 2 levels of play, Tom’s tune and phrases.  It teaches co-ordination ad colour matching skills as well as being great fun!

Imogen’s favourite had to be the Squizzle as worn by my lovely friend Stephanie above, not really what it’s for but it does suit her!  Made of lightweight foam the Flying Squizzles were flung around the house but excited children and a game of Squizzle in the middle was invented by Imogen as seeing as she made the rules up she won, surprisingly!

We had a great day and lots of happy children left with party bags brimming with Tree Fu Tom characters and books.  Thank you to Flair and UKMums.tv for having us and thank to those to came and helped out x


We’re Having a #TreeFuTomToys Party and You’re All Invited

After the huge success of the Jungle Junction and Sylvanian Families Twitter parties, Flair have invited us to hold our very own Tree Fu Tom Twitter party.  The party takes place on Tuesday 19th February between 4pm and 6pm and you can follow the fun on Twitter by following UKMums.tv and the hashtag #treefutomtoys.

Tree Fu Tom

A huge box arrived at Chez Kiddywinks yesterday full to the brim of Tree Fu Tom toys which are due to be released soon.  We also have a whole host of Tree Fu Tom games and activities to play with prizes for winners and party bags to take home.  Personally I’m very much looking forward to getting out the Magic Moves Rap Mat!!

Tree Fu Tom Toys

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tree Fu Tom (Where have you been??) here’s a bit more about the programme.  Tree Fu Tom stars Tom who, with a little help from his magic movement “tree fu” can transform into a tiny super hero and travel to Treetopolis, an enchanted kingdom within a tree in his back garden. Here he meets up with fellow Treelings, Twigs, Zigzoo, Squirmtum, Treetog and Ariela.

Tree Fu Tom

Tom’s Tree Fu sequences have been developed with movement specialists/therapists to help children who have movement disorders and difficulties such as Dyspraxia, however they will benefit all children (challenges or not) with their key physical and neurological skills.

You can catch up on all of the Tree Fu Tom action on Cbeebies at 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays at 5.25pm.

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